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Swedish society consists of Swedish,old immigrants,new immigrants and their children. Greek, Italian, Yugoslavian, East European, Russian, Asian and African.

The southern Swede nonce was occupied by Danish, they seem to have the same way of thinking as Danish about immigration policy. They are afraid of being invaded. They are afraid of their being mixed. They are afraid of being changed from their simple life. They are afraid of changing their life. Imagine! They have to protect their land for faming, their pigs , their blood, their everything to keep so called culture and tradition. I can see them as the same peoples as the south pacific island village peoples where I used to live. They are very afraid to be invaded by outsider .

So what south pacific peoples did when captain cook visited. They tried to kill them and after many church peoples from Europe wanted to change their religion last century. What happened to them.Some afraid islanders killed European missionaries and ate as grilled pig. I was invited by a small village church in that island, then someone said " Today is the memorial day for our church, since 160years ago,missionary was killed and eaten. So we must pray for them. "I thought that was just a joking, but it seemed to be true.Skane peoples are afraid of being occupied by strange immigrants and foreigners. They are afraid of being changed their simple quiet life. All the villagers are very afraid of everything.Pig party is ironical name in this TV comedy. Their way of showing Stockholm by a pig farmer's eye is very interesting.

by nyfiken | 2010-11-28 23:47
Angrosaxon..I mean English knows how to write English. I always adore their great way of writing and using their mother language.English.They know how to sell products throught their fantastic way of description. not the way how they cook. They can cook but it is best for them talk beautifuly how excellent the food is and how the chef should be and how restaurants should look like 。
this is the best example how to sell THEFOOD. Example is from the book Wagamama cook book.

Let's learn from them how to promote our culture. English translated our food culture into English to let all over the world peoples understand simply due to their translation including to their way of introducing and presenting our food. Thank you ! for british. We copied your HB sauce as bulldog sauce and we love to eat many of European inspired food with that sauce.We inspire and are inspired among food culture. Sushi has been popular , now the noodle. It is the matter of time, Gyoza, Noodle in Japanese style so called, Noodle restaurant will open soon inside of sushi restaurants in Stockholm everywhere since most of owners are chinese, they can cook very good ramen if they become very serious..Let's wait for owners taking their quick action to open Ramen noodle restaurants all over Stockholm with their sushi, asian buffe. Preferably Wanko soba style.I recommend you, owners, The name would be best "INAKA" " WANKO" "SOBA" OR " UDON TANUKI" "KITSUNE" "HAGE TEN" For noodle restaurants !!

I personally am so impressed how this restaurant concept was made by English and their way of writing. One of the best copy writing and the design cookbook and their restaurants are real professional way of advertisement.


Wagamama cook book ynopsis
Our aim at wagamama for now and in the future is to serve great, fresh and nutritious food in an elegant, yet simple environment; to provide a helpful, friendly service and value for money. Change for us is in the form of continuous improvement.' the wagamama ethos. True to the positive eating, positive living ethos of wagamama's idiosyncratic chain of noodle restaurants, this official collection of recipes shares the secret of the hallmark culinary minimalism that has won it instant cult status worldwide. The distinctive wagamama flavour originates from the traditional 200-year-old ramen (noodle) shops of Japan which guarantee nourishment with ingredients that cleanse and nurture the mind and body. Suitable for meat-eaters, seafood lovers and vegetarians alike, the 120 recipes have been specially created by the people behind wagamama's unique house style and concentrate on cooking fresh, quality ingredients in a way that retains maximum flavour and nutrition. With mouth-watering recipes for appetisers and side dishes, hearty soups and stir-fries and exotic sweet-rice desserts and juices, plus hints and tips on ingredients, equipment, cooking techniques and structuring a meal this unique collection means that the stylish wagamama experience is now yours to take home. Whether you want to impress the health-conscious dinner guest or simply feed family and friends good, wholesome meals, this book allows you to recreate the best of Japanese cooking with a selection of delicious, low-fat, one-pot meals which are easy on your time and budget as well as your waistline.

This description show us the expectation to Japanese food. They add value to our traditional Japanese restaurant. Modernity, stylish IWITH advertisment, The services For us everything is very usual. Food, coziness, modernity and japanese inspired food . They do very well, then they are inspired by Japanese restaurants, services, so it will go well, I am sure. Wagamama restaurants have the quick services, well trained waiters and waitresses like Hardrock cafe or Macdonald, their way of professional international way of attitude, not really swedish style, will be very appreciated by swedish from all over the sweden, since the restaurant is just 2 minutes from Stockholm central station. Smart.
by nyfiken | 2010-11-28 07:21




Architecture of Privacy
By Bruce Schneier
IEEE Security & Privacy
January/February 2009

The Internet isn't really for us. We're here at the beginning, stumbling around, just figuring out what it's good for and how to use it. The Internet is for those born into it, those who have woven it into their lives from the beginning. The Internet is the greatest generation gap since rock and roll, and only our children can hope to understand it.

Larry Lessig famously said that, on the Internet, code is law. Facebook's architecture limits what we can do there, just as gravity limits what we can do on Earth. The 140-character limit on SMSs is as effective as a legal ban on grammar, spelling, and long-winded sentences: KTHXBYE.

As architects of the Internet, we have a special responsibility to our children to build an Internet that future generations will be proud of, one that encompasses basic human rights and values. We do this when we build systems that offer universal access support, open interfaces, and net neutrality, bypass censorship, limit surveillance, fight repression, give people control over their digital presence and digital personas, and foster individual liberty and privacy—especially privacy.

This would all be easier if the choices we made were temporary. But if history is any guide, they're not. Architecture, both physical and virtual, stays around far longer than we intend it to. College campuses built in the 1970s to limit student protests are still standing, as are buildings designed to defend against medieval siege engines. ASCII and TCP/IP aren't going anywhere anytime soon; neither are domain names, email addresses, or HTML. It's been many years, and we still haven't managed to get either DNSSEC or IPV6 deployed. A “just for now” decision can easily remain for decades.

Business and political realities make privacy harder. Some business models depend on walled gardens or invasive digital rights management controls. Other business models depend on collecting and selling personal data. Some countries depend on censorship to enforce morality or keep ideas out, while others depend on surveillance to control their citizens.

The natural tendencies of the Internet make privacy harder. Technology is the friend of intrusive tools. Digital sensors become smaller and more plentiful. More data is collected and stored every year. Privacy isn't something that occurs naturally online, it must be deliberately architected.

Companies that retain personal information put their customers at risk. Security breaches, court orders, and disgruntled employees are just a few of the ways to lose control of data. Good architectures that minimize data collection reduce these risks, just like guardrails on highways prevent more serious accidents when drivers lose control of their vehicles.

We need to be more deliberate. A lot of information-age architecture is about data: what is collected, who controls it, and how it is used. Data is the lifeblood of the information age, but much of it is very personal. We need to design systems that limit unnecessary data collection, give individuals control over their data, and limit the ability of those in power to use that data for mass surveillance.

Data is the pollution of the information age. It's a byproduct of every computer-mediated interaction; all processes produce it. It stays around forever, unless it's disposed of. It can be recycled, but it has to be done carefully. And, like physical pollution during the early decades of the industrial age, most people completely ignore the problem.

Just as we look back at the beginning of the previous century and shake our heads at how the titans of the industrial age could ignore the pollution they caused, future generations will look back at us—in the early decades of the information age—and judge our architecture, and what we did to foster freedom, liberty, and democracy. Did we build information technologies that protected people's freedoms even during times when society tried to subvert them? Or did we build technologies that could easily be modified to watch and control? History will record our choices
by nyfiken | 2010-11-26 19:43

Great CM.

Today`s fasion news about H&M Lanvin collection, just a few minutes their first selling, already second hand auction started and sold out. That means Some bought them for reselling as auction! The world is full of business peoples.


Lanvinkollektion blev snabbt second hand
H&Ms Lanvinkollektion som släpptes igår hamnade på andrahandsmarknaden efter bara några minuter

Intresset var som väntat stort för H&Ms Lanvinkollektion. I Hong Kong köade människor hela natten utanför butikerna. Även i Sverige dök spekulanter upp redan under natten för att få en bra plats i kön.
När butikerna väl öppnade slussades kunder in i grupper för att undvika allt för stor trängsel.

Och kort efter att butikerna öppnade fanns plaggen tillgängliga i andra hand på nätet. Auktionssajten Tradera meddelar att man hade de första auktionerna av Lanvinplagg igång redan ett par minuter efter att butikerna hade öppnat.



My favorite collection from Lanvin, that was 2009 spring, the colour was so chic.

Singapore nästa för H&M
Som första anhalt i en tänkt Sydostasienexpansion har H&M valt att etablera en butik i Singapore.

Butiken kommer att öppna på Orchard Road, vilket är bästa affärsläge enligt H&M.
-Det finns en stor potential i denna folkrika och modemedvetna region och Orchard Road i Singapore är rätt avstamp för detta, säger H&Ms vd Karl-Johan Persson.
Butiken blir 3000 kvadratmeter och väntas ha premiär hösten 2011.

来年11月にシンガポールにオープンさせるH&M,スウェーデン企業の成功は、国内市場だけにとどまらず、海外に市場を求める。ユニクロのカジュアルスタイルは、スウェーデンなどでは、どのように受け入れられるのだろうか。スウェーデンならマキシモDUTTIというブランドがあるが、男女共にデザインが参考になるかもしれない。あのおしゃれな男性服のコーデネイトを参考にして、安く提供できたらいいのでは。。ユニクロはカジュアルラインだが、セーターやカーデインガンのラインが太い人は太くみせ、とカジュアルでぶなんなデザインであるが。カーデイガンの長さや布の薄さや軽さは気安いが、着ておしゃれにみえる女性のセーターなどがほしい。例えば、スウェーデンのブランドMACCIMO DUTTIなどを少し研究してほしい。幅広い年齢にあまり流行に左右されないものというのがコンセプトにあるからだと思うが、もう少し一歩おしゃれに見えるラインを作る必要があるような気もする。
by nyfiken | 2010-11-24 18:09
I like to catch the moment. Especially when I feel , I took out my mobile from bag, and take photos. My camera is moblie phone, although the cost for the mobile was worthy for that due to these photos if I think back for last two years.WHen I bought that moblie, sony ericsson, I thought that was not cheap and rather expensive, The price could be the same as a small computer, or more.Korean swedish seller recommended me to buy that at the shop, his way of promoting is like that." This moblie is made by craftman , you know they use the same material as piano, so black surface has the same charm..Then I bought it.The charm of black piano had been torn out a bit. Still working well. I had different moblie phones, but when I think back, the moblie phone became very personal thing.

Mobile phone in Japan that I have is mostly I was given by shop for promotion , so it looks rather chunky cheap girlish mobile. In Sweden I did not want to buy dark grey sorts of no characteristic , boring type. Although too much glittering moblie can not be used for working at the office. there are so many types of phones, it is almost difficult to decide which one should we choose. Rabit type of peples have already bought new phones, and live in advanced life for communication and obtaining the information from the world, then slow turtles are thinking a bit which one should be chosen while thinking the oldest model and oldest sounds echoing on the subway train...Thanks to DR. Shirakawa who found the special materials that we use computer screen and mobile phone screen like I phone. ...

The invention have changed the world totally. I think what is the big different from the ordinary peoples and the person who got nobel prize. When we failed, most peoples throw away the failed one and hided, then talk as the written answer at the end of the text book. But the person who invent something, always make question, why it become so?Then analize one by one in accurate way. So to produce the real inventionary peoples, the Japanese education need change from remembering the answer to the findings whY it is so?To be a good girl and good boy syndrome sometimes create this remembering answers and pretending to be smart boys and girls.Even it takes time, it could be good to take a time to find the way why we made mistakes.And from the result of mistakes , we could have the best answer for all.


photo by Nyfiken On the street in Stockholm


Photo by Nyfiken At a cafe stadsmission Gamlastan, Stockholm
Christmas ginger biscuit etc.Swedish sweets for Christams seasons.

Photo by Nyfiken A shoe shop Gamla stan in Stockholm
A nice beautiful dog is sleeping on the carpet at the shoe shop.

Photo by Nyfiken cinamon ban swedish favorite cinamon bread, Stockholm
This goes well with coffee.In Japan they have similar, but sorry! bakery should learn from Sweden , because the amount of cinamon are not enough,

Photo by Nyfiken,
skandinavian style..Winter color, The simplicity is one of characters .Designe ,color and paterns are quite simple.
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世界のトップモデルの予感。ママがいつも一緒よ。17歳、ナチュラルビューテイを世界は求めている。新しい時代のモデルの姿。手術で作ったサイボーグモデルの時代は終わる。時代が求める新しいフレッシュなモデルはいつの世も生み出されていく。ある日ブタペストの町を歩いていたら、モデルやらないと声をかけられたの。15歳のときよ。WHY NOT?それが今日の彼女が世界に登場することに。20代後半を過ぎると骨格が成長し、顔が変わっていく白人の女性の一番キュートでかわいい時期。香水のCMに登場するのも時間の問題。

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