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Nyfiken's summer holiday.

31st July today is my mother's birthday, so before forgetting I conglaturate her birthday from Stockholm, Sweden.

Happy birthday!

This song when I was a little girl, from stereo in the living room, I remember that both father and mother listened to this record for certain stage repeatedly. So I naturally memorized this song entirely I mean melody, not italian poem. .I still remember your conversation with father " What a nice song this is ! " Probably I was only 4 or 5 years old . I do not remember exact time.I am sure my sister did not existe in this world yet.



Italian passionate amore is due to sun lights?
This is the birthday song for mother.
Beniamino Gigli - Torna a Surriento 1933

This song..when I was a little girl, my parents bought this old song record and often listened to this.

Latter part of July, I spent my holiday in Stockholm and mellosa(Flen ). Since my family members visited Stockholm from Japan and Germany. It was interesting to know what they were interested in Sweden as tourists during short staying. German guide book and Japanese guide books were side by side. Of course they seemed to enjoy in their way.Skansen, cyckling, Gamla stan, Boat trip, last minutes little shopping so on. Swimming in the lake , Summer house feeling. picking up berries are most exciting moment in life for foreigners.

"Wow! here has blue berry!" Eyes worked so efficiently, our eyes are better than dogs' but their nose are better than ours. Anyway we did not use our nose to find berries, mostly sharp eyesites. Fingers are getting colored so called berry color. Ink like blue. Mashroom and berry are most important forest products in nordic peoples. So since they arrived, they have eaten berry , blue berry, rasberry.

Swedish meat ball making. In fact German family member cared for the famous swedish dish"Jansson's seduction in another word tempetation." Jansson is very swedish. In fact Ericson's temptation can be all right. Somebody's son is the original meaning of family name. Eric's son turns to be Ericson. Anders's son can be Andersson. So simple and nice.It sounds like some old Japanese emperor's mother did not have name since real empress could not give a birth, instead 3rd person had to give a birth of Emperor in oldern time. IN that case, mother's name was just named as "Emperor 's mother." According to old map of Japanese royal family..I have seen this map at an antique book store in Tokyo.

Potate gratine with anchovi. I strongly recommended to eat sur stromming after my positive recomendation, even I almost bought swallen tin at ICA, everybody refused my proposal "lEt's buy this famous surstromming and open in the water (this also I had to explain it why ...)I almost bought the tine, but my niece said" Yamete! NO!, NEJ!" So they did not experience real swedish gourmet, Jansson's temtation, I did not cook this famous swedish dish for german peopels "Jansson's temptation ", so she just was satisfied our "let's make swedish meetball together " Under Japanese woman's translated Swedish meatball.

The result was "Wow! So delicious!" Of course I only used my mouse to talk, then all the work was done by those 3 ladies.German and Japanese made Swedish meatball. I insisted ligonjam. German niece resisted until last. She said she disliked to eat meatball with jam. So should I make German style apple sauce for swedish meatball. Hundred times I explained "Swedish meatball need eat with lingon jam with cooked potate, otherwise different." Ready made meatball normally tastes so salty to me. So I prefer making own meatball.Small size. I served two sauce for that. One is gradde sauce(cream sauce), another is brown sauce.

They stayed at my apartment and I was the resposible to make them not to be hungry. During those time we visited Swedish summer house that is my swedish friends'.(thanks to them!) We were given the key and spacious rooms were enough for 6 of us.In fact outside of summer house, in the field, besides of road, we saw many snails, then I started asking them "Well , tonight shall we eat escargo francaise?" they said NO. I saw smails two eyes coming out first in my life. Swedish snail's meat is fat and looked delicious. When I went to French bistro, normally I love to order escargo with garlic butter...French bread is soaked onto this melted galic butter. but after looking at those cute snails, I felt so bad about my loving to eat escargo...so many many snails outside in the garden were safely survived. No one caught them for diner. Until now I do not know escargo in France and snails in Sweden are same or not?

I just made joking to them ."Well, if we have nothing to eat, if only we have butter and galic, what we should do ? Just like french peoples, we catch snails?"
Well Zen monk will purnish such a theory. All natural living ones have own souls, we should respect them." When we start thinking this respecting living ones. most peoples have to be perfect vegetalian. I love vegetables but eat meat and fish.

My new finding in Sweden this time, one of my family member love to do riding bicycle, so naturally I had to follow their enjoyment of cyckling in Stockholm. I opened my eyes how beautiful Stockholm look like especially during summer. City and town looked so different from our only using trains, subways or cars. Rental bicycle system works quite well and well organized.

In the country side (Flen commune) I did enjoy walking to the lake, forest, picking up pretty summer flowers in the field (in fact everywhere), berries (blue berries, rasberry, wild berry..sweet and so wonderful odour!)In my last many years staying in Sweden, I have never experienced real swedish summer since in July and August I normally travel to the south pacific and last year I was in Africa.

The result, family was happy and German family member washed plates and cleaned dishes so well.(We Japanese family member learn the method of German way how to wash dishes and clean and wipe.) 13 years old my niece handle Both German and Japanese. So during their staying, on the table, German, Japanese and English are common language. Unfortunately I have never studied German.

Summer in Sweden is not too hot but comfortable. After cold winter, spring came and at last summer came , then now peoples want to enjoy every munites of charm in Scandinavian summer. Eat berry as much as you can, enjoy forest, wild summer flowers.

So what color is swedish wild flowers? I say white, yellow and violet color. Light violet color is very common in country side right now.If you see window display in town, if they use yellow and light violet color, that means the owner must have been the country side in Sweden where their summer house existe. From window they can see wild flowers everywhere, some are yellow and some are pinkviolet color.So beautiful. Summer season peopels love to wear light violet color, it makes sense since that color is from the nature field. Inspiraion. lirac color.

But if you are interested in watching Dalia, just ride on the bus 47 till the last destination near Djulgarden. GO to the cafe surrounded by beautiful Dalia flowers right now. There you can find one of best buget french bread, too! Bon apetite! Coffee there are exellent, too. Garden cafe is opened. Under apple trees, drinking coffee sounds so beautiful in Summer.

I remember 31st July in Japan was always hot, hot and hot. Here in Stockholm, very nice comfortable summer(this is Equality ..winter is so dark and cold, that is why God gives this nice comfortable summer in Sweden.)

King of love by Sade. The other day we passed by one English pub near Skanstull station, Stockholm, then just poped in, and had a glass of beer. I was very very thirsty. Inside had interesting decoration..colorful stendglass like ceiling. A bit expensive beer seems not to keep so much drunken peoples , instead well mannered peoples read book quietly outside open chairs, chattered with their partner, some sat outside looking at walking peoples..Good things in Sweden, smoking peopels smoke outside of building and not inside of restaurant or bar.So our dress never smell cigarette.

Suddenly Sade music was heard. Yes. This song cause a kind of nostalgy to me always. Where? TO me, Sade is the music to make us feel nostalgic feeling in Indonesian night -lightened up mosque in Sumatra Medan. Mosque at night looked so beautiful especially when I drove a car alone listening to Sade.

Indonesian city night. Tropical asian night ,City has another feeling. Hot , steamy, icy cold airconditioned, the sounds of car or bike on the street. Peoples' laughing, noisy sounds from the street and shops.


Her melancolic voice but colorful, suddenlly we feel like traveling, fantasying another unknown town. Maybe white sand beach in Thailand. My favorite Kosamet Island near from Lion (3 hours from Bankok bus station) blue sea, nice sounds of wave, sun shine.Coconut tree, then Under the tree, I sat quietly and listened Sade with my favorite book. Now I forgot what sorts books I brought with me to that island. In fact sea all over the world was more beautiful 20 years ago.


I think only beautiful sea in the world remains in the limited islands in the south pacific. and other islated places with very bad accessing. Isolated places.(once a month ship goes to that kind of island in the south pacific but small 8 persons' airplane-last passanger must close the airplane door that I have done several times before with huge responsiblity. You have to believe and trust yourself sometimes in life-a little airplane can land in the grassfield -sometimes very short landing till the edge of the cliff! WOnderful brave pilots in the south pacific are my heroes. they are fantastic fellows, but do not drink too much one day before flying!)

my mother's birthday song.

Sade (2/21) - Your Love Is King

I like to see real nice china dress worn by real pretty figured person. Next time when I go to Shanghai, I would like to order China dress near Frendship shop in Gubei area. There is the tailor that can make nice china dress for shanghai and hongkong madames In Shanghai.I like to choose decorated button from various shapes. (to chose shape is another enjoyment.)

In fact around me, many friends are born in June and July. Strange but I believe stars sign without scientific proof. Well, if you are canser(latter part of June till July), normally they love to eat " shells". Is that true?

Sade (1/21) - Cherish The Day

by nyfiken | 2009-07-31 08:16


fantasy- I want to ask dog and cat as if they also have their fantasy?Or just we humanbeing has this ability.

"Your dream will come true right away "from Fantasy by Earth wind & Fire.

I used to study with this music , very positive. Well in fact each person should know own dream.
earth, wind & fire - fantasy 1978 (rip by enorme72)

Earth Wind & Fire - Fantasy

EW&F: A Disco Band? Interview With Philip Bailey

Let's Groove - Earth wind and fire -

by nyfiken | 2009-07-13 08:47

Let me talk about the cinema,

The Dove(1974) - Sail the Summer Winds

The way we were

When I was very early 10 age, my parents opposed me to go to cinema theater alone , but in fact my cousin took me to cinema theater just one block from her house since my mother's sister lived in the very central town.(3 minutes to the largest department store.) Sometime weekend when i was child, my parents took me to my mother's sister's house and spent saturday with my cousins.

My mother's elder sister loved to watch movies (foreigne) the reason why when she was preagnant, she only wanted to see the beautiful actor and actresses so , she believed her baby would be pretty. Well, what I can say more. The result , I think when they were small, they were cute as cats. My mother's sisters house had always cat until now. My family kept dog, but sister loves cat, so weekend I had to stay with my cousins' cat. So secretly I called my anti,
"Marichan's anti's cat house"

My father used to write "3 cats" on the album beside of our photo -me and two cousins.In fact all of us looked like cats' smiling.Round face. Smile happily, bright future coming such a mood despites adults' real life, we kids only enjoyed playing around. Our concern was how to play,My favorite playground was inside of shrine. 5 minutes from that house, there was largest and oldest japanese shrine in the city. so during summer, we played with water in shrine. jAPANESE SHRINE GOD only smiled on us.

what I want to say, so my cousin(elder than I ) was infuenced by her mother, so they loved to watch cinema. When I grew up, this cousin influenced me some how, so everytime I visited her room 5 years older cousin put movie star's photo on her room's wall and I time to time envied her. Of course I asked her "who he is?" Many information came to me through her about movie stars so on.

i was small, but in my head I leant the name and saw magazine(movie magazine), As a Japanese girl, I just imagined world, Europe and America.

When I grew up, at that time the time was different from now on, so I enjoyed the big screen and real sounds at the theater. There is the book so called Everything we learnt in life at somewhere? Probably I learnt my life when i was a girl , i learnt from the movie. WHen i was a high school student, some time I used to go to cinema almost everyweekend.Of couse nowdays we do not have to go to cinema, just at school.Somehow I prefer cinema theatre.Eating popcorn , drinking coke without making noise. crying and laughing , sharing the same sorts of feeling with others.

The worst time...I cried when i watched one cinema, my tears did not stop and my nose was runnning, I looked around quietly, both of my sides(I do not know them of course), they were crying and one holded handkerchief firmly onto his nose. I used all my tissue, since in Japan no one use handkerchief as wiping nose(bad manner in my country)but I wiped tears ....and nose.The worst case, I could not take the breath anymore , since I cried so much for that movie, soon after "The end" after terop....then whole theatre's ilghts were on. My eyes were swallen. The movie is just simple, but it depended on the mood. Especially when we were young girl , very sensitive time, we were easily moved and cried.

Let me talk about one movie, I watched this movie such a long long time ago at my hometown's cinema. Of course i did not understand English well, so I had to follow the Japanese translation. But Still remember the actress Deborah...And the title DOVE . And the last music. I cried. I was alone there. WHen I went out from the thatre, Sunday late afternoon, the sun was shining so brightly
And I walked the main shopping street. The air was so fresh and somehow I felt so happy. The charm of cinema was like that. I forgot most of things in that time whom I loved or what I studied hard or how my mother looked like or what she cooked for me on that day. But I will never forget that feeling after watching the movie the DOVE. Last scene also gave me strong impression with that music.

The Dove is an American biographical film directed by Charles Jarrott.

The picture was produced by Gregory Peck, the third and last feature film he would produce.

The drama is based on the real life experiences of Robin Lee Graham, a young man who spent five years sailing around the world as a single-handed sailor, starting when he was 16-years old. The story is adapted from Dove (1972), the book Graham co-wrote about his seafaring experiences with Derek L.T. Gill.

This movie changed my life. i decided to travel the world and see different world with my eyes.
In fact I have seen many world travelers in the island, south pacific .They were warmly welcomed and if I happened to find one of those book, that i have met , at the national library in stockholm and saw some of my friends' pictures , shops, restaurants that i am so familiar, i feel so Strange and start missing them so much,
Nebojsa´s Story - Sailing Around The World
i understand what he says and feels. i have similar feeling as he has.


Typical south pacific beach-coconut trees(tahiti)

VANUATU-Hideway island where i spent weekend afternoon sometime.
by nyfiken | 2009-07-12 22:02
Sunday early morning. 5 .30am.
I am listening to Debussy. He was young, attractive somehow and handsome when he was young as many of men.
Welte-Mignon Piano
Children's Corner No. 6
"Golliwogg's Cakewalk" Claude Debussy, piano

i woke up naturally and look at spotless blue sky with white moon in the very higher part of the sky.
Full moon the other day at night was so beautiful from my living room at night. The yellow full moon was so big and round. Today the morning moon in light blue sky in Stockholm is a bit bigger than half moon. Right down part of half is missing. Southern part of the sky. From my room the moon locates much higher part of sky of Kugsholmen island over Karberg canal.
I love to see sky. Today will be beautiful day.
(3 hours later 9am cloud starts covering the sky. In the early morning sky was beautiful light blue.)

David Oistrakh, Debussy - Clair de lune

For whoever is wondering, you may have heard this music on:

Frankie and Johnny
The Game
Ocean's Eleven
Ocean's Thirteen
Seven Years in Tibet
... and many other movies

So when I woke up the first thing I did. To make a tea that I bought in Africa during last trip (tanzania, zanzibar)The name of tea is African pride tea bag. The taste is very nice. In Zanzibar if you order tea at hotel , I used to ask them in the kicthen at the hotel, they used to make special masala tea for me in the whole pot. I loved that spicy masala tea. Time to time I make masala tea, with kardamon, cinnamon with a bit my secret spices. Fresh milk and honey are necessary.

Debussy is very poetic and arise my emotion just like Satie. I love both of them.
Paris, his museum. St.German.
Claude Debussy Museum - Girl with the Flaxen Hair

Anyway while I am drinking morning tea, I listen to the music.

Hopefully I would like take a walk near seashore if I live near by now , but just in my imagination while I am drinking morning tea and listening to my favorite music. Summer morning, fresh air is coming into my room.It will be beautiful day.
"Pavane" was composed by the great French composer Gabriel Fauré (1845 - 1924).

Sunday morning-very early since last night I went to bed so early, naturally after 8 hours sleep I woke up. so my eyes opened and I can not stay in the bed anymore. Maybe somepeoples love enjoying reading favorite book especially sunday morning with a cup of tea beside of bed.

Then I watched this latest news. NY times' exective editor. His analysing the future of news strategy is very interesting to me this morning.
10 Questions for 'NY Times' Editor Bill Keller

Sunday nyfiken's morning starts from this, just imaginating the beautiful summer sea,
maybe you are somewhere near the beach or sea?
So this music suits perfectly.

Music: Johnny Mandel
Lyrics: Paul Francis Webster
La sombra de tu sonrisa
η σκιά του χαμόγελού σας
тень вашей усмешки
בארברא סטרייסאנד
باربرا سترايساند

Елизабет Тейлър
אליזבת טיילור
바브라 스트라이샌드는
Барбра Стрейзанд
Bossa n' Streisand
Bossa n' Mathis

ריצ'רד ברטון

The shadow of your smile

And I love this word "Pure imagination."
I wonder if dogs have "pure imagination"?
Pure Imagination

Sunday.I made banana coconut dargirine tea flavour pancake. Swedish honey was given by swedish friend whose mother collected in her garden country side . Homemade summer honey is milky colour . So delicious! when I eat honey pancake I feel like listening to puccini. 世界は叙情でなりたっている?

by nyfiken | 2009-07-12 13:07
Michael's favorite place.
He supposes to perform in this summer in London like this.

Mickael's voice. I personally like his voice and sounds in this era. These time most of Disco in the world played this song on the floor. Disco was real disco and had a certain mood that nowdays peoples can not feel the same way. Disco was divided as Techno special disco or Soul music disco in Tokyo or Sapporo big
cities in those daysin early 1980th.

Michael Jackson:Baby Be Mine

This song was repeatedly on air all over the world when it was sold and when this music was on, most went to the floor to dance. His real stage and performance was striking.

His personal life should be respected, but it was so interesting to know the final result of his eternal love (love has so many varieties, in this case, respect and trust to D.Ross)from his will. In fact his marriage to the daughter of Elvis P was quite interesting. IN fact later on it revealed the both sides' business marriage.(Lisa wanted to use M for selling herself as singer..And his side wanted to let public know he is straight and good husband! )In fact that could be a kind of friendship then.
Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Interview P1

He visited Japan, american military base ZAMA in Japan. This is interesting to know his another side. His speech and feature are very interesting to be seen in 2007.
Michael Jackson Japan

The quality is not so well, but serious Japanese asked question to him and then somehow he could not stop laughing.In fact Japanese tv shot but translator sounds like typical asian philipine or chinese English accent sounds, not Japanese accent. I found this was taken in Manila. But what made him so laughing? I also feel like laughing together.

Michael Jackson can't stop laughing during an interview

This is new song's demo and I love it. He catches the air And certainly his new style could have been established new Michael. Music reflects the present air, lighter than before.

by nyfiken | 2009-07-11 08:24
Someone trusts somebody. someone loves somebody. THe most important thing in life "the thoughts and love " Even she or he is not real children, but the love was given by M.jackson to children. NO matter who became mother as DNA or WHo played the role as mother . M.J knew who really loved himnot his money and status, the most and has given all the possiblities in his life when he was very young.

Diana Ross introduced young M.jackson as "talent" I was moved by her word s so deeply. We can see how much she loved him and described as my baby. I want to use my life as tunnel that talented peoples can go through. What a wonderful thoughts and words. She really devoted and we understand behind of Michael's success , Diana Ross's such a wonderful attitude, not only for Michael but also all those talented musician. She is respected by M.Jackson and trusted. NOt ego centered.

Diana (a project for CBS network) was the first TV special of Diana Ross' not produced by Motown Productions. It was produced under Diana Ross Enterprises, it combined footage from a concert held in L.A. on February 5, 1981, with studio footage. This special coincided with her record braking and hugely successful album of the same name. Guest stars included Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Larry Hagman (JR from the TV show Dallas) and The Joffrey Ballet. With an appearance by Mohammad Ali

"i would like t to use my life as tunnel that talented peoples move through me ...I would like to introduce "My baby." what a great words and what a great person Diana Ross was!

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross - Part 1

In fact my most favorite song from M.jackson is this "Rock with you" and love to dance with this song myself.
Michael Jackson & Diana Ross

Trust and love. She was the one who made him to big star I am very happy to know at least he had somebody he could really trust. This make me feel great.
This is fate for all big stars and famous peoples, so many peoples come for their name and money and they are confused as if it is real love or kindness. THey have become lonely, since they can not trust others.

Life ..somepeoples do not want to look at dark side of life and always want to spend like children. But if so, that person will never grow. But if somebody see so much dark side of the world, the soul will be ruined. I at least want to keep healthy mentality and happy mood in any occasions.

Michael with Diana Ross

in this comedy Mikael played a role as the man who is going to leave the woman (Diana Ross) but on the contrary, he proved his real love and trust through his will "I want my daughters to be looked after by D. ROss." His daughters mean lots to M.jackson and he wants her to look after. D.ROss can be the person who has never been greedy and trust worthy. This is all what he could get in his life "

Their friendship and real love --trust , it took whole life for Mike since he was so small. In his work professional life, Diana Ross was the one who could encourage him and cheer him up. IT took time and her attitude did not change whole life.

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson in 1969 - RARE

At least one person or a few that peoples meet someone who is worthy to trust entirely." In fact real world is so difficult. No one wants to be hurt, that is why many are palying meeting verchal games on net and play as fantasiful chatting . IF they do not like they just change, well. I just worry about our world future especially humanbeing relationship, what will happen after 50 years later or 100 years later.
by nyfiken | 2009-07-10 21:11
Suddenly it started from one person.In fact there were many who joined this performance.
Place/ Serger Torget near T central station, Central Station Stockholm, Sweden

突然始まった。マイケルジャクソン追悼の踊り。たくさん人が集まる地下鉄T centralenそばのセルゲル広場。時間を移してストックホルムの中央駅Central StationでのBeat it のパフォーマンス

Michael Jackson Tribute - Stockholm. July 8, 2009

by nyfiken | 2009-07-10 16:03

Rain in Stockholm

It rains. Summer happy feeling in Stocholm last week now it came back to the rather down feeling due to rain and rain. Mood depends on the weather sometimes.Summer in Scandinavia is rather short and intensive like swedish mosquites.

What I miss summer in Sweden? SInce I am Japanese I miss summer feeling in Japan. What is summer feeling in Japan. SUmmer festival. sounds of japanese chaime, the radio or TV sounds of japanese baseball, warm night eating at korean yakiniku restaurant with smoke and chilled beer. Japanese eal unagi at the special restaurant. GInza is the special favorite place for window shopping even comparing to other cities in Europe, Ginza in Tokyo is very sophisticated. I can not find same like Ginza in Sweden, stockholm. No shiseido parlor, no Imperial hotel's cafe, no Toraya Japanese cafe, No wako cafe. Well. if anybody who have visited Tokyo many times , they will understand what I mean. Stockholm is very small like village if we compare, but it does not mean good or bad.

Stockholm at night , quiet. maybe noisy inside of most pub or bars. at least from my window other side of river apartments' window lights , some are still on, but probably 80 percents are already gone . What time is it now? 10 minues past 12 midnight. Good night. Good night song for your pet and yourself. This CD is my favorite and same as sleeping pills.

by nyfiken | 2009-07-10 07:11

The love bug m-flo boa

She is Japanese or korean? J-pop when she sings in Japanese and K-pop if she sings in korean.Yes. She sang in japanese, korean and English, and became so popular . In fact she is korean and very talented. the new possiblity to be the J-pop star in the world pops market. In fact J-pop opens to many asian singers traditionally , it does not matter which countries she comes from if she only can sing in Japanese.Just like sumo wresler.

How we should sell Japanese or korean singer to the world?
BOA is cute , charming and pretty as an asian woman. The charm of Japanese/korean girl if foreigner do not know, probably her image (as a singer , impression-most asian and Japanese/korean men love that.)Hosoomote(not kowaomote), sinayaka, taoyaka, obediente(Opposite from Swedish mens' favorite..Nej! is the most common word in Swedish language when we discuss...most peoples use Nej! when they listen to others instead of Japanese Hai Hai (yes)"
BoA - Eat You Up (Cha Ver.)

This caputures Japanese/korean woman's softness, gentleness and cleaness. I do not say Swedish girl is not soft but swedish society's requrement to the woman by man is not sweetness but strength as humanbeing on the name of equality.Here men does not require woman as sweet candy like that requrement in Japan/korea in the society . On the contrary, in Japan/korea woman should be soft as feather and Sinayakasa, taoyakasa, sitoyakasa, yasasisa are required. Ambiguity is not necessary to be hated asin Yes-No countries. Japanese women have to change switch to adopt ownself, in abroad yes-no coutries including china, otherwise she will not be able to survive but if once coming back to Japan, the switch have to be returned to the original position.

by nyfiken | 2009-07-08 09:26
Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks


Swedish kitch! スウェーデンのキッチュ。それにしても、オフィシャルビデオNOTHING TO WORRY ABOUTの舞台は日本?東京?

TOKYO, JAPAN iS SELECTED AS THIS OFFCIAL VIDEO.Video director: Andreas Nilsson and Filip Nilsson

Swedish points of view is so interesting ..how some japaneseyoung (love dancing on the street and love riding bike peoples) look like? Those group love to perform on the street (dancing with leather dress with special weekend hairstyle-weekday they work and weekend they show their street performance.)
Peter Bjorn and John - Nothing to Worry About

by nyfiken | 2009-07-08 04:56