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Nyfiken weekend music

Neri Per Caso - What A Fool Believes feat. Mario Biondi

The other day I was in the "Beyond the Retro" shop on the street so called Drottingatan in Stockholm. This shop is my favorate recently, now is the probably best time. First it was in the sodermalm, then another brunch in the center of Stockholm basment of English departmentstore , then moved to this new place. this is very usual phenomena, in Stockholm, shop location always have been changed recent years.

Beyond the Retro is favored by model, fasion designer, editors, fasion columnist, fasion stylist and person who love something different. it is not just a second shop, the filtered by , I mean selected by specialists. I call this shop beyond the reality life. London I mean UK has the shop then in Sweden they opened. The shop 69 also has retoro dresses in Kungsholmen and in PUB. Lisa's boutique in Sodermalm has many interesting collections. Nowadays I do not spend much time there.

The most dresses you can not wear to the office, but probably to the party. Dreamy atomosphere, then I went out from the boutique, most wear black, grey in winter just like school uniform in oldern time. By the way when I was looking at dresses, I was asked by one lady , then she soon noticed I was not working there. Ayway she smiled and looked so happy with colorful hat with lovely flower shaped broach. I told her "In fact old dresses were well made by hand. But lately all clothes are well made but material is so poor like coat, so even you pay for 200 dolloers, you can not wear next season." Where you come from ? She smiled and laughed as sun shined. I liked her colorful hat .

Aretha Franklin - What A Fool Believes (1980)

Matt Bianco - Japanese Nissan Teana Advert ("What A Fool Believes")

Matt Bianco - Lost In You

Bebel Gilberto - Aganju

Samba de Bênção - Vinicius de Moraes e Toquinho

I think Portugal language is the most beautiful languagein the world when we sing songs with.
But spanish also .......

by nyfiken | 2010-01-24 07:24

Eight ways to rebuild Haiti

Monday January 18 2010, from International Herald tribune newspaper.

Page 12. View.Eight ways to rebuild Haiti. How can we ensure that Haiti becomes a functioning nation? eIGHT EXPERTS give their prescriptions.

Concrete solution by architect John Mcaslan, Give and take by Sudhir venkatesh, a professor of socialogy at Columbia. Easy money by Dan senor, Skip the graft by James Dobbins, Squatters`rights by robert neuwirth, Learn from Tokyo by Matias echanove and Rahulsrivastava, Build on water by steven solomon, Use Guantanamo by Jonathan M, Hansen.

Ironically in the same page 12 , left side down, other views from Japanese asahi shinbun article. Japan`s suicide toll. The rapid growth after the war, Japan has developed and seems to have opposite fate from Haiti. But what I can say...sUCCESS OF ECONOMY AND COUNTRY ...on the contrary...individual happiness might say different things. I know Haiti is desperated, worst condition ever, but what I can say, long vision need to be, lots of works have to be done, money, manpower, sustanablity. Refugees.it is easy to say, but...in any case we must know. Medicine, food, disinfectant and other necessities...To help relieve crises.
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Food in Japan during my holiday.

I flied to Hakodate,

Hokkaido from Haneda Tokyo domestic airport.It took only about one hour. Sun shined TOkyo to snow falling hokkaido. When I got off from shuttle bus from airport to the station, I could not walk with my boot from Stockholm. I walked so slowly. I came to Hakodate to eat sushi, but only 800 meter from station to the market...the road was slippery."What a long way to come over here from Stockholm, just 800 meter last distance to goal, how far it looks like due to icy earth. "Two local old ladies were talking "You know the sands are near the station, why no one try to throw those sands for tourists." Well, I know Japanese everything is from top down, so someone must order to do so. Anyway I managed to walk to the market with full of my concentration just in order to eat sushi from the morning.It was nearly 10 am.well.Swedish time is 6 pm.So it does not matter.

Hakodate has hot spring and real good sushi. They sell famous hokkaido crab and also many alived huge crab is walking inside of water tank. )their walking figure does not give us good apetite.....so better not see before eating..and real caviar, good quality of northern fish, salmon, toro, fresh abalone, fresh ...

I sat at sushi restaurant. tHEY remember me. "One year has passed! " they said. Yes. One year before I was there just on the Christmas. I asked them how had been business? They said " Economy is not so super..."

But they keep fresh abalone, あわび。Fresh awabi, abalone is very famous in Japan. Especially Ezo awabi from Matumae, Hakodate is so delicious. Sorry I am not vegetalian. There we can eat one Abalone sushi, cheaper than one piece of ordinary frozen squid sushi in Stockholm. Of course I never missed any chances.

Fresh Hotate, Japanese scallop
In European cuisine, scallops are often prepared in the form of a quiche or cooked and then set into a savoury custard. In Japanese cuisine, scallops may be served in soup or prepared as sashimi or sushi. Dried scallop is known in Cantonese Chinese cuisine as conpoy (乾瑤柱, 乾貝, 干貝).

In a sushi bar, hotategai (帆立貝, 海扇) is the traditional scallop on rice, and while kaibashira (貝柱) may be called scallops, it is actually the adductor muscle of any kind of shellfish, e.g. mussels, oysters, or clams.

Fresh Uni, Bafun Uni=sea uchine is the best there. So called bafun uniI 。Uni is best of all.

I order fresh NIshin, "Onesan, you are lucky, normally Sill nishin fresh fish is not avairable like this. " Yes. I know. I do not know any other restaurant that I can eat real fresh nishin sill sushi. Fresh oyster. Well. In Japan fresh oyster is rather big, and I am sorry to say, Oyster from France, Denmark and Sweden taste better. Sorry. Especially when we eat raw. I order TOro, tuna. That is fine. TO eat best tuna sashimi, I had to wait to eat in Aomori. While I ate such a wonderful sushi, I thought once a year, why I did not drink Japanese sake. Swedish time is 6pm, so I decided to have nice sake with them. I asked onesan, they said " Hakkaisan from Niigata is not bad."It was exellent.

After eating all those sushi, I left the restraurant, then went to station. I still saw squid kartoon since Hakodate is famous for squid, on the bus from airport to hakodate station I saw the very interesting advertisement "Squid cake" it sounds interesting, I just wonder they use squid to bake a cake, or just a shape. No I found another product, squid chocolate. So Japanese are genius to make anything possible. Octopus cake, chocolate.

What I like about Japanese, they have no hesitence to make products. whille other country, "Let`s make a new product so called squid cake!ika youkan .
This could not be so approciated by Swedish or Norwegian or finish unfortunately.
Especially swedish childeren will never touch squid cake.

On the contrary, they even produced squid cake and chocolate, and make squid dance for festival parade.

Strange but they love to do something positive with certain pride. Our town produce squid, so how we should sell squid. Hakodate station I did not see this time joking from the chief director`s message. "Do not you forget anything?" Wasuremono wa naikai? And Naikai?`s ika part was specially marked with squid kartoon.

In fact swedish are very afraid of eating squid and octopus unless they have lived in ITaly or Spain, so those Ika and tako are not their favorite unfortunately. I grew up with my parents who even served Ika sashimi raw squid from the breakfast. (Now I wonder how my parents used to serve me such a thing.)Anyway this is a matter of food culture from where and which part of Japan you grow up.My parents are seafood lovers and eat fish and vege. more than meat just as other oldern Japanese.

I ate as much as i could sushi in Hakodate. Once a year.. I forgot about my dieting, I looked at my face on mirror at the station. My face looked like puppy fish. Round. Tourists mentality, after this journy I can start dieting, so while I am in Japan, forget about dieting. Of course my parents complained about that @As usual, how fat I looked like this time. Yes. I ate swedish christmas buffet so called Japanese say viking twice..and more and more. I know I have to start dieting and start walking and exercising. Well Even fish during winter in the northern sea, they are fat and delicious. ....Good excuse to eat nice food....I am very difficult to eat bad food, but bad food means what...I left Hakodate with full of nice sushi memory.

The train connect Hokkaido island and Honshu island go through tunnel under the sea water.
by nyfiken | 2010-01-19 22:35

Food in Japan during my holiday.


Soon after my arrival at Narita airport, I went to Tokyo by Narita express where my friends were waiting. We ate lunch at a korean resutaurant. Modern, clean and exellent food. Lunch. They serve grilled beef and pork. I chosed Grilled miso toro buta at korean yakiniku restaurant. Marinated with spicy miso sauce and grilled on the table. Toro buta sounds like mouth watering tender juicy pork. It was ! Korean barbeque restaurants in Japan are very popular despites in Sweden, no korean serve real korean style of barbeque in Sweden, but in fact on the name of Japanese restaurant Chinese owner serve Japanese style +korean style Yakiniku barbeque.

Another my wondering about only in Sweden existence @Mongolian barbeque ... .I often see the signS. it could be directly translated from Chinese. I found this mongolian barbeque restaurants can be seen more in Taiwan . MOngolian barbeque seems to be similar to so called chingis khan barbeque in hokkaido, Japan. Lam meat marinated with soya, garlic, ginger, chinese wine and spices and vegetables, and cooked on iron with marinated sauce with sliced onions or other vegetables.

I want to eat grilled meat on the table with real smoke coming up.
Yakiniku in Japanese restaurant in Sweden has different impression. If peoples say Yakiniku, that means swedish Yakiniku. Thin sliced beef meat stir flied with soya, mirin and sugar....that is fine. But in fact I miss this Yakiniku.
This is Japanese anime title is prince of Yakiniku. First half part is interesting to see.

ANd seaweed wakame soup and of course kimuchi, korean spicy hot and sour pickles. How nice the taste was ! Especially after long journey from Europe. Arigatou. My friends know what I really missed after the journey and took me to the appropriate restaurant. MIddle of Shinjuku, high rising building town. West side of Shinjuku station.

To cook on the table yakiniku, or jingis khan style, iron pot seems to be very important. I am very facinated with handmade iron nabe in Japan.

Kimuchi this original korean food favored by many Japanese, we can find in Sweden, but of course, it is best to eat kimuchi with Yakiniku and chige soup.

Harumaki spring roles are my favorite. Pork and kimuchi are good combination. Good for otumami.

This you should cook rice as well since pork kimuchi with hot(for Japanese)warm (for European who has cat tung )rice must be beside this !
I personally like to add chinese coriander shantsai with cut negi.This year definitely I decide to buy iron plate like this. In stockholm you will be able to find at chinese grocery store. It is worthy having. Chingis khan iron plate...simple one you will be able to obtain at Korean grocery store near rodmansgatan subway station in stockholm.If I go to korean shop, what I normally buy, kimuchi, canned redbean, frozen oyster. Small anchoby powder etc.

by nyfiken | 2010-01-18 20:32
I live just near her boutique shop .she and I live in the same quater in town. St ericsplan. From my apartment to her shop, it takes 3 minutes. I found her article and her own saying on net. Before forgetting I want to have these with me here.

Even she has become famous in Sweden and Europe, she will not move to other places from where she starts and loves to live. So she will not move to Stureplan, or any other places in Town. This philosophy I love it. According to her article, she often goes to a cafe near the subway station that looks like a little french cafe.I mean the cafe has certain atomosphere. Small space but many interesting peoples. I find myself there has a kind of atomosphere ....in Japan we used to have a little wooden hut after skiing on mountain. smell of coffee..warm when I was a child. Nowdays all those wooden huts became modern house.

Name: Carin Wester

Hometown: Stockholm / Sweden

What do you do? Fashion designer

Website: www.carinwester.com

Describe Stockholm in 3 words:
Sparkling, breathtaking and stylish.What do you love about the city?
It really is the Venice of Scandinavia, water everywhere!

Which is your favourite part of Stockholm and why?
I love Birkastan (Subway: St Eriksplan) because I both live and work here. You have the best coffee in Stockholm at Mellqvist, as well as a lot of small and nice specialist shops here.

Mellqvist Café & Bar, Rörstrandsgatan 4, 113 40 Stockholm.
What would be an ideal day for you in Stockholm when you are not working?
I start with brunch at Berns hotel , and then I go to some nice exhibits like Halvylska Palatset or Moderna Museet.; stopping for a cocktail at Grand hotel where you also have the grand view over the harbour where all the boats to the archipelago leave.

Most memorable moment in Stockholm:
My Spring/Summer '09 fashion show I had outside for the public in Berzelli Park last summer, it was magic!

What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you or that you've seen in Stockholm?
Taking a dip in the really cold sea next to the City Hall after partying all night at F12 was maybe not the best idea ever since it is really deep and there are strong currents there.


Carin Wester graduated 1998, from Beckman’s School of Design and started short thereafter to work as a designer for the brand Paul & Friends. During eight seasons, she designed the women’s line, until that she started her own brand Carin Wester, 2003.

Since the launching of the brand, Carin has been nominated for Nöjesguidens fashion award (2004) and achieved the prize as newcomer of the year by Elle (2004) for her design. Carin was also nominated as the Designer of the year by Elle (2005) and just recently she was nominated by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the year 2008.

In 2007 Carin Wester started a co-operation with the German press agency Agentur V, which are representing brands such as Henrik Vibskov, Wood Wood amongst others. She also works with the Swedish press agency Patriksson Communication.

Today, her collection consists of a female line (Carin Wester), a male line(Wester) and the limited and handmade line (W). The collections are sold in several stores in Sweden, as well as in stores in Denmark, Finland, Norway, England, Germany, France, USA, Canada and Japan. "

So above are found on net and I understand her more.
Very interesting to read them.
In fact I often pass her boutique everyday. Small boutique but full of her passion. Next to her shop there are some boutiques, their tastes are more casual rich.I love also chocolate shops for children near by next to Ica Birkastan. And I love to see many cute dogs sitting and waiting for their pappa or mamma outside of ICA Birkastan. I spoke to them in Japanese, they have no answer. but some answered nicely with their tails wa
by nyfiken | 2010-01-13 23:55

Traveling in Japan

When I arrived at Narita airport, it took for a while to get used to the bright sunshine through the window at the airport. Winter in Tokyo ..blue sky with sun shines. Cold but at least bright.Despites northen Japan and Japan sea side are snow most of time without much sun shines, Tokyo in winter has sunshine most of time. I remember when I flied from Stockholm to Germany, when the airplane arrived, the surroundings looked much brighter.

I took Narita express special rapid train (it could be the same as Arland express in Sweden.)it connects from Narita airport to the central Tokyo. In fact it took a for a while which way I should take, either by special so called limousine bus(good naming)or Narita express. I had to meet friends in Shinjuku, so It seemed to be the best way to take Narita express.

I went to down the station connect to the airport. Before, since I had time to have a cup of coffee even after buying the ticket. Just near the exite barrier, I found starbucks cafe shop. Surprising!they are smart to be there , I mean most of peoples want to sit and have a coffee while waiting for train if peoples do not appreciate canned coffee so on.

Soon after my entering, just before aproaching the counter, smiling faced Japanese welcomed me with full of smiling face"Welcome!! irasshaimase!!" Here you are! You are our respectable important customer!This is wonderful thing, if you go to Japan from Sweden, You will be treated nicely just for a cup of coffee at starbucks as if one at the one cutomer at Grandhotel in stockholm.... 

If in Sweden, only one person would be there to serve customers since man power is expensive with over twenty percent for comsumer tax., but there 3 persons were ready to serve all the task with full of energy and passion and love. I felt in Japan , man power could be enough and as it is said " service is important for anything in Japan." so they feel shame if customers must wait for in cue, that is why "Next our respectable customer, please!"While they serve the first customer, they already try to care for the second as if we do not feel bad for being waited for a few minutes.

I ordered a cup of coffee.Midium size. In fact the price of coffee seems to be more expensive in my respectable country Japan comparing to last many years. Everybody said to me " japan is not inflation, all prices are lower. " Although my impression is that prices of cakes, bread and coffee seemed to be expensive even comparing to that in Sweden, maybe the same price.

Most surprising thing at coffee shop, those who serve coffee, they treat us like a god, somebody and we feel like we are treated so nicely in Japan. "Thank you very much " "showing polightness and respectation each other.

Talking about this KOKOROKUBARI, thoughtfulness with polightness in Japan it is very comfortable.

My most surprising thing, when I took train from Hokkaido to HOnshu island (from Hakodate to Aomori on tokkyu train under the sea)I was still writing a sort of christmas and new years cards on train, the Japan railway company`s staff came to check each passangers`s tickets. I showed my ticket while I stopped writing cards, then he nodded his head deeply (this is normal attitude for customers.)and said " I am very very sorry to disturb for your working and thank you very much." oshigotono tochu taihen mousiwakearimasendesita. arigatougozaimasu.

HOw surprising I was!IN Europe, we never hear this saying.

by nyfiken | 2010-01-13 23:13

Happy new year!2010

Happy new year!
My christmas holiday is over. It was christmas morning.at Stockholm arland Airport in the early morning, just as normal day, and nothing could be differentfrom other days. I found a few families from grandmother to grandchildren were sitting in the lounge sofa waiting for the flight. Sas lounge ..one model like blonde mother with two children, One fat young girl. Carrier woman like over 60 years old beautiful grandmother with her daughters and their husbands , young grandchildren. In fact grandmother was the most beautiful and attractive woman among family. She walked first , then all others followed her. There is one couple who had 6 children, I just wonder if ....Probably this is very typical swedish style of Bonus children...Plastic mamma or papa?

My journey from Stockholm via Germany to Tokyo. I sat next to a Japanese who were sent from a Japanese comapany to a small town in Gemany for business. Hew said he was newly married and felt sorry for his absent for their first Christams eve after the marriage.

When I arraived at Narita airport, sun shined brightly(in tokyo during winter sun shines so nicely.)and in fact first I noticed my scarf`s real color and pattern under the bright Tokyo sun shine.(I was given by a french friend who moved to England from Stockholm before her leaving. She said to me this scarf that she bought in Paris could be more suitable for you.)Blue, pink...really nice mixture.

During my staying in Japan , parisianne C`s scarf was the best for all. Thanks to her!!I mean without that, I only had quite simple boring dark blue long sweater that I bought at a department store in Stureplan in Stockholm on christams eve just before their closing when I did last christmas present shopping.

When I arrived at Tokyo narita international airport, after long journy longer than 11 hours, and last one years`my absent in Japan, it took a little while to remember Japanese system and style. I came out with my luggages , as usual many who were waiting for their friends, guests...First I sat on the chair, then sorted out what I should do. From back I heard Swedish conversation. Young couples, she arrived from Sweden and her boyfriend swedish who might live in Japan welcomed her. They hugged each other and with rather exciting voice, they talked about anything. I laughted at myself, since the long chair a bit far from exit .

I sent one luggage to my parents`house by kuroneko yamato, then carried my bag plus IKEA bag. In fact blue Ikea bag middle size is quite combinient to carry if we have big size things but not too heavy.

First my Japanese moblie phone was out of battery, so I had to buy Japanese telephone card just next to public phone. Put 1000 yen note, then automatically within 3 seconds, telephon card came out. "This is Japan."I gave a call to my mother

I went to Toilet. Japanese toilet ...for foreigner they might be confused first. There are so many bottones.IN Germany and Sweden, we find toilet that automatically higyne the seat with special method, but it merely to be seen the toilet has function to clean with warm water preferable part of body I mean part of we need wipe with paper, They say it could be solution of eco friendly. No paper. The amazing very Japanese function is ..... One is for the only sound of river stream, but not real water running. IN fact we do not have to push all bottones.

Anyway it could be interesting to see how many functions Japanese TOTO toilet has. This could be one example how small details Japanese think and cares for, sometimes unnecessary for other coutry peoples but for Japanese. In other country, no one might understand why Japanese ladies hate to make other listen to the piss sounds. So they tend to use lots of water, before pissing they already flush the water, it is almost impossible to change Japanese woman`s mentality.so using modern technology, they solved this problem. One botton for sounds of water stream. well. It make sense.

The warm water even can wash autumatically and dry air coming out. There is the another function , quickly absorb the bad air function. If no one understand English or Japanese(normally there are always translation on each Japanese sign even chinese and korean.), they will experience totally different world at Japanese toilet.
And the seat part is normally comfortably warm and can adjust temperature.

Although 400 years ago, peoples might go to dark toilet in the north, no sun shines and cold.The Japanese dream come true in modern toilet. swedish toilet is very functional and best thing...Swedish toilet room is warm just like bath room.

So my first one hour after arriving at Tokyo international airport started from Japanese telephone card, Japanese toilet at narita airport.(continue....)
by nyfiken | 2010-01-11 18:39