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Japan and J-pop

When I stay in Sweden, what I mostly miss about Japan.Food.I can get from Japanese food grocery stores.mostly i can obtain them except for Mentaiko from Kyushu.(swedish cavia can not win mentaiko, whichever they add any taste .)Mentaiko is the best in the world except for real cavia.and sujiko from Hokkaido.I miss some kind of feeling .I know what it is.then that feeling , views, cities .--at last I found it.So here i will introduce what it is.What we Japanese normally miss somesorts of sense city in Japan.,Tokyo.. Stockholm is very beautiful city , near to the nature and water.I love this city.But sometimes , only sometimes I miss Ginza, Tokyo, night, view or Yokohama.The view of minato mirai from The bridge high way from tokyo to Yokohama over the sea at night .That is so beautiful.

I miss these views in Japan.City night view.These two tourists took the quite lovely photoes in Japan.I have no comments on their own face pictures but the angles that they focused in my country Japan are so beautiful.When I miss my country japan especially night view in Tokyo.(beautiful!)and cities, I watch this.

In Sweden Japanese animetion and manga are getting popular among youth.J-pop are probably common among some young who love Japan and japanese culture.Unfortunately I have never listened to J-pop on any radio stations in Sweden.But I have seen many manga books translated into swedish.Even Shoune n Jamp, or shounen magazine.Shoujo manga.

Talking about J-pop, Perfume sounds proper example and I want to focus on their coming from Hiroshima in Japan.
The group "Perfume" 3 girls ' singers are very common and popular in Japan.Especially among tenager.Althogh no matter how old you are,These songs might have quite interesting vibration that will make you feel more energetic.I foud the melody and sounds must have some secret to work out.and to make us feel happy (especially chocolate disco ).Positive energy.If this Japanese techno, J-pop is too good to be only sold in Japan.Without my knowing , their information go around the globe through internet among those anime or J-pop funs.Strange enough this repeated rythm might give us powerful energy and lead us towards positive direction.Effect of music therapy.

They are succesful and widely accepted.Who could imagine when they started singing in Hiroshima. Hiroshima is the town where Atomic bomb was dropped in 1945 and was destroyed terribly . Peoples did not have any hope.Before writing about perfume , let me introduce a little history in Hiroshima and atomic bomb even everybody knows about it.

War was over and our emperor was saved from being killed since USA wanted to make use of him and royal history to controle all over Japan.Otherwise sturbon Japanese did not want to follow american occupation.They wanted all japanese listen to them .If God like Emperor said something, most Japanese listened to him then,, but after the war japanese emperor became normal humanbeing? and simbol in japan.Last war , emperor was used by military force , many young soldiers passed away after saying "Our lovable emperor's sake, Banzai!"

When American occupation started, those army drove around the town, then tried to shoot Japanese by their movie camera.First all japanese turned their back to them.So they only could take Japanese peoples back on the street just after the war.

From HIroshima, those three Japanese young girls give power all over Japan recent years.I understand why this simple rythm and vibration are well accepted.especially young generations ,After listening to certain music, sometimes listener feel more happiness or cheerfulness or positive feeling.This could be just co-incident or music composer dared to make this song for that kind of object?

I wonder as if their family memberswho died under war period due to Hiroshima atomic bomb must be surprised to see their grandgrand daughters success 63years later from the time when Atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima city and killed over 160000Japanese normal peoples(in Nagasaki 80000 died)for that short moment. some have been survived.Just like their Perfume's girls grandfathers and mothers as miracles.That is why they were born.The movie black rain will be watched if anybody is interested in.

As a japanese I do not like the word "revenge".Revenge kill many peoples no matter which religiones are believed.There must have no war for God.That is only good excuse.Animals kill other animals for their surival.Food.We humanbeing Love is the only way that will make us survive till the end of the day of earth in the space.Earth is only one and we can not obtain the same environment or peace.Instead of obtaining egoistic benefits , why peoples or nations do not want share the food , money or products each other?The concept of nations when it started?I just wonder.

USA has done revenge wars in the world.Why they can not solve politically or through the convercing .The war has always problem for one side and other side.I hope they do not start another war soon.Especially it should not be for their economical recovery 's sake.it is just like what my mother often tells me in the kitchen.Her theory of USA'S reasons to start war.

"If USA's economy become worse, they try to find some other country's problems and accuse the owner of that country how he does not think about peoples' democrasy and critisize and soon send troops, because they can find chemical weapon factories or aomic bomb factory.Although in history there is the only nationality if I am allowed to say.Japan would be the first and last country that we were dropped atomic bomb by United state of america.I know USA does not like injustice .And the reaso why they mostly start the war.." revenge."They might say there are some proper good reasos to start war.and might say that there are some bad reasons not to join the war?

We hate war , USA loved to go to war for justice and democracy and freedom and money.Probably United states could have only obtained their freedom from old world from their fighting

There are only 3 countries that can allow folk to have gun freely without any regulations.USA , FINLAND and ISRAEL .We all know what is going on there.Especially Finland should consider again , otherwise they will be the same as USA especially school tragedy will occur continiously.We all now the school level in Finland is best in the wolrd, but how about the security.Gun controlling should be done especially among youth, otherwise...we will see.

Just like mother says that SOon after war starting, the economy in USA is recovering, and the USA seems to have no problem.They send all those lost job peoples to the war as man power and all those lost job american may lose or have lost their life..,

This is old saying, war produce profits to the country that sell weapons.Just like duriing world war two , swedish companies made lots of profits and that made country rather richer while all other European countries were tired with war, had damages.Just like Japan made fortunes during korean war that made mu country richer.Otherside tragedy is my yard happiness and profite ---This kind of theory was adapted in USA .It is very sensitive issue, This is told by my mother while we were making together chirashi sushi in japanese kitchen SHe is normal Japanese wife, it is so interesting to hear this ordinary Japanese old lady's comment on USA how ordinary peoples feelabout USA'swars

.More benefit oriented, if middle east have no oils , they do not want to disturb their domestic politics, just like burme, USA never want to send any troops, There is no democracy there, but USA ignores and just let their present goverment to receive foreign aids.Why?What is the diffrence between middle east isse and all those poor countries that are not so attractive for them.

We Japnaese learnt lessons from world war.We have made mistakes, but still do not accept any reasons given by America about dropping first atomic bomb even twice for their trial and to justfy their reasons of that, "in order to stop the war,quickly and not to make more Japanese fight anymore without any hope of winning."But I still believe that USA's fear towards to SOVIET Unions to be controled half of Japan.,should have existed.My teacher at school answered the questionbe by a student(me)Why USA dropped atomic bombs twice in Japan?

He just answered."USA wanted to finish the war as soon as possible not because they did not want more Japanese die or more american soldiers die due to the war, the worst fear was towards old Soviet Union since Soviet asked USA inofficially about their controlling half Japan if Japan lost war since they knew Japan would lose the war,Soviet started negociating with USA about their benefits over winning.

Even Japan did not want to adomit our lost the war, they could have done in different way.They just said "since that was existed , so we just wanted to try those two made by nobel prize winner."The worst senario was done , the great finding in history was used wrongly.That is why I respect NOBEL, he was very afraid of being misused his Dinamaite for killing peoples.Swedish peoples are generous enough to carry his will till now.His souls will be saved.due to swedish generousity.What peoples talk, they do mostly.That is why they do not talk so easily.Yes we do and we know.

Soviet Unions'sudden proposal made america unhappy , because they did want to controle all over japan under USA .They did not want to divide half Japan for Soviet since Japan is the important destination in far east
They did not want to have more communist countriesin far east like China, north Korea .SOviet Union might have told USA that they wanted to obtain the half northern part of Japan(just like korea now..These explanation was told by my teacher at junior high school in japan after my question.

I accepted my teacher's theory.The reason why USA dropped the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki twice.WHy?As a 13 years old girl I vividly remember how my teacher answered my question in the classroom.On that day when i went to back home I told teacher's theory to parents, my father told me that that would be true.I am not sure how my teacher knew or where he got this idea.Although japanese history book did not tell much details.

Even the school history book did not tell the reasons , submaterials were given as photocopies and as 13 years old girl, I was quite sensitive enough to learn about the war.OF course invasion to the asian countries during the war was taught at school I personally recognized deeply what was that, how Japan invaded asian countries when I lived in Indonesia and Thailand and met many old peopels who experienced the world war two.For example whenever I visited small vilages in Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand , philippine or taiwan, old peoples could speak Japanese so naturally just like Finish speak swedish.

They told me Japaense young army men were their japanese teacher at school in villages.They learnt only hiragana.I still remember one very old lady in Nias island , sumatra island in Indonesia.when I visited on eof my student, when I taught Japanese at an University at that time, I was invited by student's parents' house.The old lady came out and asked me "Please sit down ."in the most polite expression."Douzo Okake kudasai ".I was so stupid enough to have asked her the reason why she could speak Japaneseso well.She said "Indonesia was Japan.We were occupied by Japan for many years, so we had to study Japanese."Then I felt the war was reality there.i heard their different interesting stories , strange enough villgers remember all those young japanese men as friendly persons.in the very mountanous area.I was quite surprised to hear their comments on those Japanese army since I thought they were all hated by locals.THough they were invited and invited them for dinner.Many of them remember the young soldiers' name.Yamamoto san,etc.

.I was 13 years old and accepted my teacher's answer.Atomic bomb was made by a famous scientist who moved to America from Germany .His first suggestion to the president was to drop atomic bomb to his hate hitler Germany .After he regretted why he told this idea since he loved Japan so much.He was hurt terribly.I do not hate him and that was not his fault, he even got novel prize.Although mentally I recognize his exellency on his field , any reasons even during war, even he hated Hitler Germany , I never liked to know his proposal to president about the idea of using his atomic theory to kill humanbeing.So I do not like that part.

nstead of bombing Germany , they used those in Japan.Science was used wrongly.This can be adapotable to many scientists who did new findings.All the scientists shoudl have legal rights -they are the one who can decide for their right of using.their own findings.Cron, new medicines so on.Otherwise new findings will be used by any politician for thier benefits.or profiters.

USA might have saved us from Japan's becoming half communist coutry like north korea In any reasons Atomic bomb dropping fact will never be accepted by all Japanese not only policically but our personal more deep emotion.History and humanbeing make mistakes.I can not bear to know sinless young american die everyday in IRAQ and even ordinally Iraq peoples are suffered.Or palestina and islael issue.Why they can not love each other?Why they can not shake hands.Probably we have to wait for New CHrist to make Palestina and Islael shake hands and live happily together.The person will be rebirth Christ if he can do that.Revenge-Who can save peopels from this revenge thoughts?

And this book should be read for anybody who is interested in HIroshima atomic bomb.Especially the issue thatthe reason why America dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima,but not in Germany from the first Einstein's proposal to the president of United states.


A Japanese orphan after Hiroshima atomic bombing

I am very happy to know this 3 girls from HIROSHIMA "PERFUME" made a big success in Japan.Their grandgrandfather's houses were completely destroyed during world war two after the atomic bomb. but after 3 generations , their grandgrand children are so powerful and carries their dead grandgrandfathers' will."DO not look back ! YOumust stand up and start from zero."

I do not think these girls success is coincident, probably their family soul in the heaven might give them even more power.That is why I feel quite strong god like energy from them.Tired Japanese young peopels get energy from J-pop in Japan.We should get this benefits in abroad, too.

Hiroshima girls are surviving in Japan even they might have been suffered by the atomic bomb from 3 generations before.Now those Hiroshima girls give their power .to the world.Though they are cute , aren't they? It took nearly 60 years two generations from hiroshima atomic bombing to enable these Japanese Hiroshima girls perform so powerfully & energetically.


Perfect star and perfect style

Perfume is widely known to the J-pop fan and anime fan in the world.via internet.just like me in abroad.Even some girls want to try to dance like this."Perfume style"not only in japan but also in abroad.


Love the world

So let's dance with J-pop!"Love the world"in your room! In fact I am the one who needs exercising after writing this long "my love Japan and J-pop."Another two and half monthes to go to Christmas party season .Only two and half month to christmasStill have .enogh to time to master dance for your boonenkai or party.3 persons will be perfect for one team.

Love the world - for trial.Good luck!

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