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Nyfiken J-pop mini-analyzation

Asia engineer.(J-pop)

The Last Live Positive & Smile 4ever DVD will be on sale soon.
Sorry for the J-boy, he is singing his lonely christmas.Christmas is not family celebration in Japan except for kids' family since most of us are not christian. In Japan mostly couples celeblate christmas diner at a nice cozy french or italian restaurant with partner or that night most may cook something EUropean style of cooking, not ramen , not sushi. At home most of Japanese eat white and red strawberry cake to feel only christmas and may change present. (After 25th, Christams decoration will be cleant up for a night, 26th in December already new year Japanese traditional decoration will dominate all over Japan.)

Listening to and watching both china pops and J-pops. I suddenly find out a fairy distinct differences between two. In fact J-pop has more so called " kataomoi song" -one direction love song about loved person and also china pops has many recalling sad song after separation with regret. I read an article by a famous swedish music producer on J-pop on the wall street journal on aiplane to China the other day. He sounds a kind of key person who promotes kannam style and other selected K-pops in the world.
So world hit songs and trend are in fact created and produced by swedish producers,(I did not know until I read the wall street journal article.) According to him He never understands Japanese pops and not really his taste while he loves K-pops. Since K-pop does not require us to understand contents and poem, but rythm and sounds, while J-pop mostly we need understand more poem than melody. Double effect make the song hit in Japan. I do not want to describe about K-pops and J-pops difference now.K-pop style has influenced all asian pops last coules of years. You can see very similar k-pop style girls everywhere in asia.In fact Japanesese and chinese language does not so sound nice on K-pop style of songs. So if you work on music industry and want to understand J-pop, please study Haiku ! Rules and how to make it. Then you will be able to love J-pop more. I mean poem is important for J-pops.

I think J-pop is not only for music melody but in fact poem play a big role like haiku. So without understanding poem in Japanese it could be very difficult. And also when J-pop singers sing, they have a special way of singing especially those who are trained under professional lessons, I dare not say that is good or not.

I LOVE YOU が言えなくて May's

She can not say " I love you" and feel so sad. Just pray with inner mind. Japanese young girls are afraid of being hurt by refusal.So she keeps quiet and cry. This can not happen so much in Europe or Sweden." I wish I could have confessed , but I could not tell you so ..."the young girl is wondering.
Very Japanese style of love." Please show me your smiling face only for me" this kind of Japanese young girls' pureness can be so heavy for many boys in fact. Domination by girls would be also difficult for young boys.So girls can not help but crying ...
Many J-pop scenes are like this. One day a girl happened to see her idol and loved boy was with other girl, so she is instantly hurt and feels so sad. But with curiosity she does not leave but stay with broken heart. Looking from the small space with tears is not only for modern way to decribe her heart to someone, in fact this description can be seen in classical japanese essays and novels from Makurano soushi and Murasaki shikibu's genji monogatari , heian era's old Japanese novels and diary so on.

Among young girls,
Japanese girl is just waiting for . her shyness let her wait until to be asked ... they are very afraid of being said NO and be hurt. This can be a kind of character as an islander.(There are many exceptional so it is hard to generize, but since I have lived in Sweden and other parts of world.. this kind of haiku love(never tell dilectly)can be seen in J-pop song.
BENI - 恋焦がれて

Japanese ambiguity. j-pop without understanding Japanese might be difficult. Though content is boy's complainment. The girl ask him to have diner or cafe, he may not have any girlfriend, but he may be asked her to drink together so on. But all what she says about her boyfriend's problem. SO he just wonder " What about me? " She tends to tell him about her relationship with her boyfriend may terminate soon, but it never happens. So his role is just listening to her problem and complainment all the time.
Friend of boy is used as useful friend who give opinion of her problems on boyfriend. He is not treated as main casting, while he is waiting for her separation with her exboyfriend so on but (again Japanese tradition...can not tell directly). He can not tell her his thinking and just waiting for next step while time passes..then finally they seem to become boyfriend &girlfriend. This lo-ng processing is sung in this J-pop. in Japanese
" jirettai song" this is really nice about Japanese little jirettai culture.
近づきたくて(chikazukitakute, I want to be near to you.)/K.J. with YU-A

In fact Japanese way of expression after separation from both side. This trial is very intereting. How they think about past from own side.
童子-T / 想いfeat.YU-A (J-pop)
Dohzi-T/Omoi feat.Yu-A

One direction love....Japanese "Kataomoi" song.

エイジア エンジニア Re : 逢いたい feat. Tiara
Asia Engineer Re;Aitai(I want to see you) feat. Tiara


She has Japanese girls' cleaness and crypsness. If you have(luckily?) ever had Japanese girlfriend, you must know what I mean.
Jay'ed -Cry for you (J-pop)

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Trustable story








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踮起腳尖愛 - 洪佩瑜 Pei- Yu Hong

fans page. http://www.facebook.com/about.my.fantasy

舞鞋 穿了洞 裂了縫 預備迎接一個夢 OK繃 遮住痛 要把蒼白都填充 勇氣惶恐 我要用哪一種 面對他 一百零一分笑容 等待 的時空 有點重 重得時針走不動 無影蹤 他始終 不曾降臨生命中 我好想懂 誰放我手心裡捧 幸福啊 依然長長的人龍 *想踮起腳尖找尋愛 遠遠的存在 我來不及 說聲嗨 影子就從人海暈開 才踮起腳尖的期待 只怕被虧待 我勾不著還 微笑忍耐 woo~ 等你回過頭來 * 哪天 撲了空 折了衷 祈禱終於起作用 一陣風 吹來夢 卻又敗在難溝通 我終於懂 怎麼人們的臉孔 想到愛 寂寞眼眶就轉紅 repeat* 你會回過頭來 woo~ 回過頭來






你的痛苦 我都心疼 想為你解決
擋開流言 緊握你手 想飛奔往前
我相信愛 能證明一切
夠真心 會超越時間
多付出 也多了喜悅 讓幸福蔓延

總是學不會 再聰明一點
記得自我保護 必要時候講些 善意謊言
總是學不會 真愛也有現實面
不是誰情願 就能夠解決

一次爭吵 一個心結 累積著改變
內心疏遠 足夠秒殺 外表多濃烈
才發現愛 不代表一切
再真心 也會被阻絕
這世界 天天有詭雷 隨時會爆裂

還是學不會 少浪漫一點
拼命著想的事 未必帶來感動 或被感謝
還是學不會 解釋我最傷 最累
痛死都不願 怪誰

把每段癡情苦戀 在此刻排列面前
也感覺 不埋怨 只懷念

總是學不會 再聰明一點
記得自我保護 必要時候講些 善意謊言
不是學不會 只是覺得愛 太美
值得去沉醉 流淚





Angela 張韶涵 - 最近好嗎


是結束還是要原諒 愛最終開成了曇花
如果不能希望 不如選擇絕望
會不會 反而是解放

從不曾想過會這樣 像從來沒準過的氣象
雨越下越感傷 話越說越勉強
你說你不夠堅強 把寂寞打發

該怎麼樣 離開你給的一片海洋
該怎麼樣 忘記你當初說的謊
我從來不允許自己 留一點淚光
還笑著對你說 最近好嗎

從不曾真心想遺忘 像從來沒停過的時光
路越走越寬廣 天越來越明亮
我說我早已堅強 把回憶收藏

就這麼樣 離開你給的一片海洋
就這麼樣 忘記你當初說的謊
我從來不允許自己 留一點淚光
就笑著對你說 最近好嗎

我不害怕 擁抱你給的一道傷疤
我不害怕 想起你美好的模樣
再遇見才發現自己 原來已放下
這樣自然地說 最近好嗎

by nyfiken | 2012-10-28 05:23
I think what he says is true.

日時 : 2012年9月5日(水) 18時〜21時
場所 : 北海道 音更町文化センター大ホール
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South pacific stars. Paiva, Ronni. Vanessa Quai (Vanuatu)

My soul country -south pacific Vanutu
This shows each islands. Very culturally interesting places with divercity.
Imagine ! If you spend your time in pacific south little islandwhen you are 20th -30th for certain period of time,
your total attitude in life will be altered in a certain way.I learnt there more than any other schools or any courses or any books written by great authours. Simple life.
Point of view for life and others.
I like very sunny day with 8 different blue green color of coral sea.
Please visit Vanuatu. Different islands have own culture. Vanuatu tourism office site is recommended.Via Sydney from Europe. Via paris to Tokyo to new caledonie to port vila.
Via Auckland to Port Vila. Check Air Vanuatu site.ANZ Bank and Westpac bank.

Vanessa quai
You can buy CD in Port Vila.Maybe at air port , too.

Vanuatu Rap
Vanessa is famous singer in Vanuatu. They sing for her.She is a kind of idol there. I met her of course when I went to the Christmas lunch party when she sang songs.English and Bislama language rap. Luckily I speak bislama almost fluently_?!I mean my Bislama prononciation is quite OK.

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私の知っているトヨタ関連の歌*コマーシャルソングでもなんでもなく、作る人がトヨタが好きで作ったという曲では、この歌ラップともうひとつすばらしい名作を知っている。ヴァヌアツ共和国のストリングバンドの古い歌だがヴァヌアツトヨタナンバーワンVANUATU TOYOTA NO1というトヨタの車に乗って島を回ってドライヴして嬉しいな!と言う曲だ。

Norwegian rap Toyota must listen to this song, what he wants to say about TOYOTA_
Karpe Diem - Toyota'n til Magdi

本人たちのインタぴゅ-Nyfiken ノルウェーのスラングがおもしろい。

たとえお金がなくたって、おどおどせずクールにしていようぜ!Even If you do not have money, just be cool!田舎から来た田舎者だって、田舎物で何が悪いんだ!とクールにしていようぜ!Even you come from very country village, just be cool!97年モデルの赤いカローラをいまだに運転していて、他のだれかがAstma やロックウェルのベースやドラムのロックスターみたいに、もっとすごい車に乗ったらいいのに、と指をさしたって、クールにしていようぜ。If you drive an old model Toyota red car 1997, even somebody point you say@ you should drive more expensive car like base guitar player or dramer of Astma and Rockwell big rock stars.*What is wrong with that__有名だって、古い車に乗っていたって、だれかがどういったって、お金がなくたって、いなかものだって、どうしたっていうの、クールで平然としていようよ。*Nyfiken-


«Toyota'n til Magdi»

M: - Rap: Ta det du har og gjør det til noe fett. Om du er blakk - gjør det fett å være blakk. Om du er fra bygda – gjør det fett å være fra bygda. Om du kjører rundt i en 97-modell Toyota Corolla Ginza med rød lakk som folk peker på og ler av fordi de mener rockestjerner bør ha noe finere… Bassen og trommene til Astma og Rocwell gjorde også det fett.

C: - Årets låt. Årets video. Årets åpningsbars.

Verse 1: Magdi]
Spiser heller bacon, drikker heller mensen
Enn å selge Ginza'n fordi den sluker bensin
Bilen er på Bjølsen, lyden er på Tåsen
Toyota Corolla’n min, den er awesome
Kunne kjøpt classy men måtte kjøpe classic
Kunne kjørt fancy men valgte å lønne bandet mitt
’97-modell med rød lakk på
Krølla 50-lapp y’all
Dette er kampen om troen, ikke kampen om tronen
Stepper opp med teppe, droppa tank med CO2
Alt er ego I mitt alter ego
Men også predikanten har et alter ego
Jeg kan smelle av pyro for en mill
Hvorfor puttes gryna sine I en bil?
Tolv år med suksses så jeg begynte å ta det chill
For dette er lyden av ett til

[Hook x2: Magdi & (Chirag)]
Lakken min er rød
Stagediva ut av mamma dagen jeg ble født
(Kom å ta meg baby, baki Toyota’n til Magdi
K-k-kom å ta meg baby, baki Toyota’n til Magdi)

[Verse 2: Chirag]
Vi var 15 år med en plan, og planen va’kke tull
Vi trodde på to ting: Frank Bakke og Gud
Nå tror jeg bare på en av de, ingen diss
Telefonen er tyst, det er lenge siden sist
Og jeg er på byen med noen folk som sier sex er alt
Mens Magdi planlegger livet mitt I et excel-ark
Regnearka hans er grunnen til at jeg er home free
Han valgte feil fyr å rappe med folk vil
Banke Raggen skau, etterlate han dau
Det blir dagen jeg får head av Mette Hanekamhaug
Og vi ruller rundt I Toyota’n til Magdi med den merra
Og vi mater I deg jalebi og pakora I den kjerra
Disse penga er bare tall for meg
Disse barna betyr alt for meg
De sier Raggen kun’kke blitt mer hip-hop
For han ble rik og fikk en mill til å pusse en fritidsklubb opp

[Hook x2]

[Bridge: Diaz]
Et system som pumper, tuter på rumper
Ikke noe homsegreier som den bilen du eier
Et system som pumper, tuter på rumper

[Hook x2]

Stiftelsen - Vart jag än går*Where am I going to ?スウェーデン

Stiftelsen - Vart jag än går, lyssna i Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/3tMw7q1hz59JMQfHGZQhxW
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stiftelsenmusik

Madcon Feat. Timbuktu - "Kjører På"ノルウェー

Regi: Frederic Esnault
Produsent: Friendly Films
Foto: Robert Egron Erstad
Color/VFX: Mark Dath
Kjøp låta på:
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/no/album/kj-rer-pa-feat.-timbuktu-single/id527181382?...
Wimp: http://wimp.no/album/15361693
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/0lklqjZbaVTszVd73Vb3V1
Yosef, Tshawe and Jason
Huh, huh, huh, huh
El cuatro fantastico
minus one
det har vært mangea mangea mangea år
Vi sees på et studio hvert fjerde som et OL
Vi kjører på
Vi kjører på
Vi kjører på
Vi kjører på
ye, ye
Stop! (stop...stop...)
OK, vi kjører på, ring de som ikke har kommi til tid, vi kjører nå
Folk står på vent, nult snakker det nå,
det er kø, hvis du vet hva du vil,
gjør det du må
Ikke vent
Tiden flyr, du kan gjøre hva du vil, men for meg er det fordi
Jeg skal på jobb nå, han skal på by'n,
han ha'kke stått opp, jeg er og flyr
så løp, lille mann, løp, løp
det æ'kke no' å spøk med lille mann, løp, løp
siden du er for kort
du få'kke til en dritt hvis du ligger
prøv, lille mann, prøv, prøv
Vi kjører på
Vi går, vi går, vi går, vi går
kan'ke stoppe nå
Vi kjører på
Vi går, vi går, vi går, vi går
For alltid
Vi kjører på
Inte så mykke som har meningen, vi hamna rätt men gjorde fel igen
Inte så mykke som har meningen, vi hamna rätt men gjorde fel igen
Om jag visste bättre
hadde det aldri blivet
i det minsta flowen i miccen and all the rap a bit
staden va så liten
Va fan skulle vi göra
snubla på musik
knulla med mitt öra
Tänk om jag inte hoppat av min utbildning
När farsan sen kom på de blev han ursinnig
Om jag bara varit logisk
O jag va logisk
hade suttit tryggare med mycke mera tråkit
Ser de hela som att föda tillfälligheter
Jävlar en massa jobb som rör sig en millimeter
Och många fel val
född på rätt plats
men intet skit man, jag skulle ändra allt
Vi går, vi går, vi går, vi går
kan'ke stoppe nå
Vi kjører på
Vi går, vi går, vi går, vi går
For alltid
Vi kjører på
Inte så mykke som har meningen, vi havnar rett på noget feligjen?
Inte så mykke som har meningen, vi havnar rett på noget feligjen?

Instrumental 16 sek.)

Jeg tar meg en liten tur og går nedover hakersjærn
Jeg ser alle de veiene det kunne gå til hælvete
Jeg ser deg, men jeg håper ikke du ser meg
Jeg er under deg, hopp, gå til din verd'n du veit
men mamma ikke skyld på meg, om ikke det gikk din vei
Vi prøver alle her å greie det, blåser vi i din seil
Vi prøver ikke legge deg, vi har bare litt peiling
Det er leit, men du skal vi at du ikke står der aleine
Du står der i din sirkel, i din vennskapens reir
Vi henger sammen, mamma ikke prøv å gå no' vei
Fra tak til seil, vi skal få til det her, mamma jeg er (karnebåk?),
bare lev og lær
Vi går, vi går, vi går, vi går
kan'ke stoppe nå
Vi kjører på
Vi går, vi går, vi går, vi går
for alltid
Vi kjører på
Inte så mykke som har meningen, vi havnar rett på noget feligjen
Inte så mykke som har meningen, vi havnar rett på noget feligjen

Loreen "EUPHORIA" (Official video)ユーフォリアがユーロヴィジョンコンテストでNO1となった

Production Company: Folke Film
Director: Marcus Söderlund
Producer: Anna Bergström/Kim Buisson
Photographer: Daniel Takács
Gaffer: Axel Söderlund
Editor: Ola Ohlsson
Postproduction: Chimney Pot


This Norwegian man who drives a car, yes. Very much country side small village life! Cows are so cute, but they can not ring him. He is just waiting for call. I like this video clip because this shows very much Norwegian and also Swedish life in country side.NO wonder milk in Norway and Sweden is very delicious.They *Cows eat grasses whole day long very slowly.

オフィシャルビデオgabrielle - Ring Meg
ノルウェー人歌手ガブリエルさん ノルウェーはベルゲン出身 ロンドン撮影。

BYZfeat. Kriss & Robin Bengtsson - Tjena tjena tjena (ノルウェー語ではチエナーチェナ=チエナーと聞こえるが、スウェーデン語ではシャーナーシャーナシャーナ*ハーイ、ハーイ、ハーイ*若い人や親しい人どうしての挨拶スラングに近い。目上の人やあらたまった席では使わない。)

Regissör: Frederic Ensault
Fotograf: Olav Stubberud
Skrevet av: BYZ & Kriss
Producent: Kriss
Mixat av Kriss

Facebook: www.facebook.com/threalbyz
Twitter: www.twitter.com/therealbyz
Hey - Tjena. tjena. tjena
Vad händer Miami
Är det fest i Köpenhamn
Från Stockholm till Cali
Via Rom till Amsterdam
London är galet
Festivalerna i Cannes
Vi kliver ur planet
Och det är party överallt

Ser du, ser du, ser du när vi kommer igång som
Rolling Stones där i London
Det blir aldrig kallt i Miami
Dominant, sant, vinner allt: Dählie
Helt flipp, ja nu vickar vi bordet
Borde ha Hiphop i blodet
Men vi har alkohol
Alkolist, visst, jag är alltid sist hem
Byz och Kriss festar till morgonkvisten
För nu finns det inget jag vill missa
Så vi lever dagen som den sista
Dansar jag i Pacha på Ibiza
När hon kommer fram till mig och viskar
Jag vill ta en drink i Barcelona
Ligga där på stranden med Corona
Hon gör mig galen
Vet att jag vill ha den
Får mig till att känna som en kung i baren


Du ser Kriss, han tar det utenbys
men du vet Kriss kan`ke dra uten BYZ.
Han kan`ke dra langt uten fly
så vi bytter en by ut med en ny
Jeg er fra Oslo, så det jeg foreslo
Dra til Monaco før vi fortsetter i Tokyo
I Hellas drikkes ouzo
Jeg sender deg et foto
Har en pilot som lar oss oppleve noe stort no I Rio.
Søkte ly i Rio, det var regntid
men etter regnet var det tegn på nytt liv
De hjemme stilte spørsmål ved mitt livssyn
i øyeblikket vi inntjente litt gryn.
Hun mente at jeg var en fin fyr
Jeg sa jeg hadde mer enn nok å tilby
Hun gjør meg vilt yr
gjør meg til et villdyr
Virkelig det føles som en mill der hvor vi flyr.


Jag släpper väskan
får ett SMS av ena tjejen jag träffat
Vi drar tillbaka dit vi bada nakna
blir party fiesta
Hon håller i mig
ser fyrverkerier som lyser på himlen
Och när vi vaknar ingenting jag saknar
Bland tusentals minnen

Inger Lise Stulien "Eit Jolekort" "Heim Te Jol"

Foto/red./regi: Frode Vestad, Dokufilm as
Artist:Inger Lise Sulien
Tekst: Inger Lise Stulien
Melodi: Knut Kjetil Møen og Inger Lise Stulien

Laleh Live tomorrow

Directed by: Directed by Martin Fodor-Nilsson
Laleh Spotify playlist: http://open.spotify.com/user/playlistmesweden/playlist/2x6tjt5ThnSNxanOxlBgbg

Laleh playlist WIMP: http://wimpmusic.se/wweb/playlist/?playlist=9c4b3bbb-ab4a-4195-b8ce-f38ac4ec1b84


How many places she had to live and moved. The life would have been tough, her talent seems to have been opened after hardship in this cold country.

ノルウェーの有名なALEXANDER RYBAKも2009のユーロヴィジョンコンテスト優勝者。

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雑感 中国の街を歩いて

上海の消え行く古い町と書いていたが、広東省の街には、そっくり昔のバンコクの街も、朽ちて人通りがいなくなってしまった廃墟一歩前のように残っていた。新しいビルが建ち、100年前には往来が人や人力車や物売りで大賑わいしていた町から人が消えて、別の場所に商店街ができ、ビルが建ち、古い100年も昔の建物は、そのまま手入れをされることなく、潰されず残っている。驚くのは、建物のコンクリート部分に施された装飾で、中国の工芸の技術やこり方、窓の飾りなど洋風と中国風がまじりあっているような建て方の古い百貨店など残っている。海外で育った帰国組の中国人の先生がいうには、”中国では、欧米特にヨーロッパのように古い建物を保存して使うというより、今は、すべて新しく建て替えてしまうのが、もったいないですね。”今回訪れた広東省の街は、台湾と同じ緯度くらいで、冷房がないとむしむしする熱帯の街だった。工芸、木彫りや貝殻を使った家具などが有名であり、ハンカチの刺繍のスワトウ刺繍で有名な場所である。おもちゃの世界の生産の6,7割をその町の工場で生産するという。またコンピューターからマイクロチップを取り出す産業もあり、それによってE wasteがでて環境問題にもなっているという話もきいた。いずれにせよ、地元で話されていることばは、広東語でもなく、潮州語でバンコクの華僑が話す言葉で、ある別の都市から来た中国人は、一番難しい方言と断言する。海のそばで新鮮な魚を食べるために、お料理はすべて新鮮さが大事だという。北京や上海で潮州料理というと高いという意味です。と説明を受ける。ふわふわとお豆腐のように柔らかい魚をあげたものが一番記憶に残っている。味付けはあっさりと。


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Nyfiken秋一番のお勧め。I am fond of many taiwanese pops.

蔡詩蕓 2012「黑色彩虹」Dominique Tsai「Black Rainbow」

周湯豪 - 寂寞的時候(さびしい時)


中国へストックホルムから直行便が飛ぶエアチャイナの帰り便の北京ストックホルム機上のエンターテイメントシステムが進んでいる。In flight entertainment システムが新しいヴオーイング777に搭載され、115のCDから選べるなど、フランスの会社のシステムを導入している。機上のエンタメのセレクションの多くのCDから選ぶことができるチャイナポップス。*曲目の横にチェックを入れると後で自動的にチェックを入れたコレクションを連続して聴けるシステムガ嬉しい。中国本土で人気があるチャイナポップスNyfikenコレクション。中国は、南の広東省は、まだ夏のように暑かったけれど、北京空港や上海もすでに日本と同じ秋。駆け足で動いた大きな中国大陸。島の問題等があるが、中国のメデイアが冷静にニュースを解説していたり、中国の美人の防衛大学の若い女性教授がでて時間をかけ説明をしていた。むしろ客観的に冷静に見ているスタンスにも驚く。たとえば、アメリカが仲介することによって、火に注ぐことになるのか、それとも火消しになるのだろうか。といった見出しや、中国の防衛大学のばっちりお化粧をしためがね美人の先生がいうには、アメリカは日本の日本人が嫌悪する基地問題等でこの辺でまた大きな顔ができるように、といった背景があるなどの説明が面白い。バブルエコノミイ気味な今の中国の経済についても、復旦大学の経済学教授が実質経済やバブル経済のしくみなどを日本の例をだし、中国国内内需がそれほど伸びていない現状など、踊るなかれと新聞の大きな一面に冷静に分析している。韓国の海上警備船が中国の漁船に発砲し漁民が亡くなったというニュースでは、在ソウル領事館の中国領事が抗議をしたと言うニュースも淡々と流されていた。ガ特別韓国製品を買わないとかデモといった動きにはならないようだ。


SNG=首播=周湯豪 S.N.G. Super Nice Girl

Nyfiken flied to China by Air China.Stockholm to Beijing.
On the way to Beijing, Beijing to Shantou, Shantou-Shanghai Beijing to Stockholm.
I enjoyed listeing to latest chinese pops*in fact from Beijing to Stockholm
the airplane had exellent entertainment system.You could chose favorite CD and even you mark on the song that you like, then can make your own collection, that means after they play your favorite songs all the way. So here are collected my favorite ones *i noted down names of songs in chinese.My China pops means pops from China, Taiwan and Hongkong.
蔡詩蕓 Dominique Tsai - 藏起來的愛
*taiwan pops

你知道這不是愛 詞:崔惟楷 曲:蔡詩蕓 導演:鄺盛Dominique Tsai
*taiwan pops

范瑋琪 - 路

范瑋琪 - 十七歲的北極星



By the way the city that i visited, special dialect was spoken. Teochew.The most difficult chinese dialect, they say.This is just a commercial spoken in Teachew.

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Chinese author Mo Yan wins Nobel Prize for Literature
Mo Yan is pen name, which means 'don't speak'

A prolific author, Mo has published dozens of short stories, with his first work was published in 1981.The Swedish Academy praised his work "with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary".The 57-year-old , the first Chinese resident to win the prize in history. Chinese-born Gao Xingjian was honoured in 2000, is a French citizen.Mo is the 109th recipient of the prize, followed by last year's winner Swedish poet Tomas Transtroemer.Presented by the Nobel Foundation, the award - only given to living writers - is worth 8 million kronor (£741,000).核心提示:10月11日,瑞典文学院诺贝尔奖评审委员会宣布,中国作家莫言获诺贝尔文学奖。评委会给出的理由是"莫言的魔幻现实主义作品融合了民间­故事、历史和当代"。莫言成为首个获此奖的中国人。莫言一系列乡土作品充满着"怀乡""怨乡"情感,被归类为"寻根文学"作家。莫言成为首位获诺贝尔文学奖中国籍作家















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Nyfiken:As this describes, I hope" Spiral of violence"in Syria will be stopped before it gets worse. Poor sinless civilians..All Violence must stop.

Latest Statements By UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
New York, 9 October 2012 - Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on bombings in Damascus

The Secretary-General strongly condemns the string of coordinated terrorist bombings in Damascus last night that resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. The Secretary-General is also concerned about the fate of detainees reportedly held at the facility where the bombings occurred. The Secretary-General reiterates that no cause can justify terrorist attacks, wherever, whenever and by whomever they are committed.

The Secretary-General is extremely concerned that the spiral of violence in Syria is creating a fertile ground for terrorism and criminal actions of all kinds. All violence must stop. The Secretary-General reiterates his firm conviction that resorting to violence and military means will only lead to more suffering and destruction, and that the only way out is through a political solution. The Secretary-General urges all sides to move toward a political transition and dialogue in Syria and to work closely with Joint Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi.

Nyfiken:And also according to UN news center, this below article&voice should be reached to Syria side for peaceful solution.

(From UN news center site)

10 October 2012 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the string of coordinated terrorist bombings in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Monday night that resulted in numerous deaths and injuries, urging all sides to move towards a political transition and dialogue.

According to media reports, two simultaneous suicide bombings killed dozens of people at a Syrian air force intelligence complex in Harasta, northeast of Damascus. One of the suicide bombers was reportedly driving an ambulance packed with explosives.

“The Secretary-General is extremely concerned that the spiral of violence in Syria is creating a fertile ground for terrorism and criminal actions of all kinds,” his spokesperson said in a statement, adding that Mr. Ban is also concerned about the fate of detainees reportedly held at the facility where the bombings occurred.
The Secretary-General reiterates his firm conviction that resorting to violence and military means will only lead to more suffering and destruction, and that the only way out is through a political solution.“The Secretary-General reiterates his firm conviction that resorting to violence and military means will only lead to more suffering and destruction, and that the only way out is through a political solution,” the statement said.

More than 20,000 people, mostly civilians, have died in Syria since the uprising against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad began last year. A further 2.5 million Syrians urgently need humanitarian aid, according to UN estimates. Mr. Ban urged all sides to move toward a political transition and work closely with the Joint Special Representative of the UN and the League of Arab States, Lakhdar Brahimi, who just arrived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to hold talks with regional leaders on the prolonged Syrian crisis.

Yesterday, Mr. Ban also called on the Syrian Government to take the initiative in declaring an immediate unilateral ceasefire, and on the opposition to then accede to it, in a renewed bid to end what he called a “regional catastrophe with global ramifications.”
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