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This is the best one wherever you are on the beach or tropical sea side. I do recommend you to listen to this in the beautiful sunny day on your holiday. in fact this is my most favorite one from One CD that I bought in Lisboa, Portugal. Origianlly from Brazil. I love this.

Her voice has power to heal our tireness. When I am tired, I just listened to her song like this.
I love this.

Music was changed after 2000. Velvet Rope was one of the best album of J.Jackson. The music was quite emotional.

Many years ago, I just poped in the CD shop in Yokohama, Japan. At a glance, I was caught by one CD. I did not know who was she. But the CD picture had enorm power and without any hesitante, I just bought that. Who is sh? She is matured woman. I read the CD, as usual her thanks to many of her friends, families. I like to read every artists' thanks comments to their friends, coworkers, family etc. Anything ...it need be put lots of energy to make the wonderful work , production. Passion. Power. Perfect work. I can see the other side of her. Staffs, cameraman, all coworkers' teamwork. Real entertainment.


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French beauty.

Before I was not so particularly fond of Alain Delon, even in Japan he was treated as the example of beautiful man when I was a baby or even before that. For example, my uncle had the same hair style . And I heard my mother and others gave him as a nickname of Alain Delon. He was too old for me when I was a little girl, but movie , DVD and his movie show his youth. We audience enjoy watching his most beautiful day.

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When I was very young girl , I did not understand Alain delon's charm. but now when I see his pictures when he was young, I understand he is stunning and purely beautiful. what's more I can say. Probably after seeng many beautiful european in Europe, my eyes might have real lenses, if so, A D was produced from the land of France. What make man so beautiful? French apple or french cheese or soil for wine?

Sweden's alain Delon is news anouoncer, Mr.Jesper. H. Everytime when I watched the news before, I liked him and his voice.

He used to work for SVT, but now he seems to work for TV4. According to the magazine his fiance famous model recently passed away due to Moyamoya syndrome,

That is one of my very close friend who almost passed away many years ago in the souht pacific but emmergency medical aiplane took her to the hospital in Sydney.from island. She was saved.(I was with her from hospital to the airport, massaging her feet while we were waitiing for emmergency air arrive from australia.Unfortunately after recovery she is fine, but her husband left her and remarried with his best friend's wife.who has become lawyer. I arranged thebest newzealand lawyer there.One of my friends asked my friend to stay in the island to arrange the lawyer , but I was afraind of her condition, so as one of her closest friend, I took initiative for everything. I sent her to her original country to stay with mother, then I promised to send her everher important thiings by cargo. Husband agreeded. I was the one who was allowed todo arrange and clean up the house. Empty separated couples house. Slow local servent irritated me , so I shouted so many times and kicked her ass, since cow like slow helper moved like slowmotion video.

IT was strange feeling, The transport company staff came. I put most family pictures for her sake. Of couser to be fair I left some pictures for husband especially boy's child time like baby.

I was with another best friend did discuss with the lawyer since her parents were too old and sisters lived too far. and did help her for her financial sake. She could have reasonable things. Good thing is my friend who had to recover from her condition due to Moyamoya. But in fact she recovered and lives happily with her mother . So the life..we can not say what is good and bad. She is the only one in this world who send me email everyday (whatever she likes to give her informatino to some friends). Moyamoya cause coma and might forget some memory.
At that time, I was called by friend exhusband to the hospital, in the island the australian doctors said they could not do anything but sending to Australian from the island. Husband was crying. That is why I deeply understand what happend to my admirable Jesper Henricson when his fiance was hospitalized.

I still remember that time .Hot air , but her cold feet , she lost concious.No doctor around the room and no nurse were beside.Local nurse came sometimes but did nothiing . Lukily Japanese volunteer nurse was sent to the island from JOVC. She came to the bed and I felt I was a little saved by her existence. I quickly drove my car to the chinese doctor's resident and knocked on the door, I wanted to ask Acupancture doctor come to the ward, he followed me, In the condition of coma from moyamoya, we can not do any acupancture, but we can massage acupressure points, He and I agreeded which points we should use, then whole time for many hours till her sendint to the airport , we did massaging several points, asked nurses too. She was luckily sent to the airplane. Small emergency medical airplane arriaved from Australia to the island. Only one person could fly together. Surprisingly the husband mother who used to be nurse, she said she could go together. So She took the icecream plastic case for her toilet since the airplane did not have toilet.

Life..soometimes we meet many occasioins. I will never forget that moment.
After recovering she came back , started slow life, everything seemed to be getting better. Although husband decided to leave her. She was richer and gave all her money when she married since she was much older and richer. Then with that money they made a beautiful house and started own business. When she became ill, on the contrary his business was succesful and suddenly enorm amount of money he obtained. She was the one who supported always for him. Hard worker and very thoughtful for many peoples including me.

When my friends left the country after being told by her husband about separation, early morning at the airport, I saw her off and her little son at the island airport with a few girlfriends, her exhusband came to say good bye to his son, I remember he did not hug her even she tried. My tears ran since he was so cold like ice and his eye did not show any love except for hateret. I used to hear both of their saying honey and darling , then changed. The life has to go on.

I do not blame her husband, he wanted to improve his life and ran away from his stagnation, he did not want to be nurse rest of his life. But I believe he will do the same thing, he will be slave again in different way. What he does, he just wants to be the man as woman wants him to be. Just like different color cloth. Adoptable. Aloha shirts to the business suits. Although he is a nice guy.
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1930th Lady gaga

Every era produces unique star who really plays her role as a star in different way. Strange, but peoples can not ignore. Just like bananas on the tree.

Being provocative...is her main concern.

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My Favorite Things by Olivia Ong

Spring comes! nice sun shined today on sunday. Bright sun...no more icelandic dark ash cloud like last week. My coughing was stopped as the sky has become bluer and higher.

My favorite things, I like this song.
Substantial - "My Favorite Things (f/ Steph)"

John C.Played this in Stockholm in 1961.
"My Favorite Things" John Coltrane Stockholm 1961

Brasilian Jazz sounds very cool to me.

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I have been lazy for taking pictures by digital camera, although time to time I took by my mobile phone camera and those are not so bad! I introduced some of my taken pictures.


Last week at St.Ericsplan, Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday afternoon. I was on the way to the station. Just in front of famous cafe, I looked at this blue car. Two dogs were sitting there just like driver and his girlfriend. Especially the one that sat on the driver's seat, he looked so sober and serious. Well behaved. In any case, their owner seemed to drink a cup of coffee there under the sunshine.

One day I was walking to the friend's house in Stockholm (for their party), quite far from my area, probably 10 stations moreto reach there. Unfamiliar name of station DOVBO. On the way , I saw these 3 dogs that were waiting for their mummy or pappy quietly just outside of supermarket ICA. I automatically took their pictures. I never aked them to have pose , neither look at me. But when I was there, they looked at my moblie phone camera! They felt and knew I liked dogs by animal sense.

Tonight. After the sunset, View from my room. No airplane flies tonight. St.Ericsplan,Stockholm.

Today I made Fruits cake. I used Japanese mikan, Momo(pear), strawberry, rasberry, blueberry. Although I put too much fruits, My right hands are colored by blueberry juice. Sunday afternoon teatime. What I ate today as sweet. I feel shame on me, since I ate Japanese daifuku mochi filled with sweet redbean, and This homemade fruits cake, two white chocolates cookies! This flower motif table cloth is my favorite one. Probably Last 20 years this table cloth was with me.

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when i was a girl of 6 years old, in April, I entered a bording school. I still remember the school spring garden. colorful tulip flowers. Then this was written on the stone in the little yard.
Flower is colors and odour, peoples are HEART aNd kindness.This is very direct translation from Japanese. PROBABLY coLORS AND ODOUR ARE IMPORTANT FOR FLOWERS, heart and KINDNESS are IMPORTANT FOR HUMANBEING.花は色そして香おり。人は心そして優しさ。小学校の庭にあった石碑の言葉。学校に入学した年、チューリップの花の後ろにこの石碑に刻まれていた言葉。はなは、いろ。そしていろ。ひとはこころ、そしてやさしさ。ふと春になると思い出す。




A cat in Africa (tanzania) in front of african cafe&hotel near the port


Spring in Tokyo had snow in April? I just remember how Tokyo might look like?on Sunday.
The feeling is like this. IF you are interested in Tokyo a little bit, before your visiting, just try to see how it looks like..
Tokyo, Akihabara(the famous electric-computer shops town.)

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さて、本題。Travel by train from London to Stockholm.といれてみると、ロンドンからストックホルムまでコペンハーゲン経由の電車ルートとフェリーイギリスからデンマーク、そしてスウェーデンまでのが示されている。





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Weekend music by nyfiken-Iceland

Iceland..we Japanese understand you. Both you and we have lots of similarity. Volcano, hotspring, cold winter in the northern part of Japan. Fishing. Fisherman go out the sea during cold winter to catch cod. High wave sea wave..but fish in the cold winter is very fat and delicious...HOt spring in the cold day.Iceland..


Icelandic musician Mum & japanese singer ACO's collaboration work! hotspring lovers or Fish lovers combination. OR shy outside but inside is warm ? Whatever.

Bjork. When I came to stockholm, I saw her CD everywhere, and even thought she was from Sweden.
Bjork is not from florida, neither Paris. She is definitely from Iceland. Otherwise the music can not be so.
Icelandic language sounds similar to Swedish. I can hear " Eg elska thig "sound like swedish "jag alskar dig.I love you " in this song.


Do you know when I visited Sweden at first time it was very cold day, then I did not understand why humanbeing could live in this cold icy country? Then summer came, the answer came to me naturally. Blue sky, beautiful summer flowers, nature in Summer in the northern country keep peoples even if the winter is dark and cold.

I like this icelandic song.
Lyric is very much icelandic.Emiliana Torrini - Fisherman's Woman

This song's lyric make a fisherman cry.

I'm pretending to be a good fisherman's woman
Just like Anna Ingunn's mom
The gladiator of all fisherman's wives
Makes it a lot easier thinking of you
On the sea where you have to be a month at a time
Working hard in the day
Your hands cracking from the cold and the salt
In the night when you go to bed
You try to sleep by listening to the boat breathing
The boat breathing
And the only thing
The only thing you can think of is me
Waiting for you by the window
With the brightest red lipstick on my lips
Just like Anna waits for her man
How will I learn
I'll wait ...

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