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Crown princess Victoria

As a future queen's husband Prince Daniel works hard officially, too.
Ganbatte!!Royal family pay attention to immigrant town , too.

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Why the present swedish royal family from france is called Bernadotte ?
Why Napoleon asked Mr.Bernadotte to be the king of Sweden in 19 century?Italian rich silk merchant family produced two daughters to be queen in Europe. Who is their father? Bernadotte first Queen in Sweden was loved by Napoleon, but later had broken heart.

The historical determination always has backside story.Napoleon felt guilty to Desiree who married Bernadotte。.

Désirée1954 cinema will explain a little more clearly.

In 1794, Etienne Clary, a prosperous Marseille silk merchant, is horrified to learn that his impetuous younger sister Désirée has made the acquaintance of a Corsican named Joseph Bonaparte and invited him and his brother, Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte, to call upon the family the following day. Désirée quarrels with Etienne, her mother and sister Julie, but the next day, Julie and Joseph are immediately attracted to each other, and the forceful Napoleon is taken with Désirée. The naïve girl is bemused by Napoleon's blunt talk of his great destiny, and his admission that the poor Bonaparte brothers need the rich dowries of the Clary sisters, but quickly falls in love with him. Later, Désirée is in the family shop preparing Julie's wedding dress when Napoleon is arrested and taken to Paris. Napoleon eventually returns to Marseilles and tells Désirée that he has been cleared of charges of treason, but has been ordered to track down royalists in Paris. Désirée begs Napoleon to leave the Army and join Etienne in business, but the arrogant young general scoffs at the idea of becoming a ribbon merchant and instead proposes marriage. Although Etienne refuses to bless the union, Désirée accepts and lends Napoleon the money to return to Paris. Napoleon tells her that he will always love her and will return soon for their wedding, but as the months pass, Désirée begins to doubt him. After hearing Napoleon's sisters gossiping about the hedonistic lifestyle that he is leading in Paris, Désirée goes to the city and tries to attend a party at the home of Madame Tallien, who is a friend of Napoleon. When a servant refuses to allow Désirée to enter unescorted, she asks for help from Gen. Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, who gladly escorts the pretty girl inside. Heartbroken to discover that Napoleon is engaged to the wealthy, socially powerful Josephine de Beauharnais, Désirée throws a glass of champagne at her and flees. Bernadotte follows her to a bridge on which she is contemplating suicide, and gives her a ride to her lodgings in his carriage. Bernadotte falls in love with Désirée during the journey, but she refuses to give him any information about herself or to see him again. Later, in 1797, Napoleon, now France's leading general, has succeeded in conquering Italy, and Désirée lives in Rome with Julie and Joseph, who has been made an ambassador of the French Republic. Désirée tires of the gloomy palace in which they live, however, and decides to return to Paris, even though her family worries that she still has feelings for Napoleon. Désirée dismisses their concern and attends a party at which Napoleon, who is now married to Josephine, compliments her on her stylish, adult appearance. During dinner, Napoleon announces that he will be leaving soon to lead his campaign to conquer Egypt, and Bernadotte, who is thrilled to see Désirée again, questions Napoleon's position that conquest is the way to establish peace between the East and West. Afterward, Napoleon talks alone with Désirée and defends his warlike policies by stating that he is the true spirit of the French Revolution. Napoleon makes a veiled request for Désirée to become his mistress, but she runs from the room and is once again rescued by Bernadotte, who takes her to "their" bridge. There, Bernadotte proposes marriage and assures Désirée that he will not mind that she first loved Napoleon. By 4 Jul 1799, Désirée and Bernadotte have happily settled into married life and have a son, Oskar. When Josephine and Napoleon pay their respects to the new parents, Josephine sadly confides in Désirée how much she envies her her son. In the other room, Bernadotte continues to challenge Napoleon's autocratic methods and states that he will not support him in establishing a dictatorship. On 9 Nov 1799, however, Napoleon is proclaimed First Consul of the French Republic, and when Bernadotte reports to his office the following day, Napoleon asserts that his appointment has averted civil war, then asks Bernadotte to join his council of state. Intrigued by Napoleon's promise to enact civic improvements such as a unified code of laws and a bank of France, Bernadotte agrees, but warns that while Napoleon will have his loyalty, he will never have his affection. Several years later, Napoleon engineers to have himself proclaimed emperor, and stuns the crowd at his coronation when he takes the crown from the hands of Pope Pius VII and crowns himself. Five years later, desperate to have an heir, Napoleon divorces Josephine, and Désirée comforts her former rival, before Napoleon's upcoming marriage to the eighteen-year-old Marie Louise of Austria. As time passes, Napoleon involves France in more wars, and Bernadotte is lavished with medals and honors for his heroic acts. After he is wounded and sent back to Paris, Bernadotte is approached by representatives of the king of Sweden, who wishes to adopt him and make him the heir to the throne. Désirée is stunned by the news that she will one day be a queen but supports her husband, who understands Sweden's need to have a ruler capable of maintaining independence from Napoleon. When Bernadotte petitions to give up his French citizenship, however, Napoleon explodes with rage and demands that Bernadotte remain loyal to him. Bernadotte maintains that Sweden's interests will always be his first concern, and eventually Napoleon allows him and Désirée to leave Paris. In Stockholm, the independent Désirée fails to fit in with the convention-bound royal family and, realizing that she is an embarrassment to Bernadotte, asks to go home so that he can continue with the vital business of repulsing Napoleon's hostile advances. Eight months later, Désirée attends a ball in Paris, and there Napoleon shows off his new son by Marie Louise. As he dances with Désirée, Napoleon makes veiled threats about Bernadotte's alliance with Russia, and when Désirée supports her husband's politics, Napoleon announces to the crowd that she will be held hostage to ensure Sweden's support while his army marches through Russia to Moscow. Later, after Napoleon's army has been defeated, he visits Désirée and asks her to write a letter to Bernadotte, requesting his help. Désirée realizes that Napoleon, who still loves her, came to see her more than to seek her husband's support. Soon after, Bernadotte leads one of the armies that overwhelms Napoleon, and the triumphant general reunites with Désirée before returning to Sweden. Napoleon's exile to Elba is short-lived, however, and after the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon retreats with his personal army to Malmaison. Hoping to avoid further bloodshed, representatives of the allied armies ask Désirée to speak with Napoleon, in the hope that she can persuade him to surrender. Napoleon agrees to speak with Désirée alone, and muses on what his destiny would have been if he had married her. Napoleon proclaims that he has given his life to protect France, but Désirée gently tells him that he must do as France asks and go into exile on St. Helena. Commenting on how strange it is that the two most outstanding men of their time had fallen in love with her, Napoleon gives Désirée his sword in surrender, and assures her that her dowry was not the only reason he proposed to her many years ago in Marseilles.
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スウェーデン王国(1523年 - 現在)

グスタフ1世(1496年 - 1560年、在位1523年-1560年)
エリク14世(1533年 - 1577年、在位1560年-1568年)
ヨハン3世(1537年 - 1592年、在位1568年-1592年)
シギスムント(1566年 - 1632年、在位1592年-1599年 )(ポーランド王としてはジグムント3世)
カール9世 (1550年 - 1611年、在位1604年 - 1611年)
グスタフ2世アドルフ(1594年 - 1632年、在位1611年-1632年)
クリスティーナ(1626年 - 1689年、在位1632年-1654年)
カール10世(1622年 - 1660年、在位1654年 - 1660年)
カール11世(1655年 - 1697年、在位1660年 - 1697年)
カール12世(1682年 - 1718年、在位1697年 - 1718年)
ウルリカ・エレオノーラ(1688年 - 1741年、在位1718年 - 1720年)
フレドリク1世(1676年 - 1751年、在位1720年 - 1751年)
アドルフ・フレドリク(1710年 - 1771年、在位1751年 - 1771年)
グスタフ3世(1746年 - 1792年、在位1771年 - 1792年)
グスタフ4世アドルフ(1778年 - 1837年、在位1792年 - 1809年)
カール13世(1748年 - 1818年、在位1809年 - 1818年)(ノルウェー王としてはカール2世)
ベルナドッテ家 現王室ファミリイー

カール14世ヨハン(1763年 - 1844年、在位1818年 - 1844年)(ノルウェー王としてはカール3世)
オスカル1世(1799年 - 1859年、在位1844年 - 1859年)(ノルウェー王)
カール15世(1826年 - 1872年、在位1859年 - 1872年)(ノルウェー王としてはカール4世)
オスカル2世(1829年 - 1907年、在位1872年 - 1907年)(ノルウェー王、1905年まで)
グスタフ5世(1858年 - 1950年、在位1907年 - 1950年)
グスタフ6世アドルフ(1882年 - 1973年、在位 1950年 - 1973年)
カール16世グスタフ(1946年 - 、在位1973年 - )
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*German language

Stammliste des Hauses Bernadotte

Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte (1763-1844), 1811 adoptiert von König Karl XIII. von Schweden, seit 1818 König Karl XIV.
Johann von Schweden ∞ 1798 Désirée Clary (1777-1860)

Oskar I. (Schweden) (1799-1859) ∞ 1823 Josephina Beauharnais von Leuchtenberg (1807-1876)
Karl XV. (Schweden) (1826-1872) ∞ Luise von den Niederlanden (1828-1871), Tochter von Wilhelm Friedrich Karl von Oranien-Nassau (1797–1881)
Luise Josephine (1851-1926), ∞ 1869 König Friedrich VIII.
Carl Oskar (1852-1854)
Franz Gustav (1827-1852), Herzog von Uppland
Oskar II. (Schweden) (1829-1907) ∞ Sophia von Nassau (1836-1913)
Gustav V. (Schweden) (1858-1950) ∞ Victoria von Baden (1862-1930).
Gustav VI. Adolf (Schweden) (1882-1973) ∞ (1) Margarethe von Großbritannien (1882-1920), ∞ (2) Louise Mountbatten

Gustav Adolf von Schweden (1906-1947), Erbprinz von Schweden ∞ 1932 Sibylla von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha

Margaretha (* 1934) ∞ 1964 John Ambler (* 1924)
Birgitta (* 1937), ∞ 1961 Johann Georg von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (* 1932)
Désirée (* 1938) ∞ 1964 Niclas Silfverschiöld (* 1934)
Christina (* 1943) ∞ 1974 Tord Magnuson (* 1941)

Carl XVI. Gustaf (* 1946) ∞ 1976 Silvia Renate Sommerlath (* 1943)

Victoria von Schweden (* 1977) ∞ 2010 Daniel Westling (* 1973)

Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary von Schweden (* 2012)

Carl Philip von Schweden (* 1979)
Madeleine von Schweden (* 1982)
Sigvard Oskar (1907-2002) Graf von Wisborg; ∞ (1) (1934-1943) Erika Patzek (1911-2007), ∞ (2) (1943-1961) Sonja Robbert (1909-2004), ∞ (3) 1961 Marianne Lindberg (* 1924); Sohn aus 2. Ehe:
Michael Bernadotte (* 1944)
Ingrid von Schweden (1910-2000), ∞ 1935 König Friedrich IX. (Dänemark)
Bertil von Schweden (1912-1997) ∞ 1976 Lillian May Davies (* 1915)
Karl Johann (* 1916) Graf von Wisborg; ∞ (1) 1946 Kerstin Wijkmark (1910-1987), (2) 1988 Gräfin Gunnilla Marianne Lindberg Wachtmeister af Johannishus (* 1923)
(adoptiert 1951) Monica Kristina Margaretha Bernadotte (* 1948); ∞ 1976-1997 Johan Peder Graf Bonde von Björnö (* 1950) (3 Kinder)
(adoptiert 1950) Christian Carl Henning Bernadotte (* 1949); ∞ 1980 Marianne Jenny (* 1958)
Christina Margaretha Sophie Bernadotte (* 1983)
Richard Carl Jakob Bernadotte (* 1985)
Philip Carl William Bernadotte (* 1988)
Wilhelm von Schweden (1884-1965), Herzog von Södermanland; ∞ 1908-1914 Maria Pawlowna Romanova (1890 - 1958).
Lennart (1909-2004), seit 1932 Graf von Wisborg, ∞ (1) 1932 Karin Nissvandt (1911-1991) (geschieden 1971), ∞ (2) 1972 Sonja Haunz (1944-2008)
(1.Ehe) Birgitta Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1933) ∞ 1955 Friedrich Otto Straehl (*1922). (Fünf Kinder)
(1.Ehe) Maria Lovisa Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (1935-1988) ∞ 1956 Rudolf Adolf Kautz (*1930). (Drei Kinder)
(1.Ehe) Jan Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 1941) ∞ 1. 1965-1967 Gunilla Stampe (*1941), 2. 1967-1970 Anna Skarne (*1944), 3. 1972-1974 Annegret Thomssen (*1938), 4. 1974-1987 Maritta Berg (*1953), 5. 1993 Gabrielle Kick. 6. 2004 Christiane Grandmontagne (*1944).
Sophia Magdalena Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (*1968). Vater der Kinder ist Michael Söderström.
Marie Bernadotte (*1997)
Carl-Fredrik Bernadotte (*1998)
Lovisa Bernadotte (*1999)
Cia-Rosemarie Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (*1972) ∞ Sven Roderburg. (Zwei Kinder)
Alexander Wilhelm Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (*1977) ∞ Carina König
Desirée Bernadotte (*2006)
Stephan Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (*1980)
(1.Ehe) Cecilie Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1944) ∞ 1967-1974 Hans Jörg Baenkler (*1939)
(2.Ehe) Bettina Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1974) ∞ 2004 Philipp Haug (*1973). (Zwei Kinder)
(2.Ehe) Björn Wilhelm Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 1975) ∞ 2009 Sandra Angerer (*1977)
(2.Ehe) Catherina Ruffing-Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1977) ∞ 2007 Romuald Ruffing (*ca 1966)
(2.Ehe) Christian Wolfgang Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 1979) ∞ 2010 Christine Stoltmann (*1977)
Maximilian Benedikt Bernadotte (* 2010)
(2.Ehe) Diana Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1982) ∞ 2003-2007 Bernd Grawe (*1966). (Eine Tochter)
Eric Hagen Lennart Bernadotte (* 2010) (Vater unbekannt)
Erik Gustaf (1889-1918), Herzog von Westermanland.
Oskar Karl August (1859-1953), Prinz von Schweden und Norwegen, Herzog von Gotland, seit 1888 Prinz Bernadotte (schwedischer und luxemburgischer Titel), Graf von Wisborg (1892-1953), ∞ 1888 Ebba Munk af Fulkila (1858-1946).
Maria Sophia Henrietta Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (1889-1974)
Carl Oscar Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (1890-1977); ∞ (1) 1915-1935 Marianne Freifrau von Geer zu Leufsta (1893-1978); (2) 1937 Gerty Börjesson (1910-2004)
(1. Ehe) Dagmar Ebba Märtha Marianne Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1916); ∞ 1936 Nils Magnus von Arbin (1910-1985). (Fünf Töchter)
(1. Ehe) Nils Carl Oscar Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (1918-1920)
(1. Ehe) Oscar Carl Emanuel Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 1921); ∞ (1) 1944-1950 Ebba-Anna Freifrau Gyllenkrok (* 1918), (2) 1950 Gertrud Ollen (1916-1999)
(1. Ehe) Ebba Marianne Charlotte Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1945); ∞ (1) 1970-2002 Pontus Reutersvård (* 1943), (2) 2005 Lars Ahlström (* 1943). (Zwei Kinder aus 1. Ehe)
(2. Ehe) Kristina Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1951); ∞ (1) 1977 Peder Freiherr Langenskiöld (* 1950), (2) 1982 Lars Hedström (* 1947). (2 Söhne aus 2. Ehe)
(2. Ehe) Birgitta Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1953); ∞ (1) 1980-1990 Richard van Helleputte (* 1955), (2) 1992 Gunnar Sundquist (* 1951). (2 Söhne aus 1. Ehe)
(2. Ehe) Carl Ludvig Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 1955); ∞ 1981 Charlotte Urban (* 1954)
Josephine Eva Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1984)
Fredrika Jessica Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1985)
Elsa Marianne Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1988)
(1. Ehe) Märtha Elsa Catharina Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1926); ∞ 1948-1968 Tore Henrik Nilert (1915-1997). (4 Kinder)
(2. Ehe) Claes Oscar Carl Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 1942); ∞ 1969 Birgitta Magnusson (* 1943)
Carl Johan Edward Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 1970); ∞ 2001 Anna Olsson (* 1971)
Carl Wilhelm Olof Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 2002)
Wilhelm Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (* 2004)
Sophia Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 2006)
Lovisa Maria Ingrid Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1973); ∞ 2004 Heinz Assmann (* 1962). (Eine Tochter)
Ebba Sophia Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (1892-1936); ∞ 1918 Carl Freiherr Fleetwood (1885-1966).
Elsa Victoria "Tess" Bernadotte, Gräfin von Wisborg (1893-1996); ∞ 1929 Carl Axel Cedergren (1891-1971).
Folke Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (1895-1948), schwedischer Offizier und Philanthrop, ∞ 1928 Estelle Romaine Manville
Gustaf Eduard Bernadotte, Graf von Wisborg (1930-1936)
Folke Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (* 1931); ∞ 1955 Christine Glahns (* 1932)
Anne Christine Bernadotte Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1956); ∞ 1989 Per Larsen (* 1953). (Zwei Kinder)
Carl Folke Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (* 1958); ∞ 2000 Birgitta Elisabeth Larsson (* 1959)
Carl Folke Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (* 1998)
William Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (* 2002)
Maria Estelle Bernadotte Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1962); ∞ 1983 Umberto Ganfini (* 1955). (Zwei Söhne)
Gunnar Fredrik Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg(* 1963); ∞ 1990 Karin Lindsten (* 1963)
Folke (Ockie) Klas Vilhem Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (* 1996)
Astrid Ruth Estelle Bernadotte Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1999)
Fredrik Oscar Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (1934-1944)
Bertil Oscar Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (* 1935); ∞ (1) 1966 Rose-Marie Heering (1942-1967), (2) 1981 Jill Georgina Rhodes-Maddox (* 1947)
Oscar Alexander Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (* 1982)
Edward Gustav Bernadotte Graf von Wisborg (* 1983)
Astrid Desirée Estelle Bernadotte Gräfin von Wisborg (* 1987)
Oskar Karl Wilhelm (1861-1951) ∞ 1897 Ingeborg Charlotte von Dänemark (1878-1958)
Margarete (1899-1977) ∞ 1919 Axel von Dänemark (1888-1964), Sohn von Prinz Waldemar von Dänemark
Märtha von Schweden (1901-1954), ∞ 1929 König Olav V. (Norwegen)
Astrid von Schweden (1905-1935), ∞ 1926 König Leopold III. (Belgien)
Karl (1911-2003) ∞ (1) 1937-1951 Elsa Gräfin von Rosen (1904-1991), (2) 1954-1961 Ann Margareta Larsson (1921-1975), (3) 1978 Kristine Rivelsrud (* 1932)
(1) Madeleine Gräfin Bernadotte (* 1938) ∞ (1) 1962-1980 Charles Albert Ullens de Schooten Whettnall (1927-2006), (2) 1981 Nicos Kogevinas (1918-2006).
Eugen Napoleon (1865-1947), Kunstmaler.
Charlotte Eugenie (1830-1889)
Karl Nikolaus (1831-1873) (Prinz August) ∞ Theresia von Sachsen-Altenburg, Tochter von Eduard von Sachsen-Altenburg
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Japan economy picking up, consumer spending firm

By Kaori Kaneko
TOKYO | Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:39am EST
(Reuters) - The government stuck to its assessment that Japan's economy is slowly picking up on Thursday and raised its view on consumer spending for the first time in six months, after a resumption of subsidies for fuel-efficient cars boosted sales.

It said consumer spending was holding firm, with incomes flat and a recovery in consumer confidence.

But it remained cautious over risks from a further slowdown in overseas economies stemming from Europe's debt problems and the impact on financial markets, as well as power supply constraints following the Fukushima radiation crisis triggered by the March earthquake and tsunami.

Fukushima raised public fears over nuclear safety that have prevented the restart of reactors shut for routine checks, and the loss of nuclear power has raised the prospect of forced power rationing and blackouts in the summer peak demand period.

The release of the monthly report comes two days after the Bank of Japan surprised markets by easing monetary policy, boosting its asset purchases and setting 1 percent consumer inflation as a near-term goal.

The government view is in line with that of the BOJ, whose governor Masaaki Shirakawa said after the central bank's meeting that the economy is headed towards a moderate recovery but the outlook remains highly uncertain.

"The economy is still picking up slowly, while difficulties continue to prevail due to the earthquake," the Cabinet Office said in the report.

The economy shrank more than expected in the October-December quarter as flooding in Thailand, a strong yen and weak demand hurt exports, after having rebounded in the third quarter from an earthquake-triggered recession.

But analysts see the fourth-quarter drop as temporary and expect the economy to grow moderately this year helped by reconstruction demand from the March disaster.

The yen weakened against the dollar to a 3- month low of 78.74 yen on Thursday in the wake of the BOJ easing, with the central bank's increased asset buying underlining its resolve to end deflation.

The report upgraded the view on consumer spending for the first time since August. "Domestic demand is relatively firm," said Minoru Masujima, director of macroeconomic analysis at the Cabinet Office.

"Consumer sentiment has been picking up these last few months, so confidence is recovering after the March disaster."

But the government reiterated that exports have been weakening recently. In its January report it downgraded its assessment of exports for the first time in three months due to the strong yen and with the euro zone debt problems hurting overseas demand.

The government repeated that it will work together with the BOJ to end deflation and expects the central bank to take appropriate and decisive steps.

(Editing by Michael Watson)

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日本経済を懸念する記事。スウェーデンの新聞よりDI.Dagens INdustri

Växande nervositet för Japan
2012-02-23 20:56

Japan hade för första gången på årtionden underskott i handelsbalansen under 2011. Det väcker en gammal oro: Japans statsskuld på över 200 procent av BNP kan få Grekland att framstå som en västanfläkt.

Grekland står högst på listan av världens ekonomiska problemländer. Men det är inte det enda landet med stora skulder. Värstingen i den rika världen är världens tredje största ekonomi: Japan, med en statsskuld på över 200 procent av BNP. Det kan jämföras med Greklands cirka 160 procent och USA:s dryga 100 procent.

Var med i vår panel och uttryck dina åsikter
En annan fascinerande siffra är att skuldnivån, enligt nyhetsbyrån Reuters, varje år växer med lika mycket som Greklands och Portugals gemensamma BNP. Det sistnämnda ger en liten känsla för vilka krafter som skulle sättas i rörelse om kapitalmarknaderna började tvivla på Japans förmåga att betala tillbaka.

”Det är skrämmande att tänka på vad som skulle kunna hända om placerarna börjar trippelsälja statspapper, aktier och valuta. Sannolikheten för att det inträffar är större än vad marknaderna tror”, säger en högt uppsatt statstjänsteman till Reuters.

Oron för Japans stora skuld är inte ny. Hittills har dock de som varnat för den gått bet. I stället har landets räntor tickat nedåt och yenen stärkts, vilket gjort japanska statspapper till en god investering. Räntan på tioåriga statspapper ligger för närvarande kring 1 procent eller ungefär hälften av nivån i Sverige och Tyskland.

Men den senaste tiden har det börjat mullra i leden. En orsak är att Japan förra året för första gången på årtionden hade underskott i handelsbalansen. Det ses som ett förebud om att landets återkommande överskott i bytesbalansen, ett bredare mått på affärerna med utlandet, kan vara på väg att vändas i ett underskott.

Visserligen förklarar tsunamikatastrofen i mars, som störde produktionen och samtidigt drev upp energiimporten, en del av underskottet men det finns också mer djupgående orsaker. Royal Bank of Scotland noterar att Japan tappat i konkurrenskraft och att allt mer av japanska företagens produktion flyttas utomlands.

”Givet att de senaste handelssiffrorna tyder på att strukturella faktorer spelar in snarare än endast konjunkturella, räknar vi inte med att exporten ska återfå tillväxtmomentum när den globala ekonomin återhämtar sig”, skriver RBS i ett marknadsbrev.

Den senaste tiden har exportsektorn fått lite draghjälp av yenen som försvagats kraftigt de senaste veckorna och nu handlas till den svagaste kursen på över ett halvår mot dollar. Rörelsen har dock skett från rekordstarka nivåer och yenen är trots försvagningen ungefär en tredjedel starkare än för fem år sedan.

RBS tror att det dröjer till 2018 innan Japan får underskott i bytesbalansen. Banken JP Morgan tror dock att inträffar redan 2015. Bytesbalansen är viktig. Överskott betyder att ett land exporterar kapital och underskott att det importerar. Om Japan skulle börja importera kapital ökar känsligheten. Ungefär 95 procent av statsskulden hålls idag av inhemska intressen, från privatpersoner till företag.

Men Japans befolkning åldras snabbt och har redan börjat minska. Inom en ganska snar framtid bör rimligtvis uttagen av sparmedel överträffa insättningarna, i takt med att en större andel av befolkningen går i pension.

Japan saknar inte medel för att hantera skulden. Skatterna hör till de lägsta i den rika världen. Regeringen väntas inom kort försöka driva igenom en ökning av momsen från 5 till 10 procent. Det politiska systemet fungerar dock illa och det är osäkert om förslaget går igenom. Landet har också en rejäl buffert i form många års överskott i bytesbalansen. Lite förenklat kan sägas att staten Japan är starkt skuldsatt men landet Japan är rikt.

Yoichi Miyazawa, före detta finansminister och ledamot av överhuset för oppositionspartiet Liberaldemokraterna, varnar för att ett värstascenario, med stigande räntor, kan bli riktigt plågsamt för Japan.

”Regeringen behöver då ha en tydlig plan för hur de offentliga finanserna ska stärkas, med reformer i stil med Greklands, som involverar kraftiga åtstramningar, stora nedskärningar i välfärdssystemet och höjda skatter”, säger han till Reuters.

Viktor Munkhammar
Mer av Viktor Munkhammar

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Proud parents back home with princess
Updated: torsdag 23 februari kl 17:34 (publicerades torsdag 23 februari kl 15:24) ,

from Radio Sweden

The salute for the new royal baby from Skeppsholmen at 12 pm. The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel and their princess on the way home to Haga castle. Photo: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix
News of Sweden's new princess has spread quickly around the world with reaction especially big in Scandinavia and Queen Silvia's home nation Germany.
Many online media outlets are carrying the picture of the new baby released by the Royal Court. The happy family left the hospital for the short journey home to Haga castle just eight hours after the birth.
The Swedish royal family commented via its' official website.
The King and Queen sent their best wishes saying - "We remember our own joy on becoming a parent and we wish the new family a wonderful time. It is a long wished for grandchild and we are both very proud and very happy today."
Prince Carl Phillip and princess Madeleine sent their greetings;
"We are both overjoyed with our new family member, we look forward to being an uncle and aunt and we send our love to our sister, Daniel and their daughter."
Two 21-gun salutes were fired on the Skeppsholmen island opposite the royal palace in Stockholm at midday, the two rounds signifying the birth of the heir to the throne.
Victoria, 34, and Daniel, 38, her former personal trainer and gym owner, married on June 19, 2010.
The new royal baby's name and title will be announced on Friday, when the future regent is formally presented to prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, the speaker of parliament and the marshal of the realm at a traditional witness ceremony at Haga Palace, Victoria and Daniel's residence on the outskirts of Stockholm.

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Det blev Estelle

Publicerad 24 februari 2012 - 10:30
Uppdaterad 24 februari 2012 - 11:30

Sveriges nya tronarvinge ska heta Estelle Silvia Eva Mary. Det tillkännagav prinsessans morfar, kung Carl XVI Gustaf alldeles nyss. Tilltalsnamnet blir Estelle och hon blir hertiginna av Östergötland.
Sveriges nya tronarvinge
06:00 Hon bär in prinsessan till statsministern
23/2 Besökarna på svt.se tror att prinsessan får heta Sofia
23/2 Victoria och Daniel har lämnat sjukhuset
23/2 Här på Haga kommer prinsessan att växa upp
23/2 Internationell glädje över "miniprinsessan"
Video: Den blivande tronarvingen
23/2 Jubel i Oslo efter födseln
23/2 Tronarvingens födsel - en annorlunda händelse
23/2 Nyfödda prinsessan näst efter Victoria i tronföljd
23/2 Dubbel salut för den nyfödda prinsessan
23/2 En prinsessa är född
23/2 Hovexperterna om födseln
23/2 "En levande del av historien"
23/2 Läkaren: "Helt normal förlossning"
23/2 Kronprinsessans barn föds direkt in i monarkin
22/2 1979: Diskussionen om tronföljden
Se sändningen i ett större fönster här

Sveriges nyfödda prinsessa är drygt ett dygn gammal och enligt kunglig tradition ska barnet i dag visas upp för talman och statsminister och kungen ska tillkännage barnets namn för regeringen. Och som traditionen lyder ska riksmarskalken tillkännage namnet för svenska folket.

Dagen började med en vittnesbekräftelse på Haga slott där det nyfödda barnet inspekterades av talman Per Westerberg, statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt, riksmarskalken Svante Lindqvist och överhovmästarinnan Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister. Överhovmästarinnan bar själv in barnet och visade upp det för de övriga vittnena. Ceremonien hålls traditionsenligt dagen efter kunglig födsel, om inte födseln sker på en lördag då hålls vittnesbekräftelsen följande måndag.
Efter vittnesbekräftelsen hålls en konselj på kungliga slottet, som följs av salutering och tacksägelsegudstjänst.

Andreas Liebermann
by nyfiken | 2012-02-24 18:58

Jessie J. Nyfikens weekend music.

Notice our inner strength! You should be strong and do not be afraid of being different from others. You are you.

Who's Laughing Now!

Mummy they call me names
They wouldn't let me play
I'd run home, sit and cry almost everyday
'Hey Jessieca, you look like an alien
With green skin you don't fit in this playpen'

Well they pull my hair
They took away my chair
I keep it in and pretend that I didn't care
'Hey Jessieca, you're so funny
You've got teeth just like Bugs bunny'

so you think you know me now Have you forgotten how
You would make me feel When you drag my spirit down
But thank you for the pain It made me raise my game
And I'm still rising, I'm still risingSo make your jokes
Go for broke Blow your smoke
You're not alone But who's laughing now
who's laughing now

So raise the bar Hit me hard
Play your cards Be a star But who's laughing now

Cos I'm in L.A You think I've made my fame
If it makes us friends When you only really know my name
'Oh Jessie, we knew you could make it I've got a track and I'd love you to take it' So now because I'm signed You think my pockets lined

4 years and I'm still waiting in the line
'Oh Jessie, I saw you on youtube I tagged photos from when we was at school' so you think you know me now

Have you forgotten how You would make me feel
When you drag my spirit down But thank you for the pain
It made me raise my game

And I'm still rising, So make your jokes
Go for broke Blow your smoke
You're not alone But who's laughing now
who's laughing now So raise the bar Hit me hard Play your cards
Be a star
But who's laughing now
She broke out of the box
You got that ego cough
Let the haters hate
You're like way too late
See I got a message from you
'Hola, I'm proud of you'
'Oh my god babe your voice is like wow! '

My reply: Who's laughing now
Oh, so you think you know me now
Have you forgotten how
You would make me feel
When you drag my spirit down
But thank you for the pain
It made me raise my game
And I'm still rising, I'm still rising
So make your jokes
Go for broke
Blow your smoke
You're not alone
But who's laughing now
who's laughing now
So raise the bar
Hit me hard
Play your cards
Be a star
But who's laughing now
(Who's Laughing Now) Jessie J

Lyric Domino by Jessie J.
I'm feeling sexy and free
Like glitter's raining on me
You like a shot of pure gold
I think I'm 'bout to explode
I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air
Now I'm breathing like I'm running cause you're taking me there
Don't you know...you spin me out of control

Ooh ooh ooh
We can do this all night
Turn this club, skin tight
Baby come on
Pull me like a bass drum
Sparkin' up a rhythm
Baby, come on!

Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Rock my world into the sunlight
Make this dream the best I've ever known
Dirty dancing in the moonlight
Take me down like I'm a domino
Every second is a highlight
When we touch don't ever let me go
Dirty dancing in the moonlight
Take me down like I'm a domino

You got me loosing my mind
My heart beats out of time
I'm seeing Hollywood stars
You strike
You strike me like a guitar
I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air
Now I'm breathing like I'm running cause you're taking me there
Don't you know...you spin me out of control
Jessie J Domino

by nyfiken | 2012-02-18 08:35

Don Valentine


by nyfiken | 2012-02-17 00:11

Siemens CEO Peter Loscher

Peter L is very sharp.The Fetal Heart Monitor developed by Siemens for India is a simpler device could be the one example of their succesful aproach.

" In a cost-conscious world, large multinational companies will have to change profoundly, argues Peter Loscher.President and CEO of Siemens. " Scarcity of resources is not an impediment but an enabler for frugal innovation" from Less is more (P124 The Economist)

by nyfiken | 2012-02-15 09:00