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Autumn in New York

Charlie Parker

"Autumn in New York" composed by Vernon Duke in 1934 for the Broadway musical Thumbs Up! was recorded by Charlie Parker as part of his album, Charlie Parker with Strings, on the Clef label on November 30, 1949.

When I was a kindergarden girl, listened to Jazz record on my parents' old stereo, as a little girl, did not like Jazz sound so much. But when I get older, late 10 age girl, already loved to listen to Jazz like E.F, K.J etc. Probably for most 3 years old girls and boys Jazz music does not so attractive much. I still remember how I felt when I listened to Jazz record first in my life, that was 3-4 years old and still remember how it sounded like. Sorry to say, that sounded so strange to my ears. Many Many years later, Jazz sounds very comfortable.

This sounds reminds me of 80th Watanabe Sadao(califolnia sounds like)music.When I lived in Bangkok, sometimes I really wanted to listened to jazz music and real nice cafe, very limited then. There was a jazz cafe in the central Bangkok near Thai daimaru(before) and visited to listen to the Jazz with a real nice cafe.
They had a real coffe and real nice jazz music.

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Fashion editor

Unique and courageous , non conservative peoples often die when they are young.
Maybe because they are not afraid of their life, while all those are afraid of everything, just spend all the life to worry about their small adventures and small benefit.
Isabella Blow how many young talented designers were discovered and encouraged by her.

Fashion must give dream.How do fashion editiors work for that?

Grace Coddington - Outstanding Achievement Award

Grace was beautiful model before working as an editor, what made her to abondone her model life? Car accident, her face had to be operated and she had to abondon her model life, after 2 years started working as an assistant editor in vogue. Life is not so bad, if you keep on looking forwards even it was bottom. IF she just was a model, anyhow she was satisfied with that and probably never developed herself now. Fail in life turns to be a sourse of success.

Alexandra Shulman's debut novel, Can We Still Be Friends, the editor of British Vogue

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Nyfiken agree 100Percent with her
Franca Aozzani.I like her point of view and her intelligence.

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Chopin ショパン

Chopin means Horovitz' piano for me for a long time.

Ashkenazy plays chopin.



Daniil Trifonov - Verbier Festival 2013

So what made Chopin wrote so many beautiful pieces?BBC

All those who listen to chopin at home from stereo in old days in the world.
Arthur Rubinstein's chopin was our teacher, too. My piano teacher in Japan taught me when I was a little girl that I should listen to the piece of piano Chopin as many times as possible. The teacher Hayashi first let me listen to the record, then she showed her playing, then my turn. My piano playing was recorded each time and let me listen to after and her pointing out what part should be corrected.

Arthur Rubinstein's great responsiblity mind to record his playing enorm amount of classic piano pieces.In Japan early 1960th, many parents want their children to master piano and send kids to music teachers since kindergarden just like Now in China.
I just type computer keys little faster instead of piano. In fact typing is relatively fastby each fingers, but i just wonder if I do not play any piano, what was for I had to practice piano everyday for an hour or longer just like homework. Just like my mathematic, all the time I spent long time to study mathematic at home or piano, how that was benefitial for my present life?Well, I should stop this way of thinking just like Ingmar Berman says " We should not think we should do for having benefit." The life is not like bending machine. probably when I become much older, my past piano lessons might help me for something.

Garrick Ohlsson: "Why Chopin? and Other Questions"

I went Langlang concert in Stockholm. His performance was full of energy and perfect.

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What is going on Burma?

Today's swedish newspaperSVD wrote about Burma's Rangoon is the most expensive city suddenly. This is totally different impression from mine. According some who visited few years ago, Burma was described as very cheap place. Now it seems to be over and why sudden change was happened in such a short time. Then I found the answer for it.
Please read this news*fromwww.irrawaddy.org

"Burma’s richest citizens are taking their money out of the country and investing in upmarket property in London.

While foreign investors queue to get into Asia’s so-called “last economic frontier,” millions of dollars are flowing out and into bricks and mortar in the capital of the former colonial rulers, a survey has disclosed.

The volume of investment in London and elsewhere in Britain by Burmese in the 12 months or so is equal to that made by the wealthy of Hong Kong and Switzerland, said the survey published by PrimeResi, a journal covering the top-end of the UK residential property sector.

“Buyers from Burma accounted for just shy of 1% of all £2million-plus (US$3 million) properties bought in the UK in the 12 months to April 2013. That’s in the same range as buyers from Switzerland and Hong Kong,” said the journal, citing research carried out by London-based global real estate consultancy Knight Frank in its latest “Wealth Report.”

The potential for Burmese investing in London is so great that British property adviser LondonDom is this month opening an office in Rangoon.

LondonDom’s managing director George Shishkovsky told PrimeResi, “Our initial market research shows that there is a roughly 50-50 split in interest between new build and period properties with budgets between £500,000 and £2.5 million ($761,000 to $3.8 million).

“Some [Burmese] are interested in family houses outside of central London. Education in the UK is a big magnet to wealthy Burmese. Lots of them have strong links with Britain since colonial times.”

The international editor of Singapore-based property website Property Guru, Andrew Batt, said Asians in general view London as a safe haven for their money.

“I think with London and people from [Burma] there is also a cultural link, the historical link, and also a lot of Asians are buying in London for educational reasons. They want to send their children to school and university in the UK,” he told Myanmar Focus Daily, which publishes online videos about business news in Burma.

London-based global real estate consultancy Knight Frank, which compiled the “Wealth Report,” defines an HNWI, or a high-net-worth individual, as someone with assets of $30 million or more.

It claims in its latest report that Burma had 39 HNWIs in 2012, but forecasts that this will mushroom to over 300 people within 10 years.

“Expect HNWIs from frontier markets like Myanmar and Sri Lanka to become more prominent as they seek safe havens for their newfound wealth to mitigate the risk of renewed political tensions at home,” Sudhir Vadaketh of the Economist Intelligence Unit in Asia said in the report.

“Certainly our enquiry levels for advice have increased dramatically from new Burmese clients. In addition to the normal requirements [such as] what yield they can achieve, they place great importance on capital preservation,” said Benham and Reeves Residential Lettings in London, as quoted by PrimeResi journal.

“While we do not actually handle sales we are being asked for an unusually high level of information on where we think the market will go in these areas. Our enquiries have been for investment and none for owner occupied.”

Ironically, a large US property firm, Colliers International, is establishing an office in Rangoon to advise foreigners on investing in Burma’s property market.

“We see huge potential in the country with many of our clients seeking new opportunities in what is, arguably, the last major frontier market in the region,” Colliers chief executive Piers Brunner said in a statement this week. “It is important for us to have the operation in place to assist our clients, as they expand their business or real estate portfolio in [Burma].”

And Batt said major London property agent Savills has also announced plans to open an office in Burma.

“The fact that we are seeing these offices opening in Rangoon shows that there is potential for more growth” in London investments, he told Myanmar Focus Daily.

“We are going to see a lot more overseas developers and agents looking at Burma as a potential source of income.”

Land and property prices in Burma’s big cities, especially Rangoon, are rocketing.

The price of the best-located office properties in Rangoon have increased 150 percent in the past year, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, and at $106 per square foot, is nearly double rates in parts of New York’s Manhattan district, the newspaper said.

“Commercial real estate is booming in [Rangoon] as foreign companies respond to economic and political reforms by setting up shop in the Southeast Asian nation,” said Leopard Capital this month. “Top-end office spaces in the city are commanding rents higher than anywhere in Asia with the exception of Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo, and numerous skyscrapers are in development to meet the rapidly increasing demand.”

But clearly for some wealthy Burmese, now free of the constraints of the economic sections recently lifted by Britain and other European countries, London is regarded as a better bet than Rangoon.

Correction: An earlier version of this article published on July 19 did not provide proper attribution for two interviews. Andrew Batt of Property Guru was speaking with Myanmar Focus Daily, which publishes videos about business news in Burma, while quotes from Sudhir Vadaketh of the Economist Unit in Asia came from Knight Frank’s ‘Wealth Report.’ "
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Winter Light (1962) - (Ingmar Bergman)

Nattvardsgästerna(スウェーデン語原題), Los comulgantes, Luz de Inverno, Les communiants (1962). - On a cold winter's Sunday, the pastor of a small rural church (Tomas Ericsson) performs service for a tiny congregation; though he is suffering from a cold and a severe crisis of faith. After the service, he attempts to console a fisherman (Jonas Persson) who is tormented by anxiety, but Tomas can only speak about his own troubled relationship with God. A school teacher (Maerta Lundberg) offers Tomas her love as consolation for his loss of faith. But Tomas resists her love as desperately as she offers it to him. This is the second in Bergman's trilogy of films dealing with man's relationship with God.
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Såsom i en spegel - 1961 - Ingmar Bergman

Nyfiken:Strange enough, old movie's swedish language sounds very clear. I mean they pronounce swedish quite well. Not much slang and strange accent. It would be best to watch old swedish to hear the proper swedish accent.
Nostalgy. How nice to watch this time of cinema!
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Port of call.1948
Original swedish title is " Hamnstad."
Hamnstad is the name ofthe port town in Sweden where is port to Denmark, Poland and Baltic countries.

Hamnstad, Ciudad portuaria, Porto, Harbour City, Miasto portowe (1948). A suicidal factory girl out of reformatory school, anxious to escape her overbearing mother, falls in love with a sailor who can't forgive her past.
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Kris 1946
Ingmar Bergman

Crisis, Crise (1946). A small-town piano teacher is shocked by the arrival of her foster daughter's real mother, whose young lover soon follows and causes further disruption.

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