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Romanticism and stoicism

When I was much younger , certainly I was more romantic and more stoic for everything.
For example, when I invited guests, i had to decorate my table cloth with full of tropical flowers with white race table cloth. My servant used to decorate beautiful flowers all over the room including  to bath room. Practical swedish life made me simple and more practical. Japanese has こだわりthat is hard to translate into other language. Kodawari
mind make peoples differs from others and go for more details.In Europe,first start from the big shape of tree, branch and details. Any culture may have KODAEWARI of course,the best example swiss army knife. In Sweden they may have it, but more or less, I hear " jobbig" in chinese they may say" 麻煩”

This is the sound for my diner for guests.
Industrial revolution last 30 years is enorm.Since 1985 till now, the computer, mobile phone have changed our life completely.Retro style in life 1950,60th seemed to be the
one that can be seen on cinema screen.
My favorite Jazz CD contained this one. I give you advice for you around 25 years old to 40 or a bit older. You should be romantic and more stoic what you want to do.Then when you get older, busier, you will not be able to do so much as you used to be no matter how you are rich or not , you may have a very good memory of it. This can be the same as One plate culture or quite complicated Japanese different shapes of plates culture for each dishes.

I realize one day why peoples can live postively, of course we should live for tomorrow, maybe, it could be the reason why the memory -positive memory may cause the positive power, even this busy days we merely have time to recall that.

by nyfiken | 2015-04-22 07:30


After the cyclone Pam, I was thinking about VANUATU that I used to live and work for many years. Then suddenly I feel myself, I should not leave that part of my second country behind outside of Japan. The value of life in the south pacific that has influenced me for my life, I have tried to adopt European individualizm and self-responsiblity, equality so on. Education given in Japan but the value of life and the way of thinking during our youth certaily influence us most in our life. like bible at church. I probably have tried to adopt myself for many years in this Europe and have fighted against the way of thinking, different values from that in Asia, from that in the south pacific. It is quite hard to describe that feeling. How I can say, I have left the pacific island just like my loved dogs graveyard and memories. I have not taken care of it enough just like my Japan. My loved country Japan and Vanuatu are equally important for me as well as Sweden.

It will take time to come back to the original beauty although it may take a quite sometime to be normal.It should be supported in all different ways.
This youth peoples capture the charm of Vanuatu well.by *Australian youth view


by nyfiken | 2015-04-06 20:33

Vanuatu Cyclone Pam

Let Me introduce my most favorite beautiful island in Vanuatu. I Used to visit this island weekend like today. Sunday or Saturday afternoon, sitting on the beach and taking a bit rest, meeting friends. Now in Stockholm, looking out through the window, spring like lightning, the totally different site.
Island is very beautiful, but the beauty and happiness of nature could be destroyed by the natural desaster, although the best thing for them, they do not have chemical factory , neither fukushima for futher manmade desaster. The damage is hard, although the sun will shine again even it may take a time to bring back more tourists.Think positively what happened terrible, although because of that it can make better planning of port vila city. I think the center of Vila should be concerned again for city planning. The total amount of cars coming into the central city make the city busier, it should be a bit like Noumea like. Again foreign aids should be concerned about new central port vila city planning. last time when I visited, when I sat on the cafe near the market *Pechmigyon@ by french owner, the taste of cake is always good, but while you sat there, outside of mainstreet, busy cars are passing all the time. I recall a good day old cafe in front of post office, that was owned by a Dutch lady. while everyone sat and drank coffee, it used to have more relaxed atomosphere. The time passed , although with proper planning of city plan, the center of POrt vila can be more beautiful.This help should be concerned for tourism.

90percent of houses in Vanuatu has been destroyed by cyclone PAM and it sounded terrrible and scarly. Then my house that i used to live, that also including to the houses that was destroyed according to the report from Port Vila.That shows how strong cyclone Pam was. During my staying for many years, many times cyclone hit, but the house was not damaged. During Cyclone, worst dream is for everyone that wind may blow the roof that we are in especially at night, no water and no electricity but the terrible sounds of wind and rain shower for many hours. I was told by older, if cyclone hit, we should stay in the smallest room like toilet, so after roof was blown, still the wall around could be remained.

I believe Vanuatu youth can make the country better and more beautiful. It is quite hard for everyone now, although I strongly believe that after cyclone Uma Vanuatu has developed and made fantastic country. So we even live in outside of Vanuatu, although most who have ever visited and lived in Vanuatu we always feel like Vanuatu is our country and with our best belief in that country, we keep on supporting in our way. So keep hope and do believe better life. All over the world, we recognize the beauty of the country and the beauty of peoples. Love from Sweden to Vanuatu.





1.安全な水、2.食べ物、栄養ビスケットもいいが、もともと主食にしているタロイモやヤム、バナナなど米、冷凍チキンの緊急援助3.マラリア、デンギなど流行するかもしれない熱帯病を防ぐ蚊帳の配布、4住む家をなんとかする、5、病院と薬6、学校の再開7.治安8.弱者への援助9.政府主導の家の修理ローン低金利 10、長期的ビジョンで町の中心の再開発 11.屋根を飛ばされた人の保険がない人たちへの対策などなど。12.海外からの援助の受け入れ窓口の整理 13.援助物資の倉庫建設14.家の修理や屋根の修理へのマンパワー、公的救済援助

ヴァヌアツの人の生の声を聞きたい。ビスラマ語。学校の校長先生Joe Simeon is a head Teacher of a Primary School on Buninga Island in the Sherperds group.

A Makira Island Chief talks to TBV

by nyfiken | 2015-04-05 20:11



If my ovservation at Nairobi airport in Kenya when I visited around a year ago after 2013 fire would be right , I can be the one witness at the airport hall near Java coffee shop during daytime while I was waiting for the connection flight, one man hit his mobile telephone onto the floor so hardly, I was surprised to see the guy without any anger, he just did it quietly, and soon he had left. Of course I was nervous after the shopping center matter as well as fire, I though the phone could be exploded, soon the cleaner came to pick it up, the phone was not yet broken, neitgher was not exploded, although that made me feel so uncomfortable and scared. No one seemed to care that around me.Then a bit later security guy came to get it. No one cared for but me at that moment. I was quite nervous, I dared not to come close to neither cleaner nor other security guy. Everyone looked so very relaxed and many were drinking coffee and looked so happily. I had kept this thinking(wondering) and came back to Europe, then after I knew the incident (Blast ) at Java coffee shop, can you imagine, how I felt .I noticed they needed more hard security.
I just feel the same way as this journalist focused on this security issue.

It has been just lucky not to meet the explosion in case of the guy threw his mobile phone on the floor purposely then he walked out. The local cleaner found the mobile phone a bit later and she touched it.Then other cleaner came to see mobile phone and touched it and saw it. The guard came and was given the phone. Nothing bad happened. It happened just near the JAVA Nairobi coffee shop maybe 150 meter, near the toilet. The guy who had already left from that point. It was around after 1.30- 2 pm if my memory is correct. This journalist, his point of view is absolutely right and I feel just the same way as he reports.

by nyfiken | 2015-04-04 21:07

Kenya incidentケニア

After 2013, I visited Kenya Nairobi and flew out from capital.
In fact after arriving at the airport landing, the airport bus took us to an international arrival terminal, I was on the bus, then bus drove aside burnt building to the small buiding. In fact that time just after the incident, so new international airport has not been built yet.When I arrived at the immigration, the airport looked quite local size airport. Then soon I realized the fact of fire incident. The outside of airport building, an arranged taxi driver was waiting for and before going out from the terminal, I saw ATM machine so I used a bank card to withdraw money. Nirobi is the capital of economy in these area. Taxi driver could speak quite good English and friendly. The dark road looked crowded with many cars at night. I wonder how the driver could see other cars. It was just lucky to enable me to the hotel that located in quiet area where most christian peoples stayed. Peaceful. The hotel reminded me of old style of hotel in Bankok in 1980th. The simple hotel room has little kitchen and toilet, mosquite net and lamp.



ナイロビ空港で6時間トランジットで待ったことがある。空港の中の椅子に座り、お店をちらちらのぞき、奥にあるカフェ ナイロビジャワコーヒーショップはいつも混んでいて、中が暑い感じだったし、その人の行列ができるちょっとモダンでにぎわっているカフェからなんのことはない、コーヒーを注文して待合の椅子に座り待つ。
Nairobi Java coffee shop







by nyfiken | 2015-04-04 00:13