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Vanuatu cyclone issue

I was very shocked to see the news of Vanuatu where I spent many years and had my house and my child-"dog's" graveyard. First one of my friend sent me Sms here in Stockholm .I did not know about it then , just asked "what happened there?" "Devasting cyclone!"

" Hi , I hope your friends are safe there."And a just couple of years before I visited Tanna island and Aneithyum and Port Vila and met and old local friends.

In 1987, strong cyclone hit Vanuatu and when I arrived there in 1988 from Fiji , after coming out from an old international airport , I saw bent coconut trees for one direction but laughing voices at an international airport that is used for domestic airport now. After Japanese planned to make a new airport in Vanuatu and TOKYU construction company did build with many different companies. Locally vietnamies construction company was involved. My friend's husband Japanese helped Japanese who were sent by JICA then for airport project. They wanted to make an international airport at white sand beach area as first suggestion, although for international political reasons they decided to use the same airport destination.Japanese built the new concrete airport after cyclone Uma.BBC news showed the airport building --still there.

The remote islands' airport landing is just grasses, no concrete landing, after cyclone flood made any airplanes landing difficult, so foreigners also can be stucked in those islands especially many volunteers must be there. Lack of food and water.I do not know how sea creatures were damaged not only plants.

Swedish news media told about a death of a Swedish old man in Vila. I know only three in past. One who already came back to Malmo who started to produce Tuscar beer but he had left Vanuatu 10 years ago and now can be older than 90 years old Another two. One is Captain Claus who immigrated to Vanuatu and once he wanted to be politician there. does business for shipping among islands.(sending commercial goods to other small islands)and operating containers?His ex wife a used be a philipine woman and had pretty children, one died due to azma. I have seen his house just near the beach that beautifully built that can see sunset on the sea? Once I met him in a restaurant, I asked him what you may have missed about Sweden in this island Without hesitating he said " Cavia in Tube"That is enough to determine he is from Sweden. After being drunk at restaurant that famous swedish man used to stand up and sing loud, that looked a bit strange when I stayed in Vila, but later on when I live in Sweden, I realize that that is very swedish style too.When swedes are drunk, they love to sing together loud, that is normal in Sweden and always songs are determined on several occasions. He might have sung these songs in an island. And also he was at my friends' wedding boat that day seemed one of the happiest of days in life and captain claus could be his 50 th.So now he could be 80 years old?He is succesful in Vila for his business in my eyes.Later he might have lived with local women as most foreign old residents have same tendency. They remarried with very young locals after many years living in Vanuatu and live like hero-chief in community that is not so bad but have to support all family of a younger woman.But if that is not he I am terribly sorry. I hope not.Another one swedish seems to live in just another side of Piolioko residence on the way to Pango village. He can be much younger than 80 years old...Captain claus was young when I lived there of course. His 40th, he had much younger wife after separating with a swedish wife? As most white man (so called)they have tendency to have younger wife and her mother to be housegirl(to clean the house and cook).

Vanuatu daily news stopped the news 5 days ago when I checked , that means 13th March, all workers went to back home earlier due to weather casting, because of cyclone hit Vila, metio gave warning but they did not take so seriously.they still do not have electricity and probably the roof has gone. In 1988, Vanuatu weekly or daily news building also looked half destroyed?

Hope my friends are all right. The death toll is not so many at this moment, since no news from other islands and it is impossible to know. Once a month ship comes to every small island, Now no airplane can land in remote island .weather forecast might have given warning, although it is hard to obtain the residential records. I also have been involved with malaria project in remote island. Hope they are fine. I know how they live and their houses could be gone and even small hut primitive clinic and wooden school.

In other islands, if peoples can find coconuts, they can survive without rain water. but all coconuts are gone, and rain water tank can be destroyed, no water. I read an article in islands, they have no rain water so they drank sea water, but that may cause damage. RAin water tank might have been disappeared from roof that normally peoples gather rain water for drinking.

Sanitation will be the next problem issue. Hot season..no roof and you can imagine many mosquits in remote area. especially after sunset.malaria, and in cities Dengue fever. I had a dengue fever once there So they need fix house to hang mosquit nets.In other islands they eat taro, yam , banana in garden. IT takes 2, 3 month to grow banana. Imported vegetables are expensive and not available.

Cyclone destroys corals, so that is also another environmental problem issue.

Roofs have to be fixed for prevent from raining.Peoples rush to go to hard wear shop to buy materials for fixing roofs and windows. But probably not enough materials. . Wilco is the hard wear shop, they may have opened and peoples normally go there to buy. How about Chinese shops in town?
Hope my friends are survive there. My friend Vanuatu family, I worry about Tom and elsy children. My best friend C. Japanese friends.Hope all of them are fine.
Cyclone does not come only once in season. They may start thinking again how they should prepare for next cyclone or rain storm.That is the issue , temporary how they should prepare for.

I suggest what they need torch for polices. Prisoners houses could have been destroyed ?so famous thieves could have run away that they used to break many many houses and he must be busy for collecting treasury somewhere?No one can look after them since they have to work at home.Hospitals Vila central hospital have many chinese doctors and medicines from China since 1990th. Bed Sheets for hospitals.Before all patients had to take own bed sheets, due to cyclone their sheets seemed to have gone. mosquitoes nets for houses and clinics since window net could have been destroyed. Water tank is needed to collect rain water. gas to boil the water and cook.Bon marche super market how much they may have food stook? No ref. means frozen food can be melt, so it must be cooked in very hot climate. No place to keep cool if no electricity. Vanuatu peoples normally they do not eat left over so much traditionally.Coconut oil for cooking and frying fish. ...No market.
Tin fish, macaroni(they call noodle soup, chin chon noodle)..Hope my favorite H'oustalet restaurant the owner Clement is fine since he has opend his pizzaria for such a long time.
...Anyway hope all those I know they are survived.
by nyfiken | 2015-03-18 08:05

A way for Bertrand Piccard, André Borschberg and their team to demonstrate how pioneering spirit, innovation and clean technologies can change the world.

Get more information about the project: http://www.solarimpulse.com

inovation, development, different, new , challenge,dream, clean energy.

Using solar power would be the best resultion for energy.
2011, 4 years ago, after Fukushima disaster, I found switherland challangers including team and related companies. Then 4 years later now, more development comes with cooperative task.The important thing is that Challenging positive power by humanbeing. 3 generation task. Brave peoples with belief and strong will only can lead the world go forward with good will.

by nyfiken | 2015-03-09 04:35


中国を見るとわかるが、昨日までふる狸女房 昔の工場で苦労を共にとか、田舎の同級生の女の子と結婚したおじさんが、急に大金持ちになるとさっと新しい若いお姉さんを娶ったりする。これは、急にお金もちになる男性に多い。年寄りと若いときに付き合う女性ほど、中年になると若い男性と一緒になる。スウェーデンの離婚率は多いが、ドライな関係は、やはり外国人には理解しがたい。すなわち、離婚した夫婦が子供を別々に連れて行く旅行では、最近知り合った若いおねえさんあるいは、若いボーイフレンドと一緒に幼稚園や小学校の子供を連れて旅行に行く。ママといかないけど新しいガールフレンドといかなければ行けない子供たちは、旅行先でパパがいちゃいちゃしているのを目の前に、泣いている母親を思ったりする。というのが日本だが、スウェーデン女性ならば、また新しいボーイフレンドとどこか別のところにそのボーイフレンドの子供たちとおでかけしている。この話を私が日本の親にすると、びっくりするが、この国では周りでそういうことが起きているので普通なのである。男女平等の国はいいが、家庭崩壊が多い。その状況を見て育つ子供特に女の子は、頼るのは自分と強くなるのは当然の結果となる。スウェーデンの電車で眠っている人はいないが、これと似ているかもしれない。






by nyfiken | 2015-03-05 08:09