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Instead of eating cheese fondue from typical swedish cuisine, I am drawn in the sea of arabic cuisine. Today I tried Egyptian, morrocan food again. The restaurant near the central station, there is the ordinary arabic food restaurant. The friendly egyptian was very kindly serving the food. No wine, no beer, but real mint leave tea. Fantastic.

First in my life I tried Egyptian dessert. The name is mother of Ali. So good. In the kitchen they have three chef, one is from Lebanon, another is from MOrroco, then newest one is from Egypt. Tagine..I became like to eat this food, too. Salad dressing contains lovely olive oil with lemon.

Near the central geneva station, the smell of exotic cuisine smell...the moisture of the air is similar to that in Tokyo. Humanbeing like. How I can explain, this town is more wet than that in Sweden. Not so stylish like in Sweden. Some part is extremely rich and gorgeous for rich peoples, but mostly down town, the street is full of young peoples..The one street..I saw the african beauty salone, small beauty salone has filled with african girls and boys ...they are doing hair after dark.Chatting as they are in their home town. Sushi restaurant in geneva...I have seen only a few.

Switherlander seem to be kind, especially at the restaurant, their services are great and always treat guests as guests.

I went to the old town , antique book shops as usual. The cook book ..that is very old one..I asked the price.1100FR. Antique old books seem to cost more expensive in continental europe. When I walked on the street I saw the sign ...Carvin used to be born there and die there. but 18 century due to the fire..the house was burnt. In any case..what an old story it is.

Second day seems to be over now. It is not so cold as in sTOCKHOLM.THERE ARE many old restaurants..french language..I feel like staying in the old french movie. Maybe stockholm nowdays has sickness to have modern stylish bar and restaurant, but here in Geneva..they seem to keep old good days restaurant. Of course I saw all those who were eating look rather old. but I feel so warm this Switherland seem to take care of old peoples needs. They have their own space to fit in. I love those classic world. for example Restaurant Ambasador...it looks like old Shiseido parlor 1980th.--
I have walked enough today.so it is time to go to bed now.

Good night.
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Greeting from Geneve

From stockholm to Geneve , SAS flight was comfortable. In fact the international terminal at Stockholm ARLANDA airport, their new DUTY free boutiques have become so fine. Geneve ..the late autumn, still yellow leaves look so pretty. The hotel is comfortable enough.

I ate morrocan diner owned by morrocan near the central station. TAGINE AND COUSCOUS. with spicy piment. MY french friend used to tell me her grandmother cooked so lovelz tagine. I like chiken with lemon and olive. Geneve has many italian so called restaurant, but street pizza restaurant seems to be better in stockholm.
Morrocan red wine was very nice ,too.

It was raining a bit after sun set. More humidity. At the supermarket, I found lovely grapes ...violet grapes. That is the same as JAPANESE STUBEN OR TANENASHI BUDOU TASTE. switherland cheese. in fact i was very facsianted by switherland cheese with summer flowers and spices.

Geneve is quite interesting town, some part look so exclusive, some part is like a bit Tokyo, some part look a bit tired. The drunken peopels are gathering in the park near school from daytime. Some shops are selling beautiful jewelly that arabic rich merchant can afford paying. some shops are selling goods from Africa..This town has smell of humanbeing..moist. more emotional. wet.

I just walk in town, there seem to have more african than before. Not so many asian but arabic peoples. Swiss peoples are not so tall as scandinavian. Darker hair. Impression.

Today i went to a catholic church near the central station. The staindglasses were so beautiful. I was sitting quietly and one african lady behind me started drinking water from the bottle. I am not christian, but I liked to be there. Anyhow when I almost went out, suddenly one old man who might be homeless came into, told me in french "today is very cold ..you are pretty...Could you please give some money." i thought Gesus Christ cross on the stage..then I gave him a coin. I felt like that was test by GOD.

Good night.
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今ストックホルム美術館でダリ展が開催されている。サルバドールdari はスペイン人だが、フランスのパリで花開く詩人や画家との交流の中で、どくとくの絵や彫刻などをシュールレアリズムという独特の世界観を残した。見開いた目。



ほかに、ダリが関与した、『アンダルシアの犬』(Un chien andalou)は、ルイス・ブニュエルとサルバドール・ダリによる1928年のフランス映画。これは、怖くてあまり観たくない。最初アンダルシアの犬という題名にひかれて、かわいい犬物語と思ってみたら、ショック。時は世界恐慌。不安な時代が作品を生むとはよくいったもの。



Luis Buñuel, signé « Luis Bunuel », sorti en 1972. Trois notables essaient de planifier un repas ensemble, mais des évènements imprévus empêchent ce dîner. Source : Wikipédia The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (French: Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie) is a 1972 surrealist film directed by Luis Buñuel and written by Jean-Claude Carrière in collaboration with the director. The film was made in France。

ところでヨーロッパは階級社会が存在していたが、社会主義のシャワーをあびてきた、スウェーデンでは、ダブルスタンダードがないわけではない。 イケアやH&Mの企業の背景には、社会主義の理想主義的なすべてのひとに平等にという思想がある。このへんのスウェーデンの社会構造ニュアンスについては、別な機会におしゃべりしたい。


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Weekend in November @Chatter box.

November..When this month starts, the time flies like an arrow. Stockholm is getting daker and darker.Instead inside of house and cafe..adds more comfortablity.
This song ..by Japanese songer Tatsuro Yamashita is echoing when I walk on the street.

At last I get used to this comfortable darkness. I can say comfortable darkness that can show the beauty of candle lights. I enjoy the light movement in darkness after 4 pm. The lamp lights. Humanbeing is originally positive animal.

POsitiveness and Love could have made humanbeing survived last thousands years. THe day before yesterday I was asked by a friend " What is the most important belief for you?" I thought for a minute and answer. "love of dog." It sounds strange. But It does not mean love to dog or love by dog. Love of dog.

I have one experience..from my owned dog. some reasons I could not go back to the island where I used to live ...probably for 2 and half year. At last I could go back to the island . My house was still there...She had been given to my houseboy who lived just opposite side . I went into my empty house with siimple basic furnitures and some my bed sheets or basic things like kitchen utensils. My dog just ran to me as if nothing has happened last two and half years. Just like we used to live before. She looked so happy and ran to me. Then while I stayed at the house, she was with me all the time. I could not believe that.

Dog can not explain anything , but I saw her face...more white hair on her eyebrow..I apologized my absense and sudden abandonness. It was very very hard decision for me to have taken her to Japan from the south pacific or not. at last even after arrranging cargo for her...I gave up. Because I knew sudden change of her environment could have killed her. From tropical country to Japan.

Love of dog...PRobably my dog knew if she came to me she could have better food. I do not want to think only that way. Of couse very simple love existe. Humanbeing is more complicated.

Christ said Love your neighbour. It is very hard to love enemy. THinking about the death of Christ...I think his attitude to fight for justice and the mind of helping other peoples ...it is very easy to say but it is difficult to act. We nowdays are getting more calculating for some sense...or more politically peoples act and react. Lots of manuplation.In such a day probably we need love of dog. They never forget good things and just simply come to say hello. IF we praize them they show happiness.

We humanbeing older we get , we starts suspecting everything. For example..if someone says very nice things to you. then some might thinkTHIS WAY. @ well what he or she wants from me....Yesterday there is a little cute dog on the subway. the one lady next to me prized her @what a fine dog you are!@asked the owner. The owner seemed to be proud of her. then suddenly praized her how pretty you are..what a beautiful eyes you have! that little dog understood immediately and showed her happiness. This simpleness is so nice.

I had a very nice coffee and dessert at my friend house. Icecream with spicy apple cramble honey rum rason.That was one of the best home made dessert. Since my friend collects beautiful swedish antique coffee cups. Swedish antique coffee and tea cup in 1950,60th...that have beautiful tasteful styles. Coffee was served with such a lovely coffee cup. I like to see the beauty of life existe in the small details.The happiness of life...I think this little details tell us lots. The life surrounded by favorite things. That could be the best and that is the swedish comfortablity. I do not go for name only , but I go for the beauty and details.This philosophy of life ..enjoyment of beling surrounded by favorite things from one cup of coffee. I like that.

The other day I went to the swedish glass shop at sheraton hotel in Stockholm. Just The outside was rain, so just for a while I went into the shop.THere are enorm amount of different glasses from Sweden and Europe. I saw one beautiful wine glass..that is too good for drinking wine but probably more for decoration. This glass attracted me so much.The glass is handmade. LIght blue and blue. Fish ...probably inside of sea. The artist imagination. Anyhow I falled in love with this wine glass. and asked the price the guy who looked like indian man. He had enough torolence of explaining all the things about glasses. He said 3500KR. wow!This is only one glass. It is too good to drink wine. Maybe more for decoration.I imagine who is going to obtain the glass.
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Twitter by Nyfiken

Stockholm is getting darker and darker.Today when i walk on the street in Stockholm, it started rain.In the morning it snowed. Then it turned to be rain. All Swedish peopels wear really wintow costume. they are ready. Swedish are not optimistic when they go out. But they are like onions. In fact outside they are equiped heavely.though inside building is warm, so most wear summer clothe like thin material. So Russian and chinese have tendency to bring their winter clothes, like thick wool sweater, then if they wear that, they feel so warm at home. Adoptation is the only word to survive in other country.







さて、今日は、ら ぷち ブルゴーニュという名前のフランスのガレットとクレープ料理の新しくできたお店にたまたま寄ってそれをいただいた。日本食材店のすぐそば。20人くらい入れるお店は、すぐに満員となる。フランス人のおくさんとスウェーデン人ご主人のカップル。母親と娘。おいしい。満足をしてかえる。東京は、神楽坂の毘沙門店から石畳の反対側の道を少しはいったところに、10年ほどまえにおいしいフランス人のつくるがレットとクレープ屋さんが、あってランチにときどきでかけた。ひとつずつ手つくりなので、つくりおきができない分、余裕のない立ち食い派には向かない印象があるが、その間、シードルを飲んだりワインをのんで待つ人がたくさんいる。さてつぶやきは、スウェーデン人のパパがどうみてもアフリカ人の小さな男の赤ちゃんを面倒みていた。1歳になったかならないか。しばらくして、若く、仕事ができそうな女性がはいってきた。仕事がえり。するとそのアフリカ人の赤ちゃんがマーマーおかえり!といった。養子。若いおかあさん。パパが子育て。こういうのがさりげなくできちゃっているのが、スウェーデンである。パパは育児休暇をとって、ままが働く。いすについて、しばらく、ぱぱが男の子に食べさせている。




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高揚感。幸福感。希望をもたらす音やリズム。昔の祭りのお囃子や太鼓もそういったリズムや音がある。現代社会において、偶然人間が作り出した音楽やリズムが、いろいろな人にインスピレーションを与える。この曲は、高揚感があって好き。それにしても、世界の若者の心をつかむこの音。青森のねぶたの太鼓のリズムに似ているような気もしてくる。The popular rythm and music captures world young peopels' heart and they feel like dancing. In fact I like the sound of this music. In fact this music's rythm reminds me of my hometown's traditional summer festival sound. We dance and jump with this sound from my grandgrandgrand mother's era.My grandmother did, but my mother did not dance but I did (past tense.)



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Stockholm is darken , it looks like riding the train to underground deeper ...just opposite from that in March. Then our eyes get used to darkness. At the same time all shops starts selling christmas decoration. Red, Gold and silver, Glitterling. White. Cool light. warm candle. I love March. Then many do not like november. Peoples might feel so" november..wow! This year is going to be ended soon. By the way 2009 was so short...just like years before." Where have you been? What have you done? And what you have started? I have started many small interesting things in life. New experiences. No one can determine you, but yourself. If you just listen to others' comment all the time. Then you will lose your own confident. that how I feel. The life is interesting.

In fact we can see ourselves if we relate to others or from other peoples comment. Peoples are rather critical sometimes. But do not care! You are you. I am I . So older you get, thicker your skin is. But in fact just like plants outside kithen window, they are adopting climates and enviroment with their own system. I am surprised to see their strength and even respect those summer flowers. Still, they are blooiming ..smaller flower but with my little help. I give them water and some energizer and love as always.Good girls! So crazydaisy is still blooming. What I was told by nearest flower shop lady"This flower will be blooming all summer maybe till late summer." Then autumn is going to end soon. Little crazydaisy flower is still blooming. Such a time I feel real love to those flowers. Love existes in such a small kitchen garden.
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Rough seas iceland

Marejada ocean tug

La Dolce Vita [AMiR]

Goapele- Closer The original music video 2001/no effects

Closer to my dreams
It's coming over me

I'm gettin' higher
Closer to my dreams
I'm getting higher and higher
Feel it in my sleep

Some times it feels like I'll never go pass here
Some times it feels like I'm stuck forever and ever

But, I'm going higher
Closer to my dreams
I'm goin' higher and higher
I can almost reach

Some times you just have to let it go (Let it go, let it go)
Leaving all my fears to burn down
Push them all away so I can move on
Closer to my dreams
Feel it all over my being
Close your eyes and see what you believe

I'm happy as long as we're apart
Then I'm moving on to my dreams

I'll be moving higher (Moving higher)
Closer to my dreams
And higher and higher, higher
Feel it in my being (I can feel it flow around me)
I know that I could not go alone (No, no)

I'm moving higher (Higher), oh...
I'm going higher and higher and higher (Higher and
Closer to my dreams (Higher and higher, oh...oh...)
I'm moving upward and onward and beyond all I can see
(Stretching out my arms so I can reach)

Feels so close it's like i can just reach
I can feel my dreams (Closer to my dreams)
I'm moving closer to my dreams
I'm moving (Higher and higher) higher and higher
(Higher and higher)
Moving higher, oh...

Some times it feels like you never gon'change (Never gon'change)
But you never choose to walk away
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Icelandic man has longest life in the world previous years. Since they eat fish? or HOT SPRING. japanese women has longest life in average. eat fish and hot spring. Although THE climate in Iceland now is severe. They depnded on american economy and relied on them. (opposite attitude from Sweden.)THEY can not keep mac since the money is not there. ON the contrary FISHERMENS count ry NorWAY IS STrong due to oil and gas. WELL.what I can say more, Once Tursky has dominated the world. They call egyptian as brother. I just remember Japanese classic Literature HEIKE STORY. in the future PROBABLY south pacific islanders WILL be richest in the world.
by nyfiken | 2009-11-02 05:55