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Weekend nyfiken's swedish music

ストックホルムのカフェやお店においてある新聞。フリーの新聞であるのに、情報レベルなどトレンドな情報がたくさん。今手にしているこの新聞は、スウェーデンで話題rebecca simonssonはスウェーデンのlady gagaともよばれている。クラブhells kitchenの総マネージャー支配人。
Nöjesguiden #01 2010 LAUNCH


'Full Pupp's Ytre Rymden Dansskola roll out the misty-eyed Balearic disco vibes on three tracks baced with a remix from the prolific Lindbaek and Frisvold. It's all about opulent synths and over-lush vibes here, from the disco-swoon of 'Bange Anelser' to the mesmerising, sauna-heated keys of 'Kahluha Madness' and a slightly noodlier version of the maturely paced 'Bange Anelser' from Frisvold & Lindbaek, keeping the atmosphere suitably laidback and smug.' - by ' http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=24...'

ytre rymden dansskola - kahluha madness

This is very swedish! Indiepops.英語で歌っているけれど、スウェーデンポップス。RETRoのなつかしいふんいきがする。

Montt Mardié - Highschool Drama

Montt Mardié - Det bästa i världen

Cute.LYKKE LIがストックホルム南セーデルマルムの路上で歌う。このあたりは、学校がある地区。なにもしらないスウェーデンのおじさんが、警察にいうよ!最後には、イヤー上手だね。すこしだけど、そのおかねでクリスマスのプレゼントでも買いなさいよ。
Lykke Li - Little Bit LIVE Närkesgatan, Södermalm i Stockholm

by nyfiken | 2010-01-31 06:44

Nakata from Japan. French TV interviewed him.(French are more sensitive for traditional and modern Japanese culture like anime, manga and J-pop.)They love to know Japanese culture. It started from Kurosawa, Mishima....literature , music and now J-Pops.

That is best. Since all fruits are best to be eaten. In fact I want to know what he eats and how does his mother look like? Energy is spent for right way.Hope he is not drunk in commercializm and feel the air.

He has his own music unit Capsul, in addtion to his own music unit, he produces other singers. then perfum has become so popular like Chocolate disco.I like what he says..key words are " I can do what I feel "Shun" the best time to do even if I do own my pace." Retro, modern. He could be the messangers and he could be the creater some make others feel transform or just feel exciting or what ever.

by nyfiken | 2010-01-30 09:13

Passion to chocolate


Kylie Minogue Chocolate

Inspiration, creativity, freshness. Passion. I just wonder why Australia can produce many new chefs at least unique. Combination of pacific cuisine. Good fresh food, materials.

In fact I used to eat mud crab in the south pacific, but from some stage since I seem to have had a kind of allergy to that , I can not eat that anymore, but still I love to eat and can eat Mangrobe crab and Coconut crab that are popular in Oceania.

There are many different kinds of chef in the world. Some want to be teacher to teach unexperienced young chef as educater like sport teacher.G.Ramsay.
Some want to change the eating habits to have healthy diet.Revolutionalist and a kind of educator, too.(J.Oliver)
To me his way of cooking could be more new french like Paul B.very artistic like painting.
Real zeitaku..5 different kinds of chocolate, and when the cake was served with hot chocolate sauce, it becomes an art. The professional food must give us a little surprising and joy.

Inteligent chocolate.

He is very famous in the world, in Japan. In Tokyo at department store, you will be able to buy his chocolate etc. French journalist interviewed him. It is very interesting.

by nyfiken | 2010-01-30 08:21


Robin är bröllopsfotografen från hålan i Värmland som får uppdraget att plåta ett överklassbröllop i Djursholm. Han förälskar sig i brudens syster och försöker göra om sig för att passa in i den fina världen. Det går väl så där.
This is a swedish love song. Marriage fair was held last Sunday at Grandhotel including wedding fasion show. this year In Sweden marriage business world seems to be hotter.

Magnus Carlsson - För kärlekens skull(For love's sake.愛のために)

by nyfiken | 2010-01-29 08:51

Japan &Japanese&Japanese diet

Let's learn something about Japan!


by nyfiken | 2010-01-28 11:29


Now in Europe, here in Sweden, Hachiko cinema is on air at theatres. Hollywood Richard Gere made this famous story into the new movie. Original story and movie were from Japan..

Key words to understand this movie, foreigner must know Akita Inu, Shibuya hachiko Statue. .I only have seen shiba inu , but not Akita inu yet in Stockholm.. Akita inu is one of the most primitive dog in the world and near to the wolf. I understand Akita locates to the northern Japan , Japan sea side , lots of snow and cold. MountaINous place..They might live with OR FIGht against wild animals like bears in the mountain. They have survived in such a hard environment. Loyalty like samurai is just as in the movie.


Original Japanese movie is this. Akita locates northern part of main island Japan sea side. It snows and winter life is very hard. I personally like food in Akita like Kiritanpo nabe.
In those time in Japan there existed servants .

by nyfiken | 2010-01-28 08:59


Mother is great.



”ダルメシアンはクロアチア原産の大型犬です。白地に黒斑が特徴です。 ダルメシアンは、猟犬・番犬・牧羊犬・軍用犬として活躍したといわれ、激しい作業に耐えうる体力・持久力を備えています。馬車が主流の交通機関であったころダルメシアンは、消防馬車の先導・護衛犬とし て使われていました。

性格は、人見知りなところがあるので初対面の人にはなかなか慣れ ません。しかし、とても頭がよく物覚えもいいので、訓練などには向いています”






This is voice from Sweden.Jakt is hnting done by locals who have lived on selling from their hunting generation to generation. But in antoher word, hunting jakt is upperclasss enjoyMENT.Personally EVEN I RESPECT MINOR TRIBE PEOPLES HERITAGELIFE AND TRADITION, This hunting PLANNING should be CANSELLED.HUMANBEING HAS TO SURVIVE, bUT JUSTLIKE mosT swedish ancesATORs used to cut Trees、LOGGING, BUT NOW THEIR CHILDREN HAVE BECOME OFFICE WORKERS, the lifeSHOULD be changed with education.


The wolf is under threat of extermination in Sweden
When the wolves are gone, maybe it's the Brown Bear next.
The Swedish government allowed wolf hunting beginning of january 2010. In Sweden we had around 250 wolves.
25 Wolves was killed day one!!!! (Possibly more because several was hit by shoot and run away)
For example: 107 hunters in a special area surrounded 8 wolves, 4 of them succeded to run between the shoots. 4 was killed and one of them a very large Alpha male.
Couple/parents was killed, younger puppies left lonely.

This is a typical expression:

The hunters let their dogs free in wolf areas, and get their dogs killed. They accuse the wolves for killing all the Elks. There are farmers whom refuse to protect their animals with electric predator fence. They think the cost is to high, it doesn't work or there are also people who think that the fence involve a large trespass against peoples right to move free in nature.

The Laplanders state that predators take at least 55000 reindears at year in Sweden.
In reindear areas (52% of Sweden) we have none rejuvenation of the wolf. The wolf are not allowed in areas with reindears. (This is facts from homepage of Sápmi)



If you want to know more about wulf problem in Sweden, this is best to watch.
Unfortunately in Swedish,neither English,nor Japanese.


In addition to this, in Sweden, only the person who have licence can go hunting, but in finland, anybody is allowed to have gun like in USA, that is why in Finland, school shooting can be seen. The politic should not be involved with any benefitial agencies.

In Sweden hunting is the joy for upperclass peoples and some hunting lovers.King of Sweden loves hunting.I hope he will not shoot wulf.

by nyfiken | 2010-01-27 09:54

Just the words of JOHN HEGLEY

English is wonderful language.Short, clear and funny. English humour.

glasses V contacts

In fact his father side is French and paternal grandmother was ballet dancer.

He believes that his ancestor was a famous music composer in France. J.P.RAMEAU.
Tendre amour ( les Indes galantes ) J-P Rameau

PERFORMANCE IN MODERN ERA. WHAT does your DNA ask YOU to do in LIFE to perform AND express your self..just thinking like many of ancestors or just PERFORMING as many ancestors. some are afraid of walking on solidly made stone bridge since just being afraid of danger, but some walk ON the SIMPLE wood bridge THAT CAN be seen below -fast running river water.


by nyfiken | 2010-01-26 20:20
At last I remember the name. Morning dance. And Spyro Gyra.

The name is morning dance by Spyro Gyra. The time was shining, opened bright future with positiveness at least in Japan. Just like now in China.Probably late 1970th to 80th was such a kind of era in my country. First walkman by Sony appeared and most young peoples was listening to the high quality sounds from small walkman when we walked or cycled to school. The music was with us all the time at least in my country among young. Then now moblie phone or MP3 or Ipot. Basic function is same. To listen to favorite music or song when we want to listen. Individuality is the key of success by SONY. Since Mr Morita president Sony says " I got the hint when my wife told me on the plane when we travelled to other country to sell mini radio. She said why we can not listen to our favorite music instead of programmed music on airplane. Maybe This could be same in this time, too. The meet the demands of individual needs and tastes. That was told probably half century ago.

So that is why like spanish owned fasion brand ZARA everytime I go there nomatter in Yokohama,, Tokyo, Stockholm, I feel their strong pasion "We make this for you, but we make that for you, and try this or maybe that."So many different things...I understand why H&M and ZARA now in Europe they are so succesful at least in Sweden.Business need mathematic and know-how.

Even business schools at various Universities are interested in ZARA's chain store expanding case.

Beyond the Retro is the shop opposite from H&M or ZARA. have all dresses when the world made dresses slowly. Dresses are sometimes rather artistic. Dreamy space. Time slippe, Power of color...I have such an old dress for myself. The first red silk dress when I was university student, I bought that . Still I keep it in my storage in Stockholm.

Beyond the Retro has such a beautiful dress that can give us a certain inspiration and beautiful dream. I mean to amuse our sense and feeling. The dress that we love to see and want to be near , but not necessary to wear in the office, neither to party. This reminds me of one beautiful china dress that I bought in Hongkong long time ago. The shop keeper told me the size is too small for you, I did not say "i will lose my weight, I just told her that is for my skinny sister." I did not wear that but kept it to see , that special china silk dress was so beautiful.

Last week when I was at the boutique on Drottingatan in Stockholm, it was cold day as usual, outside road was so slipperly since ice coated road . Thanks to Stockholm city or Swedish sensitivity, Many walking road was put sands or small stones for prevention. Anyway I walked slowly and with certain care . I entered a colorful boutique ..Beyond the Retoro, I was facsinated by many colorful dresses and clothes Retro..probably our grandmother or mother's young time...second hands from the time when the boy was boy and when the girl was girl.

I found one that I really liked. While I was looking at dresses(I did not buy them.) Suddenly .the bright happy music was on. At the same time suddenly karibian lady spoke to me with happy smile. She thought I was working there . "Outside is cold, but Inside is warm. " This is typical story of Sweden. So bright sun like laughing voice was echoing in the boutique. One party is she from Karibian, and one party is me. Both of us smiled. Then....I noticed this music,"I know this! but I could not remember the name. For 5 days...I tried to remember it. Surely melody was always in my brain..There are some names appeared on my head with musics.

It was not music of Larry carlton,

The music at beyond the Retoro wasn't by Sadao Watanabe..
Here's To Love - Sadao Watanabe feat. Roberta Flack
i always remember if I listen to Sadao Watanabe's this, Bangkok. Since this song was on when I was drinking a cup of coffee near Thai daimaru. That day that cafe was the only cafe influenced by Japanese way of serving cafe. Before thai peoples used to drink very sweet condence milk mixed cafe "Cafe orientan." Cafe oriental, but they never pronounced L, and L turned to be N.

No Grover washinton junior...
I remember the melody but who did it? So last couples of days, when night comes and sit on my table , I tried to recall whose music it was. Old memory was in my brain so called computer.

then at last i remember this Tonight.. So it took a few days. In fact even I could not remember the name soon, athough melody was in my head. I know this music need to be listened to this icy cold day to make our heart warm.
Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance

And I remember another thing. The happy lady when I suddenly met in the boutique from karibian like sun shine. We have same tone of laughing and probably same kind of joy of life feeling. She is very happy person. Thank you for that. Spyro Gyra morning dance and karibian lady . You made my day. Long time ago I have met her when I took a walk along side nearest kanal. She left me her name, then I remember. Ikea commercial she plays a role as french accented swedish spoken person.

Dot and dot connect to one line. Or what I can say..I like to meet the person on appropreate place.We might not meet at Mac , neither sport club. But person who have lived in the island that has lots of color and sun shine, in such an icy monotonous cold day go to the shop that has colorful colour with happy music.. So we can be batterfly. By the way fat bee used to fly to my kicthen gardens' flowers, where they are? Are they sleepin somewhere?
by nyfiken | 2010-01-26 09:20

New movie made on the best seller book Snabba cash is on Cinema in SWEDEN since 15th jan.Handsome swedish man is authour Jens Lupidus, who just looks like paris collection fasion model.
Jens Lapidus: Snabba Cash får fem getingar

Snabba Cash - Trailer
Quick money. As anybody can imagine..the contents, Drug, mafia, wannabe rich, trying to live hard to obtain the wealth and prestage of life ...Love, family, daughter..Reality, dream. Existence of Swedish mafia that has immigrants background from poor countries in Europe.

The criminal romance. Best seller book by J.Lupidus were sold everywhere in Sweden last year. Even at nearest supermarket near the casher. Lupidus reminds me of the name of French designer and my memory of old perfum. So his name sounds to me French.
The book ... everybody can imagine from this title. Quick money normally smells dangerous. The man who is hungry for money and wants to live with luxury ..in Sweden so called Stureplan life.

No Japanese and English translation at this moment, but soon later it will come. Maybe.

To understand this movie, at least foreigner must understand the area in Stockholm so called Stureplan is the special area for nightlife, high class(wanna be) peoples...so what is stureplan, if any swedish who live in Sweden must know. To us japanese, stureplan is...not Ginza, Shibuya, sinjuku, neither Aoyama. Maybe little Ginza with more younger atomosphere..Aoyama and Roppongi? NO Stureplan is stureplan. No comparison, it says lifestile. .

Stureplan is near to the wealthy residential area. Probably generation to generation they have lived there. there are certain styles of boys and girls in Sweden.
Stureplan style?including wannabe boys and girls.

In this interview on the street at night in Stureplan, this man is asked "How to meet girl?" With certain confident he answers.

Well well well...Snabb cash ..the ordinary swedish young man want to be rich no matter how the method is..then goes to the dark world. This is normal story, so what and how this movie attract many swedish readers and audiences? Since the social reality is there. At school and in the society in Sweden, peoples are taught equality. The top of social democratic Mona saline is critisized terribly when she carries a bit expensive bag(I think she can carry that, since she earns money.)

Anyway Snabbcash man want to be like this upperclass person ? or in other word, richer man.
I am more interested in the reason why this book has become so popular in Sweden rather than the contents itself. I need read it well.

by nyfiken | 2010-01-25 07:40