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2012年 07月 15日 ( 5 )

I like Bali dance. When I travelled to Bali island, then somehow two things were done most of time plus eating. Learning Bali dance during my stay at special dance course. Real Bali massage at spa with flower water bath. To obtain real beautiful antique old batik that noble ladies used to wear.. To learn Bali dance was great fun.

After short term course, that made me to start learning Bali dance in Japan later for a year from a Bali dancer & instructer.

I look forward starting again lesson if there is a teacher.The movement of eyes " Right left, right , left." and hand's movement, the direction of toe are important and the most important thing is " Mune hatte, onaka hikkomete!"according to my bali dance teacher -

This music and dance were used for Bali dance lesson.

by nyfiken | 2012-07-15 21:22

Japan was beautiful country.

Japan was beautiful country.

What we lost, we can not get back, but instead we learnt lots, but our goverment are still sticking economical benefits. We also want Japan to be richer or better, but what about individual folk, children can not grow properly and always sick in bed. This would be national crime by leaders to lead all Japanese peoples to be sick and the lack of ability to protect safety i.Do you know a casle on sand? Sajou no roukaku. All Japanese must worry about earthquake, but further fear to Again Fukushima possiblity.

Now what Japanese goverment want to do is to build sajou no roukaku (castle on sand)
Please change all system just like German.Do not do just as yesterday's . We are given some trial if God existes in this world, As a famous fortune teller always use this word "Kizuki" Noticing some message.

Some sign is appeared in front of us, for prevention from much bigger disaster, we must notice "kizuki" a sign of danger and must prevent from that. Civilian&folk we finally notice the real danger, but our nations leader ignore the real danger with their color glassed eyes. Nobody take any responsiblity, they just say " With my own responsiblity I will finish my prime minister. " Who cares in Japan? Nobody cares Noda will finish his position or who else take over. Noda is just pinch hitter temporary prime minister, his strong side can be only how he talks politely with torelance.

Folk, do not be cheated by goverment " Joken tuki - with certain conditions" " kigen tuki , imano tokoro- at this moment, temporary." This is Japanese word retric. Joken tuki and kigen tuki, will be altered to forever.

Country consists of each civilian. National money consists of each person's tax payer's money including comsumer's tax. Always Goverment says " We Japan Nation do give money to TEPCO." That is wrong. We Japanese who pays tax give money to TEPCO. Do not forget you politician, noda prime minister, you are paid by our tax money.YOu are just civil servant. That's all.You are in fact nobody.Doll & actor that wear prime minister suits that someone controle behind.

You are chosen by benefiters, not by Japanese civilians, since you are slave for big power.If Japan use the same political erection system as Switherland, I do not think NOda was chosen, we really need Mito Koumon in Japan( Edo period of time, a Shogun who has real thoughts towards folk.)
Our politician in goverment are just doll to the business organization.


by nyfiken | 2012-07-15 07:46

Nyfiken summer weekend music NZ

NZ New Zealand music
The other side of the world music from Sweden. Simplicity in melody is nice

J. Williams - Stand With You feat. Lavina Williams

J.Williams Blow your mind

Nesian Mystik-Dance Floor

Nesian Mystik If it's cool.

Aaradhna - Betcha By Golly Wow

Summer in Auckand is just like now in Stockholm.Rain, sometimes sunshine, a bit cooler.
New zealand music.Kiwi is naiive like us. I love Maori fusion of NZ cooking. Especially oven baked whole chiken with their Baked sweet potate and pumpkine! So yummy.
Summer red plum jam looks like a jewell there. Red beets color is the most sexy pink in Swedish and russian kitchen, and well made whole plum jam is the most sophisticated beautiful red color from New zealand.
Che-Fu feat. Aaradhna - Spin One

by nyfiken | 2012-07-15 07:39

My neighbor in the pacific was newzelander pilot and his wife from Fiji. They had a littl e baby then.What I remember everyday before 6 pm, the delicious odour from their kitchen, Grilling meat. at the same time from their kicthen I could hear the music of nighbour fijian wife's favorite songs Spanish singer. Anyway Fiji coast is beautiful and near to American terittory. So you see more american than that in Vanuatu including tourists.So in my mind, Fiji and delicious jewcy meat grilling smells and spanish songs.

Fiji is beautiful island especially coral sea just like all other countries in the south pacific.
Last paradise. When first I went to the south pacific island and saw the beaty of blue of sea, my eyes were so nutorished by colors. I had never seen such a beauty of blue colors in life. I learn my self all good things or bad things, we should see by own eyes, not by books or other peoples talking. In front of great beautiful nature that was create by God, you just lost your voice including to stylish tropical fish. So if you want to be pretty like tropical fish, you should swim in the beautiful sea.

Available for download from iTunes & Amazon. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/island-sound-feat.-k-nela/id432363123
Island Sound from Justin Wellington ft. K&Nela Music & D-Witty. Made number 1 on NiuFM (NZ) & BeetleNut Radio (Guam/Saipan) Written & produced by whitcombemedia. Music Publishing by Mangrove Records of New Caledonia.

Verse 1
Take a walk in the island sun just feel the breeze blow across the bay
I in the place where I first begun, I got the notion I needed to stay
Beautiful Islands and we be styling (shining from coast to coast) Pacific Diamonds yeah, come on and rising, so stand up and represent your island saying

Ooo Yeah
We keep it rocking from the east to the west summertime at it's best
Saying Ooo Yeah
Holding it down all my peoples all around represent that island sound saying
yeah yeah (got you like) yeah yeah

Verse 2
I know you feel me when I'm swinging in that breezy sound
Got you like (ooo aaa)
What can I say we got that groove that's so profound
We're polynesian, we're melanesian, not forgetting our brothers of micronesian yeah
pacific legion so stand up and represent your island saying

It's your boy DW
Spittin from on top of you
holding it together real tight like a metal screw
hit you like a bomber crew
that's what they be saying yeah
me and JW
that's what they be playing yeah
D-Witty from the 679er
born in the sugarcity I'm a westsider
hear my track thunder boy hear my track flyer
you can go and get yours I'm a get mine-er

(we got that island sound coming down)
Let me hear ya say
Stand up
Let me hear ya say
Stand up
K&Nela music
Jump up one time and it don't stop
release your mind don't decline let the beat drop
I'm a tell you I'm on fire do the island hop
time to hit the block
we gonna make it rock
by nyfiken | 2012-07-15 05:52

My favorite island. New caledonia.
When you land off by Air France from Japan(Paris) or from sydeny by air caledonie, whatever, first step, you notice the cleaness of air. Transparants cleaness of air. Birds singing. I llike new caledonie and once I thought about being retired in that island.
I have driven around the main island. Lovely island.I still keep some knife and folk that I bought in that island from France.Kristfle. You know when you are young, you are very idealistic so you always wanted to have best.
How to reach there, just fly from stockholm to Paris, then fly via Tokyo narita, then soon you will be in New caledonie ,Noumea.Do not think too much, just fly there.You will see totally different world.I love nature there.Good vietnamies food as well.

by nyfiken | 2012-07-15 05:16