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God Jul! Merry Christmas!





Christmas Eve in stockholm is very quiet. Town is empty, since many peoples went to back hometown or their family houses outside town. But single peoples or tourists, foreigners who are from their mother lands, they go to pub (open daytime?). Last year was snow, I stayed quietly at apartment, looked out covered snow and other side of buildings' lights& star shaped Christmas lantern lights.

This is not Christmas song, but when Christmas comes, I feel like listening to for making me calm down to feel peaceful, not noisy jingle bell like many supermarkets in Japan.Christmas in Japan is quite noisy especially at shopping center. By the way tomorrow we must eat one thing Christmas cake in Japanese way. Strawberry and fresh cream tarte.(summer cake in Sweden.)Go to ICA, you can get frozen one! At least if you are Japanese, you feel christmas comes in Sweden.(white cream and red strawberry)
What swedish do make for tomten (who take care of house yard), they will make boiled rice in Milk, sometimes put sugar, almond, or cinamons.then keep this bowl outside door to let santa eat.Maybe some dog or cat when they take a walk might eat ?

For children's sake..Happy Christmas songs from sweden.

by nyfiken | 2011-12-24 10:24

Manga Master Takehiko Inoue

Japanese manga genious Takehiko Inoue

Manga teach us guts in life.

by nyfiken | 2011-12-21 07:40

Shiseido TV commercial

Shiseido is originally from Japan, Cosmetic company.World wide.
Let me introduce their unique commercial. Quite Japanese with many details and many peoples' involving group work.Shiseido Uno Product for mens hairwax TV commercial.

Another Shiseido Commercial.Dog, fat men who did barbeque in the studio, artists. children. So unique and so funny. very Japanese.I love their joking mind with serious hard work.

How did they make?

by nyfiken | 2011-12-21 07:13
At night before going to bed, put on this music, then relax for a while with your favorite camomile tea or lemon grass tea,soon after you feel sleepy.Good night ...
your brain will not work anymore after this just like sleeping pill.So do everything before listening to this, blow off your candle, go to toilet, take shower, drink chilled water or warm water whatever, check gas, lights off....do not worry , tomorrow will be another day...good night everyone...your dog will yawn and their eyes start closing slowly... zzzzzzz

by nyfiken | 2011-12-20 09:35

Christmas and Yokohama

Dr.yaninho's Alexi "Alexay" Bezerrà latest house mix is nice.Melody and rythm. Well done.We are cheered up in cold night in winter. If you live in a small village in Sweden and have only one shop and one restaurant with cafe after 8pm closed everywhere in your village,nobody walk on street at night. Do not worry!Your own room will be DISCO with mirror ball lights. House mix music will make your dance party succesful for this Christmas season.

I love driving and being with dogs.Whenver I see dogs, I feel special adrenarine and fountain like love feeling to them, then once in a month I miss driving.(when I stay in big city I miss quiet beautiful nature town Stockholm.)

01. The Reese Project [So Deep] (CJ Mackintosh fxtc Club Anthem)

02. Mr.Scruff [Giffin] (Vocal Mix)

03. Leela James [Good Time]

04. Law Artistic Soul feat.Ursula Rucker [The Light]

05. Ross Couch [I Feel It]

06. Jersey Street [How Could I Be Loved]

07. Afro-Mystik [Natural] (Halo and Andre Harris Mix)

08. Stephanie Cooke [What Makes The World Go Round]

Let me introduce the street in Yokohama in Japan. My love town Yokohama is oldest port. Many Japanese used to land off from Yokohama port to overseas when airplane was not so popular.
I love Yokohama port .Yamashita park, motomachi and Yamate area especially during christmas. Night lights.

When Christmas season comes, I always recall this town.
For me Yokohama is special. I like their mentality if you live in Yokohama, soon after you will be one of them in town. So Let's drive Yokohama street. Since I am familiar with these road(used to drive these road on this screen, so immediately I noticed where it is, which street even in the dark screen!)Best to go to shopping Motomachi street,new Union supermarket , China town.Minato mirai area.if you love yakitori, go to Noge area there are many special yakitori restaurants and a strip club?Anyway from Yokohama via bridge over the sea to Tokyo, then driving near tokyo tower. So if you just want to experience driving from my love Yokohama to inside Tokyo. Bridge over Tokyo bay is beautiful.This is best.If I organize christmas party for large folk, I am sure using this house mix for lounge floor by Dr.yaninho
Alexi "Alexay" Bezerrà who loves music and catch rythm and melody in the air.talented.

by nyfiken | 2011-12-20 08:29
Salvadore Ferragamo fasion show is coolest among all.This season some other brand fasion show has been changed like Chloe. some really go back to the simple, no music just to show own style. With certain classy European features modernity can been seen on this show.I mean elegance gives us dream.

Since this designer catch the air. He knows what we really need. WOrking in town or big city, peoples want to feel in resort . The life is hard, reality is always there. So fasion should give a little bit relaxing mind to us.Not shoulder up or boring uniform style.Mens ties also they create sun with coconut tree&resort chair in new collection.

surprisingly the brand has expanded more after he died in 60th under his wife who has been just a house wife. she says " I had no alternative, only wanted to complete what my husband wanted to do."

Feragamo was dreamer.His wife added.

by nyfiken | 2011-12-19 09:43
Positiveness.Victoria Becham.

Some might say " she wants to have everything..Her success as a singer, famous handsome David husband, 3 children, her own business, TV, magazine, model, all , then now she creates her own brand and even got English fashion brand award. I really respect her energy. After giving a birth, she still keeps on creating the thing. Her brand. She is fasion leader. Brushing her own stone. She does not care what others talk about her.Strong. Positive, always challenge. Where her strength comes from ?

by nyfiken | 2011-12-19 09:29
when I visited Sweden first time, it was autumn and after visiting Germany and Switherland.
The room I lented located near the central station. My room was called New York and had cozy nice chair, bed, desk, nice lamp. another room is common kitchen, toilet plus shower. From the window I could see the inner little garden of apartment. At night after boring watching TV, then listened to the radio. suddenly I heard this song. French Her melancolic but very romantic song was echoing since the melody and poem are so pretty. In fact she is french canadian Celine Dion.

the other day I happened to pass the same street where that room located, I felt strange, since I felt like many many years passed since then. Stockholm is nice city even in winter, Today I was walking in town without umbrela and was wet. Although inside of building is warm and cozy. Now most swedish shop open like in Japan , I mean the shop open till late before Christmas.white christmas is coming to Stockholm or ..? First time since I visited Sweden, this Christmas season has no snow. NOthing but ..to tell the truth, snow white make the world brighter, so I understand how swedish miss the brightness, At last I get used to this darkness after many years staying in Sweden. New comers need your favorite colored candles. but pls.do not forget to open your window a little for fresh air when you use candles even cold wind blows in.

Swedish talented musician Mando Diao with American sexy beautiful singer Lana Del Rey. Her original american name is Erizabeth, just like lady GAGA , nowdays singers do not use given name. If she sings as Erizabeth, probably it would be hard to be succesful ?So naming is very important for singers. I just feel this way. the unisex era seems to be ending, then probably soon or later man want to be very manlike and woman want to be very woman like..so time peoples need more feminity. So when you see 2012 fashion show from different designers. I feel more feminity and classic figures.2011 has been quite colorful but probably next year it will be more white, light skin color, different tone of white in spring and summer.race.This season has many glittering. To my eyes probably the skin color is most sexy color in this coming season.just like "HADAIRO" for party dress but it is not so easy for us to wear. If I just wear, it would look like " hadagi" or " Babar shirt" on the skin and body consious siluett express all your extra meat.
by nyfiken | 2011-12-19 07:09


Swedish December is dark, but in fact peoples are busy for xmas shopping,Lucia for singing or drinking Glogg and eat lucecat bread, eating Julbord(christmas diner or lunch at the restaurant buffet), watching TV at night like this Idol, Nobel prize&banquet so on. So peoples have no time to feel bored.Preparing christmas cooking (buy salmon, sill, safran, snaps) Although women! do not feel so stressed before the christmas.
by nyfiken | 2011-12-15 08:39




Ursprungligen publicerad i Ny Illustrerad Tidning 1881.

Midvinternattens köld är hård,
stjärnorna gnistra och glimma.
Alla sova i enslig gård
djupt under midnattstimma.
Månen vandrar sin tysta ban,
snön lyser vit på fur och gran,
snön lyser vit på taken.
Endast tomten är vaken.

Står där så grå vid ladgårdsdörr,
grå mot den vita driva,
tittar, som många vintrar förr,
upp emot månens skiva,
tittar mot skogen, där gran och fur
drar kring gården sin dunkla mur,
grubblar, fast ej det lär båta,
över en underlig gåta.

För sin hand genom skägg och hår,
skakar huvud och hätta ---
»nej, den gåtan är alltför svår,
nej, jag gissar ej detta» ---
slår, som han plägar, inom kort
slika spörjande tankar bort,
går att ordna och pyssla,
går att sköta sin syssla.

Går till visthus och redskapshus,
känner på alla låsen ---
korna drömma vid månens ljus
sommardrömmar i båsen;
glömsk av sele och pisk och töm
Pålle i stallet har ock en dröm:
krubban han lutar över
fylls av doftande klöver; ---

Går till stängslet för lamm och får,
ser, hur de sova där inne;
går till hönsen, där tuppen står
stolt på sin högsta pinne;
Karo i hundbots halm mår gott,
vaknar och viftar svansen smått,
Karo sin tomte känner,
de äro gode vänner.

Tomten smyger sig sist att se
husbondfolket det kära,
länge och väl han märkt, att de
hålla hans flit i ära;
barnens kammar han sen på tå
nalkas att se de söta små,
ingen må det förtycka:
det är hans största lycka.

Så har han sett dem, far och son,
ren genom många leder
slumra som barn; men varifrån
kommo de väl hit neder?
Släkte följde på släkte snart,
blomstrade, åldrades, gick --- men vart?
Gåtan, som icke låter
gissa sig, kom så åter!

Tomten vandrar till ladans loft:
där har han bo och fäste
högt på skullen i höets doft,
nära vid svalans näste;
nu är väl svalans boning tom,
men till våren med blad och blom
kommer hon nog tillbaka,
följd av sin näpna maka.

Då har hon alltid att kvittra om
månget ett färdeminne,
intet likväl om gåtan, som
rör sig i tomtens sinne.
Genom en springa i ladans vägg
lyser månen på gubbens skägg,
strimman på skägget blänker,
tomten grubblar och tänker.

Tyst är skogen och nejden all,
livet där ute är fruset,
blott från fjärran av forsens fall
höres helt sakta bruset.
Tomten lyssnar och, halvt i dröm,
tycker sig höra tidens ström,
undrar, varthän den skall fara,
undrar, var källan må vara.

Midvinternattens köld är hård,
stjärnorna gnistra och glimma.
Alla sova i enslig gård
gott intill morgontimma.
Månen sänker sin tysta ban,
snön lyser vit på fur och gran,
snön lyser vit på taken.
Endast tomten är vaken.
by nyfiken | 2011-12-13 00:15